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Things I’ve Thought While Running: Fall Fun Edition

Ah fall,  my favorite season! Well until winter rolls around, then winter is my favorite season. 😉 But that’s besides the point! 

Fall running is a lot of fun!! The cooler weather, beautiful scenery, and getting to look at Halloween decorations, and it’s just great! It also brings about a little bit of nervousness, because for the last 3 years in a row October is when my half marathon training starts winding down and the pre race anxiety kinda starts. So I’m not gonna lie, a lot of the thoughts I’ve had on the run as of late have revolved around how terrified I am for my upcoming half, because I missed out on a lot of training thanks to an injury…

“Oh my gosh Pennywise is visiting Kansas!”

Ok, but is this not the best Halloween decoration ever?!?

“Ooooooooh gotta rum through that pile of leaves!!” 

“The lack of crunch in the leaf I went out of my way to step on was very disappointing…”

“I wonder if the cemetery’s open? I need to run there at least once because ‘it’s the season!”

“Foggy mornings are perfect in the fall!”

“Oh shit the Longview Half is in ___ days!” (The number changes every day because I’ve literally thought this every day that I’ve run this month 😂)

“Does my knee actually hurt or am I imagining that?”

“I think I’m gonna die during this half marathon…”

“I know I’m going to be able to finish this half, but it’s probably not going to be a fun experience.”

“I’m so glad I don’t have to wake up at 5 in the morning anymore.”

“I wore too many layers.”

“I didn’t wear enough layers.”

“That’s a pretty tree!!”

“I’m never training for a half marathon ever again.” 

“Just kidding I’m totally doing this again next year!”

Things I’ve Thought While Running: Terrifying Drivers Edition

Ok for real though, I’ve had quite a few run ins with some scary drivers…and I live in a pretty small town and the roads really aren’t that busy. So I can’t imagine having to run on a super busy street every day. I think I’d die haha. 😉

But anyway, these are a few thoughts that have run through my head while dealing with terrifying drivers. I probably have a little touch of road rage…

  • “Oh shit, I’m going to end up in the ditch again.”
  • “You had a stop sign and I didn’t! I have the fucking right of way!!!”
  • “Am I going to die if I cross this street?”
  • “Fucking soccer moms in their goddamn minivans.”
  • “This is how I die. Getting hit by a PT cruiser whipping out of their driveway.”
  • “It’s fucking pouring down rain! Turn on your headlights!!”
  • “Yeah speed through that stop sign as I’m going through the intersection. That’s a good way to end up with a vehicular manslaughter charge.”
  • “I understand that I’m just a pedestrian and not in a 2 ton, metal death machine. But I still need a little bit of room on the road.”
  • “Oh yeah, texting and driving. That’s a good idea.”
  • “One of these day’s Luke’s going to overhear someone talking about some crazy runner bitch who flipped them off as they innocently drove by.” (Haha I told Luke about this and he told me he’d ask them what they did to me, because I’m usually very friendly to people while I’m out running).
  • And a bonus one that Luke told me a while ago; “If you ever get hit by a car, we’ll definitely win the lawsuit because there’s no way they could argue that they didn’t see you.” referencing to the highlighter yellow tank top, blaze orange hat, and bright blue shoes with reflective strips on them that I was wearing.

Do you think I have road rage? I might have a little bit of road rage… But most of it stems from the fact that I’m just trying to run and not die while doing it. Haha not sure if that justifies it or not, but the worst thing I’ve ever done is yell fuck you at someone with their car windows rolled down. But again, I feel like that indecent was a little bit justified haha, because they guy was texting, would have hit me if I didn’t bail into the ditch, but then had the audacity to look me up and down, smile, wink, and wave as he drove by. Which is why I yelled fuck you at him. Yeah, I’m probably going to end up getting into a fight or murdered or something because I can’t just keep my mouth shut.


Things I’ve Thought While Running

Yesterday Luke and I were talking about my half marathon training, weird encounters I’ve had with people/animals/terrifying drivers, and just all things running in general. I ended up making him laugh pretty hard about some of the things I’ve thought/said to myself while on the run, and once he calmed down a bit he told me I need to start writing this stuff down and sharing these thoughts with you guys, because some of this stuff is super funny! As it just so happens, I have actually written a bunch of this stuff down! I was just never sure that anyone would find it as amusing and entertaining as I do. Especially without any context (although some of these thoughts will have a little bit of context because they wouldn’t make any sense otherwise). But Luke sure did, so at his insistence, here is a sample of some of the things I’ve thought while running. 🙂

(Just a side note; Luke’s not a runner himself and I don’t think he particular finds the subject very interesting to discuss. But he humors me by talking to me about it. The same way I humor him by talking to him about his softball stuff. I swear that is the key to a happy, healthy relationship. 😉 )


  • *Sees a guy loading a Ford Falcon onto a trailer and stops to admire the car* “Dude, sweet car!!! I wonder if he’s noticed me standing here. He probably thinks I’m a creeper…I should probably continue on my way now.”
  • “Fuck this hill and whoever decided to build a road on it!”
  • “Is it weird that I enjoy running through the really old, slightly creepy town cemetery? Probably.”
  • “Headbanging and running do not mix.”
  • “This guy is giving off some hardcore creeper vibes. Better smile and say hi to him.”
  • *Getting slightly nervous because it’s getting super dark even though I’m almost done with my run and close to home* *Sees a nice looking couple out for a walk* “That man is definitely carrying at least one loaded firearm on him right now. There’s no way he’s not. Now I know who to go find if shady shit goes down.”
  • *Smiles and waves at every police officer I see* “I feel like it’s good to be on friendly terms with the cops in town. Even if they don’t actually know me, they’ll probably recognize me as the friendly neighborhood runner if I ever need them.”
  • “Was that a fellow runner?! It had to be! Only a runner would wear shorts that bright and obnoxiously colored.”
  • “My bright teal shoes definitely match with my even brighter orange shorts. I am so good at matching colors.”
  • “Cows!!!!”
  • “I wounder if the farmer knows I run down here just to look at his cows.”
  • “I don’t like the way that cow is looking at me right now.”
  • “Maybe I shouldn’t be singing along to Hollywood Undead while running past a park full of children.”
  • “Did I put on moister wicking socks? Because these socks don’t feel like they’re doing any moister wicking.”
  • “Fartlek fartlek fartlek fartlek….” (all sung to myself in a weird voice)
  • “Running fucking sucks. Why did I get myself into this?”
  • “I wonder if people around here recognize me as the crazy person who’s always out running. I sure hope so.”

There’s a lot more where these came from so I’m thinking this is going to become a series here on therunningrebel.com. 🙂 I’ll probably try to write a post like this around the end of every month, so keep any eye out for that!

I sure hope you enjoyed these weird, random thoughts of mine!! What are some things you’ve thought to yourself while running? I wanna know!!