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Weekly Recap: August 20th-26th, 2018

This week I’ve been feeling like I might be coming down with a cold, but then I’ve never actually gotten one. It’s been pretty obnoxious. It hasn’t stopped me though! Slowed me a down a little, sure, but I’m still trucking!

Currently just taking things week by week and day by day, and not trying to worry about the runs I’ve done or the runs that I have to do. It’s a lot easier getting through workouts when you’re not super aware of the run you did the day before haha. At this point in my training I’m having fun (despite not feeling that great this week), but I guess it hasn’t really hit me that I’ve got a new, big challenge coming up. Right now I’m not in the least bit worried about my two half marathons in two days. But I’m sure that’ll change once we start getting closer and closer to the race days! But for now, everything is going pretty well and I’m not stressing over anything. πŸ™‚


  • 3 easy miles
  • 30 minutes of strength training
  • 25 minutes of yoga

Kicked off week 5 of half marathon training with 3 easy miles, on a chilly, drizzly morning! It was great! Haha I’m always much more enthusiastic about running when it’s not hot and sunny outside. πŸ˜‰ Followed my run with some strength work and then yoga later in the day.



  • 2 miles

I was a lot less enthusiastic about my run on Tuesday. The plan was to do an interval workout and to do 4 miles, but obviously I only ended up doing half of that. I just wasn’t feeling it, but hey, it happens. And at the very least, I still ran. That’s always better than not running at all. πŸ™‚

Also probably should have done some yoga or stretching or something on Tuesday. But enthusiasm to do anything was super low haha. But I did completely clean out my chicken coop, so there is that.

Oh and for some reason my mom asked me to send her pictures of all of my tattoos. Haha it started out with my Green Day one (which she hates πŸ˜‰ ), and then she wanted to see the rest of them. Not sure what that was about, but now I have recent photos of all of them. Why is it so hard to take good photos of tattoos? Haha I swear the all look better in real life. Also, I definitely need more.


  • 5 miles

I was much more enthusiastic about running on Wednesday! The weather was still pretty nice out, not too hot out and pretty cloudy. πŸ™‚ Had a lot more fun doing these 5 miles than I did doing the 2 on Tuesday.

Even though my run was fun I was still feeling pretty bleh though. I needed to do some strength work but obviously I didn’t. Meh, at least I still ran though. πŸ™‚



  • rest day
  • 15 minutes of foam rolling

I was hoping a rest day would beat my bleh feeling. Originally the plan was to have Thursday be a cross train day, but I skipped that. It was rainy out pretty much all day though. My favorite!! So I ended up taking Dean for a nice little walk in it. Haha we both like the rain. πŸ™‚

But anyway, Thursday night I made a last minute decision to switch around my long run and hill workout this week, because it was supposed to get really hot again over the weekend, and at this point we all know I ain’t about that life. So at 9:45 on Thursday night I started rushing around getting everything ready to do a long run on Friday.


  • 8 miles
  • 15 minutes of foam rolling

So, I made a very rookie mistake during this run. I didn’t drink enough water before or during this run, I didn’t fuel during it at all, and I didn’t have any kind of electrolyte replacement. All things I need to do during summer long runs. Especially particularly hot and humid ones. Friday wasn’tΒ tooΒ hot, but it was really humid (97%) and hazy out. Haha you can even see how hazy it was in the photo below. And it’s not edited or filtered in any way.

The plan was to do 10 miles, but obviously that didn’t happen. Totally my fault. Like I said, should have fueled and hydrated better. At about mile 6 I felt like I was dying. Luckily mile 6 happened at about a mile away from my house, so I had to keep going to get back there haha. When I did I grabbed some cash and ran to Casey’s (which is just around the corner from my house) and got a Body Armor and oh boy did I need it! I downed it really fast once I had made it back home, and I felt a lot better afterwards. It was hot and sunny out and I didn’t feel like heading back out the door, so I hopped onto the treadmill. I made it another mile, but that was all I had left in me. So didn’t make it to 10 miles, but I got close. I know I would have made it if I would have actually fueled and hydrated properly. Oh well. 8 miles on a really humid and hot day basically counts for 10 anyway. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰



  • 3 miles, hills
  • like 3 hours of bowling

Getting up and doing this run after my hard, depleted feeling long run was, well, hard. πŸ˜‚ I was tired from the long run and the thought of doing a hill workout wasn’t very pleasant. I did it though! On the treadmill. I had actually decided earlier this week that I wanted to do this run on the treadmill. Since I don’t have many big hills near by, at least ones that take 5-10 minutes to run up, that makes the logistics of running up a hill for 8 minutes (the plan for Saturday. 3 times.) a little bit difficult. So the treadmill is a great option for that!

