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StrideBox For The Holidays


How super duper neat-o is that?!?! 🙂

I guess StrideBox has been mailing out these nifty little ornaments along with a very nice Christmas Card, and mine arrived yesterday. Honestly I didn’t know that they were sending these, so it was a very nice little surprise and very much appreciated! I can definitely get behind any brand or company who takes the time to do little things like this and that just makes me even more proud to be able to represent StrideBox as an ambassador.

Haha not gonna lie though, it was packaged in such a pretty gold envelope, so when I first opened my mailbox I thought it was one of the Christmas packages from Luke’s mom. Yesterday she had warned me that she had several coming our way. 😉 And while we’re here talking about StrideBox I suppose it’s worth mentioning that you can use the code RunningRebel10 to get 10% off of a 3 or 6 month gift subscription. I personally think that would make a fantastic holiday gift for the runner in your life. 😉 If that’s not your jam (or your runner’s jam) but you’re still looking for a nice stocking stuffer for someone who runs, I have a few more ideas here!


Alrighty! I just wanted to mention that real quick today. 🙂 Now I’ve gotta go get a mile in for my streak!

I hope you have a very happy holiday season!

~Ashley and Winchester who is very much enjoying our Christmas decorations.



Friday Fives: Birthday Wishlist

Yay! My birthday is next month!! I’m gonna be a whole 26 years old. Fun times! 🙂 Haha so I figured why not share 5 things from my birthday wishlist, because not gonna lie, I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to write about for this “Friday Fives” post hahaha.

So pay attention family and friends who might be reading this! I know I’m pretty terrible at giving you guys gift ideas (I’ve been told this several times by many different people hahaha). So here you go! 5 specific things that I want/could use. 🙂

1. Thick Socks

First off, I love getting socks as gifts! My feet are always super cold in the winter and I’m really good at wearing holes into socks, so I always need new ones. But I like the super, crazy, super thick and warm ones for the winter months! They keep my piggies nice and cozy and prevent them from freezing off on our hardwood floors.

Also, yes, I do prefer men’s socks. They’re usually thinker and last a lot longer (not sure why that is). And I know that spending $12 on a single pair of socks might seem a bit crazy (the socks that are pictured below are my favorite brand and run around $12 at Bass Pro Shop) but trust me, it’s worth it!!

2. A New Hoodie 

Since my new one was ruined in a conflict between my dog and some other dog who’s asshole owner was letting it run loose. Also preferably a men’s hoodie. I don’t like women’s hoodies. They are always too short and ride up and it’s super annoying…

Anyway, this Green Day one is a good one! Albeit kind of expensive.

3. All Of The Cute Headbands/Bows/Hair Clips 

My hair is currently at a super awkward length. Headbands/bows/hair clips help. 😉 Hottopic has some pretty good ones.

4. Sleeping Beauties

Stephen King and his son Owen King co-authored this book together. I MUST READ IT!!! And I mean, Stephen Kind is my all time favorite author anyway, so either way I was gonna have to read it. 😉

5. Honey Stinger Waffles 

A strange thing for one to ask for for their birthday? Perhaps. But these are my go-to running fuel and I could always use them!! 🙂

Processed with Rookie Cam

Alright, I am aware and fully acknowledge that that was a super lame “Friday Fives” but hey, they can’t all be winners haha. 😉 Anyway, I hope everyone has a great Friday and a fantastic weekend!



Snow Day!

Luke and I are very very glad we didn’t get the garden started a week or two ago when it was sunny, warm, and felt like spring. Apparently winter isn’t done with us yet! Here in Kansas we’ve had some chilly days, frosty mornings, and this morning we got some snow! Yay! Well, kinda…As much as I love the snow and the cold, I think I could have passed on it this time. Our peach tree bloomed a few days ago, but since it’s been cold the flowers are dying and now I’m really worried that we wont be getting any peaches this year. Oh well, can’t really do anything about it, so I guess I’m just going to enjoy the cold weather while it’s here. 🙂


So I had pretty much the best morning ever. I had Green Day radio playing on Pandora (and Pandora was totally killing it this morning!), a mango and coffee for breakfast, I let Bruce (my ferret) out earlier than usual so as I was getting all of my shit ready he was chasing me and attacking my feet like the adorable little monster that he is, and when I looked out the window the first few snow flakes were starting to fall. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my day.


