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Half Marathon Training Day 2 

I started off half marathon training with a rest day! Yay hahaha! I like it when training plans start off with a rest day. 😉

Anyway, today was the first actual run of half marathon training! Unfortunately it wasn’t as exciting as it sounds, and it didn’t go well at all…

First and foremost, because I was just sick. And even though I feel a lot better, I probably still have/am recovering from the flu. So I didn’t actually feel sick while attempting to get my run done, but my legs just absolutely did not want to move. Like, they weren’t really sore or heavy or tired, I just couldn’t get them moving. So what was supposed to be an easy 35 minute run turned into a mile.

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But that’s not the only reason that my short little run sucked. A combination of being sick and drinking copious amounts of orange juice a few days ago has made me develop a canker sore. Yesterday I accidentally bit that canker sore a few times and I think I might have bitbit a few more times in my sleep last night. Well because of that my lip is crazy swollen and uncomfortable. It seriously looks like I got punched in the mouth, and now eating and drinking is hard…


And like I said, I think I might have bit it a few times in my sleep and I think that might be part of the reason why I slept like shit last night. It was pretty bad. But after my shortened run and a quick shower, I went back to bed and managed to get two ish hours of much better sleep. That was really nice. 🙂


After my little “nap” (if you can call two more hours of sleep after 40 ish minutes of being away a nap haha) I got a few chores done and then did 30 minutes of yoga. I’m hoping that helped loosen up my legs a little bit and that tomorrows run will go a little bit better.

Now that that’s done I’m roasting some veggies for lunch! I figure if I make a point to start out this training cycle with good nutrition (like I should be doing anyway 😉 ), I’ll stick with it through the harder/longer runs when I’m more likely to give into treats and what not.

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This is actually a photo of my lunch from yesterday, but I’m making the same thing. 🙂 

Anyway, that’s all for today I suppose! Hopefully tomorrow’s workout will go better for me! 🙂

Happy Monday everyone!




Headstand Practice

Once upon a time (about a year and a half ago) I could do headstands! And I was actually pretty good at them!! But it’s been quite a while since I’ve even attempted one.


This is a little collage of my progress I made in the January of 2015


So today I decided to give it a shot and it did not go well…I couldn’t even get into the first position. I had to use momentum and kick myself up against a wall. That was kind of depressing. But it does give me something to work towards!!

Way, WAY back in the day I was in dance and gymnastics, so I was actually able to do all sorts of neat tricks! When I was about 11 or 12 I could do front walkovers, back hand springs, handstands, and whatnot like no body’s business! Haha maybe one day I’ll get back to those, but for now I think the headstand is a worthy goal.

From what I can tell from my Instagram, it took me 3 months to get from the first photo to the third, which really isn’t that much time. I’ve got some work to do, but I think I can get back into it pretty quickly as long as I stay consistent, and I definitely plan to! This is something I want to be able to do again!!

When I first started to attempt headstands I had a pretty good idea of how it was done. Like I said before, I took gymnastics classes and headstands are pretty basic as far as all that craziness goes. I did, however, uses a few YouTube videos to relearn the proper technique;

How To Do a Headstand – Yoga with Adriene

How To Do a Headstand – Blogilates

Inversions Simplified – Tara Stiles 

I like all three, but Yoga with Adriene’s video is probably the most instructive and in-depth video. I definitely recommend it if you’ve never done and kind of headstand/handstand/inversion type of things before. But all three videos are good!

Hopefully I’ll be able to do these again soon, but I guess we shall see!!

Can you do a headstand/any other fun inversions? 

Did you ever take a gymnastics class?

Can you still do any cool gymnastics tricks? (My cartwheels and round offs are still pretty spot on!)