Anyway, it was hard. My legs were tired, but I got it done!

Then last night Luke and I went out with his brother and his girlfriend. That was fun, but we really need to find something to do other than bowling. Sure it’s fun, but we were there for 3 hours and it got really boring after a while…


  • rest day
  • 15 minutes of foam rolling

As usual, Sunday’s are my rest days! I’ve been pretty tired today. Probably because of my long run/hill workout, and then staying out late last night. Plus alcohol haha. So it’s been nice doing nothing all day. Today I’ve just kicked back, relaxed, and let my work from the week seep in. 😁

Total Weekly Mileage: 21.10

Not bad considering that I cut a couple of runs short! Besides, I wanted to take this week a little bit easier anyway, so mission accomplished! Still feeling a little bleh and tired, but hopefully that will get better soon. Also hoping that the weather starts cooling down again. But we’re getting close to the end of August and to the beginning of fall, so maybe it will. πŸ™‚

But for now, I will wish you a happy Sunday because that pretty much covers everything from this week!



Buy Me A Coffee


February 17th, 2018

Hello friends! I hope everyone has had a super Saturday! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


This photo is kind of irrelevant haha. I’ve just been wearing these socks all day and they make me super happy. πŸ˜‰

I’m not sure if I can describe my Saturday as “super”, but I did have a pretty good day. πŸ™‚ I’m still not running thanks to my toe, but it is starting to look and feel a lot better! And the tooth that had the root canal seems to be healing nicely as well! It’s still a little sore, especially where I had the Novocaine shots, but other than that it’s doing great! Now I just need to get a crown on it and it should be good to go! I’m still feeling a little bit itchy from the antibiotics I had though (I had an allergic reaction to them). I only took two doses of it so I was hoping the rash wouldn’t last for very long, and for the most part it’s gone, I’ve just got a few itchy spots left and it’s kind of obnoxious haha. But all in all, my ailments are healing and I’m very happy about that! I was in kind of miserable shape there for a little bit, so it feels great to finally be on the mend!

Just for comparison, the photos below show my toe on February 7th, and 16th. So it’s definitely healing! I’m still kinda limping around on it, but it definitely feels better than it did on the 7th when I hurt it!


It’s kind of annoying that I’m always doing this kind of stuff my myself though. I swear almost every time I get hurt and am unable to run, it happens because I did something stupid or klutzy (like slipping, falling, and hitting my toe on the edge of my couch). Most of my injuries don’t come from running, although I have had my fair share of those as well. I’m just super injury prone, I guess.


This is my husband’s assessment of my life. It’s also the reason he won’t let me get on the roof to take down our Christmas lights EVEN THOUGH IT”S THE MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY!!!Β 

Anyway, 4 years ago today to my parents’ extreme disappointment, I got my second tattoo!


Haha I guess they weren’t too fond of their eldest daughter getting a relatively large, black skull permanently put onto her body. πŸ˜‰ I, on the other hand, think it’s fucking fantastic! A lot of people don’t seem to agree with me on that one though, but that just makes me like it even more haha. The artist who did it was pretty awesome! She did a tattoo on Luke a few days before she did mine and they both turned out really great! I bled a lot during this one (it took a lot of ink haha), but even so there is very little visible scaring and 4 years later it still looks really good!

And funnily enough, February 17th also just so happens to be Billie Joe Armstrong’s birthday! That didn’t happen on purpose, it was just a really weird coincidence. Still kinda neat though. πŸ™‚ So yeah, wishing the happiest of birthdays to my favorite front-man!


I wish I knew who to properly credit this photo for! All I know is that I found it on pinterest.Β 

Speaking of tattoos, I want another one (or two, or ten. πŸ˜‰ ). So does Luke. And it would appear that we will be going on another family vacation this summer (this year we’re going to Branson, MO), and I’m thinking we might end up coming home from that trip with a little more ink. πŸ˜‰ We’ll have to wait and see, but we both have several ideas of things we want done, and I’m pretty sure we’re just going to start making it a tradition to get tattooed while we’re on vacation, because why not?! Haha I mean, we both got tattooed while we were in Florida and that was a lot of fun! πŸ™‚ I also kinda want another ear piercing, but I absolutely hate healing piercings. It usually takes my body a while to finally get used to them. So maybe that wont happen. Or maybe it will. I can’t make up my mind haha.

But anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. Haha I don’t have a lot going on right now, especially since I’m not currently running, so I feel like I don’t have a lot to talk about. Oh well. Hopefully it wont be too much longer until I can run again!

Until next time,


July 12th, 2017

I’m trying to get back into my usual summer routine, but that’s kinda hard to do after vacation. Especially since I wasn’t exactly into my summer routine before we left haha. Oh  well, It was a little rough getting up at 5 am and then getting stuff done, but I managed. πŸ™‚

So I began my morning with a run, of course! It was a super short, super slow 2 miles, but still better than nothing. πŸ˜‰ I kinda wanted to go farther than that, but we’re still under a heat adviory here in Kansas, so I needed to get all three dogs walked before it started to get too hot outside. But this was the first time I’ve run since July 3rd, so I’m just happy that I did something. Even if it was short and slow.


After my run I got to work walking the dogs. I would probably save myself a lot of time and effort if I would walk at least 2 of them at the same time (there’s absolute no way I’d be able to walk all 3 at the same time haha), but I prefer to walk them by themselves because it gives me a chance to spend a little one on one time with each of them and that’s definitely good for them. Plus whenever I try walking 2 of them at a time, no matter what combination, they gang up on me and end up dragging me down the street haha. That usually doesn’t happen whenever I take them one at a time. So I walked Lily, then Finn, and last but not least Dean. So they all got out and got a little bit of exercise before it got too hot and I think they’re all happy about that. I don’t think they got walked at all while Luke and I were in Florida and that tends to make them go a little crazy.


Dean and Finn were very happy to see Lily and I after we got done with our walk (probably because they knew it would be their turn soon).

After the dogs were taken care of I got to work on the garden. I had done some weeding yesterday, but I’ve still got sooo much to do…Luckily I got my weed eater working today so that made my life a little bit easier. πŸ™‚ But first I had to water everything. Luckily my plants are all starting to perk up a little bit after I watered them yesterday and this morning, so I’m thinking the plants that are left are going to be just fine. πŸ™‚ After that I did a bit of hoeing, weed pulling, and then I basically mowed around my tomato plants with the weed eater. I didn’t quite finish weed eating the whole garden plot though. I guess the battery that’s on the weed eater isn’t the best, so it dies pretty quickly. I had time to let it charge a little and then continue on once, but after that it was just starting to get too hot for me to stay outside much longer, so after it died a second time I decided to call it a day. I still feel like I got a pretty decent amount of work done and hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to get even more accomplished. πŸ™‚


My tomato plants (left) are huge and looking good! My banana pepper plants (right) are super small, but they’re growing decent sized peppers so I guess it’s all good. πŸ™‚


Finn is terrified of the weed eater, but every time I turned it off he had to come make sure I was alright haha. 

So yeah, I got a run done, the dogs walked, and the garden tended to. I’ve showered, cleaned both of my new tattoos (which are itchy, but healing nicely), eaten breakfast twice (before and after my run/gardening adventures πŸ˜‰ ), and wrote this blog post. Now I need to clean the rabbit cage, probably record a vlog since it’s been a while since I’ve done that, and then after that I’m thinking a nap is going to be necessary! But so far I’m having a very productive day and I’m very happy about that!

The itching/peeling phase is seriously the worst part about getting a new tattoo.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Florida Vacation: Day 6

Finally! It was tattoo day!!! 

We also actually got up and moving and out the door at a decent time this morning. You guys have no idea how happy I was about that! I’ve been so tired I am Of sitting around waiting to do stuff. 

Anyway, we got out the door around 8:30 this morning so we could get to the flea market when it first opened, because we had a few things we wanted to get there, but they closed at 5 pm and our tattoos weren’t going to be done by then. So we got that all taken care of right away. 

After that we drove back to the house so we could pick up Luke’s step sisters, because they wanted to get tattoos as well. Once they were ready we all piled into the bus and made our way to the tattoo shop. 

Once we got there the artist talks to one of Luke’s step sisters, drew her tattoo, and then knocked it out in about 40 minutes. It was already bandaged so I didn’t get to see it right away, but apparently it was exactly what she wanted and she was surprised at how quickly he got it done. 

Once the artist was done with her he cleaned up his tattoo room and then it was my turn. πŸ˜„ So Luke and I both got two tattoos today, he got bigger ones than I did, but I got a little 13.1 on my ankle and a border collie on my forearm. 

