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Step Challenge, 5 Mile Run, Awesome T-shirts, and Toenail Trouble

Hello everybody!! I feel like I’ve been really bad at keeping in touch with all of the other bloggers that I follow here on WordPress. Sometimes I just get into really weird moods where getting onto any kind of social media and trying to interact with people just seems super exhausting. I swear I’m going to catch up with all of you guys at some point though!

Anyways, on Monday I started a step challenge on Garmin Connect with my sisters Sarah and Jessica, our dad, and Jessica’s boyfriend, and things got kinda heated! Haha I swear these step challenges make people super duper competitive! So as I type this at 11:45 am I’m in the lead with 38,132 steps. But by the time I post this (which should be around 5 pm, but who knows haha) that may change. Hopefully that change will involve me still being in the lead, but who knows. Sarah and Jessica have been doing lots of hiking in Colorado and I don’t know if that’s something they plan on doing today. My dad will probably regain his lead tonight though. I swear he beats me at these damn step challenges every single time!


So that kinda brings me to my 5 mile run that I did this morning. I actually was planning to do a little cross training instead of running, but knowing that I was in 4th place in the step challenge made me want to go get some steps in, and obviously the best way to accomplish that is by running!

I didn’t really plan on going for 5 miles though, but I was actually feeling pretty good which was surprising since I hadn’t done much running while I was sick and I kinda thought it was going to take me a while to get back into it. Luckily for me that doesn’t seem to be the case, so I figured why not go for 5 miles today! I ended up battling through some heat, humidity, and a heat advisory, but I got it done! And I hit my step goal of 10,000 steps and took the lead of the step challenge by the time I was done. So I felt very much accomplished. 🙂


Totally unrelated, but my lilies are starting to bloom and they are super pretty!

By the time I got back home from my run, the mail had come and it included a package from an old grade school friend of mine! We still talk on Facebook every once in a while, and at one point I mentioned that I was running low on t-shirts. So he sent me bunch of his that he doesn’t wear anymore. They’re all going to be kinda big on me, I mean, I wear a women’s small and these are men’s larges, but I plan on getting crafty with them and doing some neat t-shirt cutting things. So that’s pretty exciting! I didn’t take pictures of all of them because there are nine and that would have taken forever, but this one is definitely my favorite! 🙂


On a slightly unrelated note, does anyone remember last September when I had a toe incident which resulted in my big toenail falling off? Well it healed, my toenail grew back and every things been fine. Well, the toenail looked a little weird, but other than that it wasn’t giving me any trouble or anything. But while I was clipping my toenails this afternoon, I noticed that the nail really hasn’t grown at all since it first grew back. Like, it covered the nail bed, but then it just stopped growing. It’s also looking a little purple again and it feels a little loose. I think I’m going to lose it again. Sad face…I was so excited when it grew back.

I asked my sister who is officially a nurse now, and she said as long as it doesn’t hurt and isn’t infected it’s probably fine, but that it is probably going to come off again. She was actually surprised that it even grew back in the first place. Apparently it’s pretty common for toenails to just not grow back after they’ve been through some serious trauma like mine was in September. Luckily it doesn’t hurt or anything, so it’s not interfering with running, but I guess it’s something I’m going to have to keep an eye on it again. And I thought I had finally put the toe indecent behind me haha. Oh well.

That’s all I’ve got for today, but I’ll definitely keep you up to date on my step challenge and toe!

Happy Hump Day!



Cinco De Mayo, 2016

Coffee + Stephen King + Breakfast = The Best Way to Start the Day

Happy Cinco de Mayo! hope your week has been good so far!!

My week has been steadily improving! As you may know, last Thursday I had a nasty fall in the shower and ended up hurting my ribs pretty bad. To the point where just breathing hurt. But I’ve been improving a little bit every day! Yesterday I was able to get in a short, easy run, and today I managed to go a little bit further!! 😄

Today’s run was also MUCH better. I ran without the aid of ibuprofen and I still felt much less akward. I was also able to take deeper breaths, although that still kinda hurts, and by the time I got home my whole left side hurt and felt really tight. But laying on the floor and taking slow deep breaths helped loosen that all back up. And I’m thinking I need to take some ibuprofen now, just to be on the safe side.

Luckily, I have a really high pain tolerance, so running while in pain doesn’t make me absolutely miserable (actually quite the opposit, but I feel like most runners are a little bit masochistic like that). Not so luckily, I have a really high pain tolerance, so sometimes it’s kinda hard for me to tell when I should back off and take things a little bit easier. That was quite evident today when I decided to throw in two random pickups (one being up hill) for no good reason. Hahaha it just felt SO GOOD to get my legs moving a little bit faster, even if my ribs did hurt a little bit.

At this point I’m super optimistic about my 5k next weekend. Obviously I so t be aiming for a PR like I wanted to before I got hurt. I’m thinking I’ll defitely be and to finish though, even if I do have to take it slow. But it’ll still be lots of fun and I’m super stoked for it!!

Wishing you a very good day!

~ Ashley