When I went to let Dean inside he wouldn’t come in, even though he was cold and shivering. Silly dog.

Once I saw that it was snowing, I was very excited to get my run done! I had 3 easy miles scheduled for today so that’s exactly what I did, and oh man, it was a lot of fun! I spent a lot of time running with my tongue out trying to catch snow flakes. That’s probably not the most efficient way to run, but whatever, it was fun. 🙂 Things got a bit slippery towards the end, but it wasn’t too bad.


After my run I peeled off my wet outer layer, made a quick second breakfast (sausage, a scrambled egg, and tea), then took a steaming hot shower. Nothing feels better than a nice hot shower after a cold, snowy run! After my shower I spend some time watching Netflix, drinking some more tea, waiting for my hair to dry (it’s super thick so it takes forever), and eating a peanut butter/honey sandwich for an early lunch. Seriously, if you’ve never had a peanut butter/honey sandwich go make one right now! They are so good!!


Around noon my hair was mostly dry, so I took Lily for a walk. She loves the snow as much as I do, so she had a lot of fun. Although by then the snow was really melt-y and a lot of it was already gone. So by the time we got back home she was filthy and wet. And since Dean had been outside for most of the day, he was muddy and wet too. Yeah, that was about the time that I gave up on having a clean house. Two muddy border collies will do that to a person. Or to me at least haha.


By 2 pm almost all of the snow had melted, so I guess it really wasn’t a whole snow day but whatever. 😉 Now the outside is just a giant muddy mess. We definitely needed some wet weather, since everything here in Kansas has been super duper dry, but as long as the outside is gross, my house will be too. Seriously, unless I want to give my dogs a full blown bath every single day (which I don’t), it’s almost impossible to get all of the mud out of their fur. Especially on their feet. They have very furry toes, and the mud just gets stuck in there and it’s hard to get out. Oh well, a little dirt never hurt anyone. 

Anyway, now that the snows melted I don’t have anything else exciting going on. I’ve just been reading, obsessing over Green Day’s Instagram accounts, and I suppose I need to go start dinner now that Luke’s home. 

Happy Pi Day!




Sister, Snow, Social Media, and Other Saturday Stuff

I’m just all about “S”‘s today, apparently. 

My sister Sarah (another “s”, go figure 😉), her husband, and their two dogs drove from Colorado to Illinois today, and of course they stopped here in Kansas on they way. 

Sarah’s husband is in the army and is going to be deployed soon, so I guess they decided to spent his Christmas leave with his family in Illinois. Not that it’s a big deal or anything, our parents live like an hour and a half away from them in Colorado, so they can basically see each other anytime, and Sarah’s twin, and our brother, and grandma are still in Illinois, so she’ll get to see them while they are there. Actually, depending how long they stay in Illinois, I may get to hang out with all of my siblings at Christmas! Luke and I may be going there for a few days. That’s a big “may” though. He’s still not sure what he wants to do. 

Anyway, my sister was super excited about stopping here, because I finally got to meet her 5 month old German Shepherd puppy, Moose! He is adorable, but kinda awkward. Haha he’s at that stage in life though, he’ll grow out of it eventually (oh man, you’d swear o was talking about a kid!). 

I’m really glad she finally got a German Shepherd puppy. She’s wanted on for as long as I’ve wanted a border collie (so, pretty much her whole life). 