He did my ankle first. That only took about 5 minutes and it hardly hurt at all. πŸ˜„ The border collie probably took about 30-40 minutes. That one hurt a little more, and it bled a lot, but it looks great! Well, they both look fantastic! I’m so super happy with them. πŸ˜„

Once I was done it was Luke’s turn. His took forever haha, but he got a bigger, more intricate tattoo than either of mine. First he got Japanese lettering on his ribs. That only took about 40 minutes. Then he got the wolf on his chest done. It took an hour to do the outline, but it looked so good, even just as an outline. 

Again, it looked better in person, but you get the point. πŸ˜„

It took about another 2 hours to finish after the outline was done, and Luke was in a lot of pain, but now that it’s done it looks amazing! 

Now we’re sitting in the bus waiting for Luke’s other step sister to get her tattoo done. Once we get home we’re going to start cleaning up the house and packing because we’re leaving tomorrow morning. 

Happy Friday! 


Florida Vacation: Day 1

Well, I guess you could count yesterday as day one but this is our first full day here, so I’m going with that. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I went to bed with every intention of running this morning, but Luke and I didn’t get up until 8 am and by then it was crazy hot and humid. Plus I was super dehydrated from the margaritas we had last night, and I was just worn out in general. It’s all good though, I’ll get a run in at some pint. Hopefully. 

That ended up working out pretty well though. After we got up we had coffee with Luke’s step sisters and then Luke and I walked 2 miles to a gas station. It was hot as balls, but after spending 20 hours in a cramped bus, yesterday it was nice to move around and stretch our legs a bit. Our original plan was to go to DunkinDonuts for breakfast, but by the time we got there we were hot and tired, so we just go Gatorade and bananas at the gas station next store. 

After that we used an Uber for the first time! Haha that was kinda fun. Uber is definitely a very convenient thing! Anyway, next on our agenda was to find a tattoo artist to talk to, so that’s where we had our Uber driver take us. 

We talked to the guy who was there for a little bit. He gave us his best guess at price estimates and what not, but we want to get them done on Friday (so that we can actually swim and go to the beach and what not) and the guy we were talking to is off on Friday’s, so we had to wait for the guy who owns the shop to get there. So we just hung out and talked to the first guy for around half an hour until the other guy got there.

So we explained what we wanted, how much it wold cost, how long it would take, and all of that good stuff. We put down a $100 deposit (which will be taken off of our total price), and then went on our merry little way. πŸ˜„ So between the 2 tattoos Luke’s getting and the 2 I’m getting we’re spending around $700 haha. I’m not gonna tell you what we’re getting, you’re just going have to wait and see. But Luke’s are actually the expensive ones. Both of mine together are only going to be $100. Haha but either way, we’re both very excited! 

Once that adventure was done, we Ubered our way home and then hung out in the pool with everyone else. It was starting to get really hot outside though, and for some reason the pool water was really hot, so Luke, his brother, and nephew went inside to play pool. Haha I’m terrible at pool, so I just watched. 

And that’s currently what we’re still doing! Nobody really wanted to do too much today. We’re all still recovering from that long ass car ride and we all just wanted to chill at the house. But that’s all that’s going on right now! 

Happy Sunday! β˜€οΈπŸ πŸ˜„


Our Vacation Is Almost Here!

Today is basically the last “normal” day we’re going to have, and then it’s off to Florida! So here’s what the next few days are going to look like for me;

June 29th (tomorrow): My brother is driving from Illinois to Kansas so he can take care of our little zoo while Luke and I are gone (my brother in law and his girlfriend ((that’s Β a long story that I’m not going to get into)) are going to be here as well, but we don’t exactly trust them to be able to keep up with everything).

June 30th:Β At some point very early in the morning on Friday, Luke and I are leaving Kansas to go to Illinois. We’re hoping that we’ll get there early enough that we will be able to hang out with his dad and brothers for a little bit, and then with my grandma. Were actually leaving our car at her house, so I’m not sure how we’re going to work that all out yet, but I’m sure we’ll make it happen somehow. Anyway, after that we’re meeting up with Luke’s mom, her boyfriend and Luke’s younger brother and sister (who are driving to Illinois from Minnesota tomorrow), and Luke’s two step sisters (one of whom has 3 kids who are also coming with us) at Luke’s grandma’s house where we’re going to pack up the huge van/mini bus thing that we’re all going to be riding in, and then start our journey to Florida.

So Friday is going to be a super busy/hectic day for everyone. Luke’s mom wants to be on the road to Florida by 9 pm, which means we’ll be driving all through out the night and will probably put us at our destination in Florida by 12-1 pm (taking traffic, construction, and pit stops into consideration.

