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April 25th, 2017

Seeing Monday Night Raw live last night was pretty exciting! Not gonna lie though, I’m not all that into wrestling. It’s definitely not my thing, but Luke’s been super into it since he was a little kid, so he had an absolute blast! 🙂 I still had fun though. I got to see quite a bit of Chris Jericho which was neat because he’s totally my favorite wrestler. So like I said, I’m not very into the whole wrestling thing, so my opinion is based solely on the fact that his pants and boots are super sparkly and I love it haha. And his light up jackets and fashionable scarves are pretty neat too. 🙂

So I’m not even going to attempt to recap what all when down with all of that, because I don’t really have that great of an idea haha. Like I said 8 million times, this isn’t really my thing. 😉 But anyway, while we were at the Sprint Center I found the section we’ll be sitting in for the Green Day concert in August! They aren’t very good seats, but they’re better than I thought they were going to be, so I’m super happy about that! I seriously cannot wait for August!! I’m so freaking excited that I get to see my all time favorite band for the second time!


There is one thing I am a little bit upset about though. Rancid, who are a very close second to Green Day as far as my favorite bands go, is going to be touring with Green Day for a little bit. Of course they wont be with Green Day in the Midwest though, so I won’t get to see Rancid open for Green Day. That would literally be my dream concert…But anyway, the other day I found out that Rancid will be touring with The Dropkick Murphies this summer and they’re playing in Denver (or at least near Denver, I don’t remember exactly) which Luke and I would have totally been able to go to! He even said he would have gladly taken me to that show because that’s two super awesome bands playing together. The only problem is that they’ll be in Denver THE EXACT SAME DAY AS THE GREEN DAY CONCERT!!! And as much as I love Rancid, I am not going to be missing out on Green Day for them. Especially since I’ve already got the Green Day tickets, and honesty I’d rather Green Day anyway. I just really really really love Rancid and it would have been cool to see them both.

Well that’s enough complaining about first world problems for one day. I guess I should talk a little bit about running now. 😉

 I was supposed to do an interval workout today, but since I was up kinda late last night and some alcohol was had, I wasn’t feeling all that great. My stomach was cramping a little bit and I was getting really hot, so my intervals turned into an easy 30 minute run. So even though that didn’t exactly go well, I’m glad I got something done this morning. 🙂


After my run I showered, watched a little bit of Netflix while I made/ate lunch, did some yoga, and then did a bunch of cleaning. I kinda neglected that yesterday so I had a bunch of dishes and laundry to catch up on, along with dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and all that fun stuff.

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Lunch was roasted veggies and some turkey sausage. Yum! 

That pretty much took up a good majority of my day, but by the time Luke got home the house was clean, and dinner was almost ready, so I felt like a total domestic goddess. 😉

I’m guessing the rest of our evening is going to be spent in front of the TV (unfortunately that kinda happens a lot on days that Luke works). But tonight I’m going to spend some time on my stationary bike (I moved it into the living room last week 🙂 ), instead of just sitting on the couch the whole time. 

I hope your week is off to a great start!