Our grandma actually used to breed German Shepherds, so when we were really little we had a few of them around. I specifically remember the female, Sugar Baby, or Babe for short. She lived outside in a dog house in the corner of their yard because she hated being inside. She was an amazing dog though, my grandma and grandpa used to tell people they could leave us kids alone with her and not have to worry about us. They were probably right! She was super protective of us and wouldn’t let anyone she didn’t know near us, but we could climb all over her, grab her tail, ears, mouth, it didn’t matter, she would let us do whatever we wanted. 

My grandma and “Miracle” a pup she bred, back in 1982.

German Shepherds are amazing dogs; smart, loyal, and protective. If they weren’t so prone to cancer and hip problems, and of it was easier to find one that didn’t have an American Kennel Club bloodline (that’s a whole other thing though, you definitely don’t want to get me started on that), Luke and I would probably end up with one at some point. But they are prone to heath problems, and most pure bred dogs have bloodlines tied to the AKC, so we are just going to stick with border collies (it’s actually still relatively easy to find border collies that aren’t associated with the AKC if you know what you’re looking for). 
I’ve gone way off track here, I could seriously talk about dogs and border collies until my face turns blue, so I’m going to reel it back in before I get too deep into all that stuff. 

Sarah and I have been texting each other all day about the weather. It started snowing in Colorado around midnight last night, so the road were pretty nasty, and their drive was slow going. We were hoping that eventually they’d be able to get in front of all the snow, but that never happened. Here in Kansas it was already kinda icy from the little bit of rain last night, and then we started to get some snow flurries around 10:30 am and by noon it was coming down pretty steadily. 

I’m not complaining though! I love the snow!! It sucks that they had to drive through all of this, but they lived in Alaska for 3 years, so they should be used to it haha.

So I was originally going to wait to run until around 6 pm because that’s when the majority of the snow was supposed to hit, but I started getting super impatient so I went after lunch. 

I had no plan going into this run. I was just gonna see how bad the roads were and go until it stopped being fun haha. The roads actually weren’t too bad, our town salted the roads last night and this morning, so while there were some slick spots it wasn’t too bad. I ended up going 4 miles. I briefly considered going another, but I was starving and a Honey Stinger waffle was calling my name! 

After my run and waffle, I took a nice hot shower and then had a big glass of orange juice. I’m feeling a little sniffly again, so I figure I might as well load up on some vitamin C before and pray that I don’t end up with an actual cold (plus orange juice just sounded good 😬). So far this cold and flue season I’ve gotten a little sniffly but have yet to get a full blow cold, and I’m hoping to keep it that way! 

So at this point in the day, the snow slowed down and then eventually stopped. Luke and I both started obsessively checking the weather, watching to see if the next wave of snow was still going to hit us. For once he actually wants the snow to hit us! But only because he wants the dogs to be able to play in it. I just like snow in general. ❄❄❄

On a slightly unrelated note, lately whenever I go to get our mail, I do it with Bruce in my hoodie. He enjoys going outside for a little bit. Yeah, my neighbors have to think I’m fucking nuts. I run in any and every weather condition, I’ve been running without shoes on, I talk to my dogs like they’re people while we’re out walking, and now I’m carting a ferret around. Yup, I’m definitely the crazy neighbor. 😂

Around 5pm I had to take Lily and Dean for quick walks. By then it was snowing again and they love snow, so who am I to deny them time in their favorite weather. I mean it’s not like it was -12 with the windchill or anything (it totally was though 😂). They were very short walks, but we had fun and got to see some Christmas lights. 

The Civics Center’s tree is really pretty 😄

My sister, brother in law, and their two dogs finally made it to our house around 6:30 pm They said that for the most part the highways weren’t too bad until it started snowing again in Kansa. Then they started getting kinda gross. Their drive through Missouri will probably be even worse, unfortunately. The St. Louis area has been getting an icy mix since yesterday and MOdot has said multiple times that people should avoid traveling if possible. As long as they are careful they should be ok though. 