So on July 1st we’re probably just going to spend the rest of the day hanging out at the house and recuperating from that long ass drive hahaha. After that I’m not entirely sure what the itinerary is going to be. Luke’s mom is in charge of this trip and has quite a few things planned out for us though, so I’m sure we’ll never get bored!

Luke and I are also planning on getting a few tattoos while we’re down there (well, if we can find a good artist that is). He wants to go to a shop probably the day we get there, talk to an artist, and then make an appointment for both of us on Friday (the day before we leave). That way we’ll still be able to go swimming in the pool and ocean while we’re there. So, I’m not sure if Luke’s decided what he wants yet (he keeps changing his mind) but I’m finally getting a border collie tattoo that I’ve wanted for a very long time, and maybe a little 13.1 because I’m still very excited that I went from being a couch potato, to someone who’s run two half marathons. πŸ™‚


Tiny, little border collie. πŸ™‚

So yeah, that is currently what I’ve got going on!

Today I’m going to get everything ready for my brother and write out a list for him so he’ll know what he’s going to be in charge of while we’re gone. And I think tonight Luke and I are going to go shopping and get a bunch of food for him so he has stuff to eat here haha. I also need to finish packing. I’m pretty much done, but I’ve still got a few odds and ends that need to be thrown into the suitcase, so I guess I need to go get started on all of that now.

Happy Hump-day!


31 Day Blog Challenge: Piercings and Tattoos?Β 

Heck yes I have piercings and tattoos! I’ve got some pretty exciting stories for most of them too! πŸ™‚

I have 10 piercings, most of which are in my ears. I have 3 piercings in the lobe of each ear and 1 cartilage piercing in each ear. My belly button and nose are also pierced. As for tattoos I only have two (for now), 1 on my right hip and one on my left shoulder.

Left and right.

Now then, story time!

So my first set of ear piercings aren’t all that exciting. My mom took me to the mall to get them done when I was 3 and I don’t remember any of it. My second set is pretty much the same story with a little more begging. My dad didn’t want me to get any more piercings, but I whined and begged for long enough that my mom eventually took me to get them done for my 16th birthday.


Fun fact: That’s a Green Day t-shirt under my hoodie (and I still have part of it in a picture frame). I wasn’t supposed to wear band t’s to school, but I did anyway because I’m a rebel like that. πŸ˜‰ Also, I look so much like my brother in this photo, it’s not even funny.

Around the time I turned 17 I wanted to get another set of piercings in my ears, but my dad was absolutely against it. He told me I didn’t need anymore holes in my head, and that I had too many anyway. Well, I thought I needed more holes in my head as it just so happened but I was till too young to get them done anywhere without parental consent, so I did them myself.

I sterilized a sewing needle and my ear with some vodka I had stolen from my mom, poked the needle through my ear to make a lead hole, then shoved an earring through that hole. The whole process took longer than I thought it would, but it hardly hurt at all! The worst part was hearing the little pop that the needle made when it broke through the back side of my ear lobe. That was kinda weird. Then a few months later I helped one of my sister’s boyfriends and my boyfriend at the time (who just so happens to be my husband now) pierce their right ears. How freaking punk rock were we?! πŸ˜‰


Yeah, I didn’t and still don’t often wear earrings in my original ear piercings. Not sure why…Also, this is probably one of the least flattering photos I have of myself.

I don’t remember how my parents found out about that, but they actually weren’t all that pissed about it. But my dad was very adamant about me not having any more holes in my head.

Well that was fine with me! By the time I turned 18 I had a job and decided I could do whatever the hell I wanted to myself, so I got my belly button pierced and oh man was that a bitch to heal. It took over a year before it completely healed and it ended up healing kinda crooked because it got infected like 4 times…it’s still neat though, and I still wear belly button rings.

Anyway mom and sisters thought it was neat, one of my sisters even ended up getting her belly button pierced. This time my dad was a little more specific and told me if I came home with anymore holes in my body, he would kick me out of his house.

I totally called his bluff though! When I was 19 I came home with a nose ring! I remember exactly what happened when I came home with it too. He was out working in the garden, so I ran out there with my spiffy new nose hole, walked right up to my dad and said “so I did a thing!” Jeez I was such a little shit…Anyway, he just shook his head and said “you just don’t listen, do you.” Little shit head me said “nope”, and ran into the house to show my mom. The look on her face was fun, mostly because she always told me I was too pretty for facial piercings. How boring is that?!


Oh man, gotta love that smudged eyeliner. I always have been and probably always will be too lazy to wash off my makeup.

Not long after getting my nose pierced, I got my left cartilage piercings done with a friend. We did it together because that way you only had to pay for one piercing package, but you each could get one piercing. We got it done at Walmart, which is probably not the best place to get a piercing, but whatevs. I wanted to get my right ear done, but the lady wouldn’t do it because I’m right handed and apparently that means I sleep on my right side and put a phone up to my right ear, and that would infect the piercing. How stupid is that?! I mean, every piercing I’ve ever gotten except for my nose ended up getting a little bit infected at some point during the healing process (I have sensitive ears), Β but they all turned out fine…Whatever.

A month after I turned 20 I upped the ante a little bit, and got my first tattoo. It’s a purple lily on my right hip, because purple was my favorite color, lilies are my favorite flower, and hip tattoos are neat!

The guy who did it was an apprentice and he didn’t exactly do a great job. But it’s not bad though, it’s super colorful and pretty, and I would definitely do it again.

I sat for 3 hours which isn’t too bad. I impressed all of the badass looking guys at the tattoo shop because I sat like a champ! A lot of them couldn’t even believe it was my first tattoo. I didn’t think it hurt that bad though, I actually started to doze off near the end.

Haha there was also some slight drama going down while I was there because some chick named Whitney was trying to get a tattoo with a fake ID. The owner of the shop came up to me while I was being tattooed and asked if I was her, I said nope, I’m Ashley. So he apologized and told me I’m an impressive sitter.

The only bad part about my first tattoo experience was that it made me super late to my brother’s 13th birthday party. Oops! I didn’t exactly think the whole scheduling thing through. πŸ˜†


This is a pretty crappy photo, but it’s the first one I ever took of this tattoo, not long after I got it. You can also kinda see my appendectomy scar in this photo.Β 

So I made it 6 months before my dad had any idea that I had a tattoo! Part of those 6 months was in the summer, so we had gone swimming together and I walked around in a sports bra a lot, but I was super good at hiding it. We only swam in the pond, so you couldn’t really see anything in that muddy water, and thanks to strategically placed rafts, towels, shirts, tools, and hand placements, he never new about it until I showed him a few days before my wedding. Surprisingly enough, he wasn’t too upset about it.


Yup, just causally holding this raft over my right hip so my dad didn’t see my tattoo. πŸ˜‰

A few days before my wedding my sister wanted to get her cartilage pierced, so I went in halfsies with her and finally got my right ears cartilage done. At Walmart again…You’d think I’d know better at this point, but nope.


And last (for now) but not least, my Green Day tattoo! About a year after my first tattoo, I got my second one done. Luke found this awesome tattoo artist at a shop that was like, 2 seconds away from the apartment that we lived in at the time, so of course we both had to get a new tattoo. So we went and talked to the artist and told her what we both wanted. We actually ended up getting a pretty good deal since she tattooed both of us, so that was pretty sweet! A few days after we had talked Luke got his tattoo done, and about a week later I got mine.

So this one also took about 3 hours to get done, because there was a lot of shading to do. I also bled a lot during this one, which was kinda weird considering this artist was sooo much better than the guy who did my first tattoo, but whatever, it didn’t bother me. We ended up talking about Green Day with a few different people which was fun. πŸ™‚ I yet again got complimented on how good of a sitter I am. Once we were getting pretty close to being finished the artist asked Luke if I was always this tough, I legit just laid there the whole time happily chatting with people the people who wanted to talk about how awesome this tattoo is and about Green Day. By the end I think the artist was more tired than I was haha, although I did almost doze off a few times near the end of this one as well.


So yeah, I definitely took my fan-girlness to a whole new level, and my mom and dad really hate this tattoo and a lot of people think its gross, but I think it’s fucking awesome! And despite all the bleeding I did, it healed really well! I hardly have any crazy scaring or anything, because like I said, this tattoo artist was awesome! I did bleed black ink during the healing process though, and I ruined a sheet and a pillow. Haha I guess that’s all part of the tattoo experience!


So at this point that is all of the tattoos/piercings I have, although Luke and I plan on getting more tattoos. I think the next tattoos we are going to get are a sun (for him) and a moon (for me) on our ring fingers, since we never wear our wedding rings. I think that will be super spiffy! πŸ™‚

Do you have any tattoos/piercings?

My Green Day tattoo; gross or super badass (you can be honest, I really don’t care)?

How do you feel about wedding band tattoos?Β