Anyway, their dogs were super excited to get out of the car and run around. They got to play in the snow with Lily and Dean, and then they got to get lots of pets from Luke and I after we all ate dinner. They are very sweet dogs. 😄

They only stayed for about 1/2 an hour. They want to make it to Illinois before midnight, so the didn’t want to dawdled. It was nice to see them though, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Sarah. 

So yeah, now that those shenanigans are over, I got pretty good run in, and the dogs got to play in the snow a little bit, I’m thinking it’s time for a pot of tea and to continue reading Game of Thrones. 

But first I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I’ve been pretty active on social media lately, so if you’re at all interested in the little weird, random things that go on in my life you should check me out here;

And if you follow me there’s a really good chance I’ll follow you! The only thing I won’t do is add you on Facebook. I kinda reserve that for close friends and family. 😄

Alrighty, I know this post is kinda long and rambly, so thanks for sticking with me for this long! I’m kinda thinking I should be doing some longer, more detailed posts, so I figure this had been good practice, even though I was all over the place. But that’s pretty much all I’ve got for today. 

Happy snow day! ❄⛄️



I guess 15 days of running in a row is starting to catch up with me. My legs are beat! They aren’t super sore or anything, just tired. I’m still going at it though! I did 3 nice and easy miles this morning, in my favorite weather too!

It was cold, cloudy, and perfect out. I was hoping to get snowed on, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I still had fun on this run, although I was super glad to be done with it. 😄

So I have a confession to make, I’ve run at least one mile for 15 days in a row, but I haven’t been doing any kind of recovery, aside from sleeping in my comprehension socks every once in a while. Oops…that’s probably why my legs aren’t too happy right now. So I decided I was going to start doing something about that today.

After my run I iced a few sore spots, then took a nice hot bath. I wished I had some Epsom salt to put in my bath, but I didn’t. So I figured hot water was better than nothing. And it did seem to help a bit. My legs felt a little less tight when I got out. Oh and it started snowing while I was soaking in the tub. Go figure. 😂

So after my hair had dried off a bit, I took both Lily and Dean on walks. Lily loves the snow just as much as I do! She always gets super excited when she knows it’s snowing, and today was no exception. I don’t think Dean really cares though. He definitely prefers colder weather, but he never seems to give snow much thought. Unlike Lily who starts prancing around, licking it, digging in it, and basically just acting like a puppy again. 🙂

Processed with MOLDIV

Anyway, as far as recovery goes, I’m also trying to drink more water. In the winter I don’t usually feel thirsty that often and my water intake kinda declines. That’s not a big deal though, I can kinda power through not wanting to drink water, the real issue is that our city is currently under a boil order which is super inconvenient. I’ve never had to deal with a boil order before, as I grew up on a farm where we had a well, instead of being on the city’s water system thing. So yeah, this should be fun. Hopefully they’ll fix whatever the issue is soon, because let me tell you, drinking boiled water is kinda gross. Well, maybe not gross, but it is super weird. I spent quite a bit of time boiling water this morning. I filled up two water bottles, a glass pitcher, and I’ve still got water in the pot.


p.s. How neat is my Santa tea pot?!?

After the dogs and myself had our fair share of playing in the snow, I finally got around to doing some restorative yoga and stretching. Plus at this point it had pretty much stopped snowing and there was only about an inch of snow on the ground and that’s not all that exciting, so it’s not like I had anything better to do anyway. 😉

Of course Winchester had to join me on my mat.

After that I pretty much just took it easy for the rest of the day. I watched some Netflix, then started re-reading Game of Thrones for the 3rd time. I actually didn’t finish the series the second time I re-read it. I got kinda bored with it since I had already read it before and then saw the TV series (I haven’t seen season 6 yet though, but the books don’t even make it that far, so yeah…). So I guess we’ll see how long it takes me to get bored with it this time. Haha I think I need a new book/book series to read. I’m very much open to suggestions! Just sayin. 🙂

Aaaand Luke just got home, so I need to start making dinner. 

Happy hump day!