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Another Unexpected Rest Day

My mom and brother ended up staying a little later than expected. We all ended up sleeping in late so we got a late start to the day. That wasn’t too big of a deal, we kinda missed trash and recycle pick up but that wasn’t that big of a deal. We never really have much trash anyway. Our recycle bins are pretty full, but we’re just going to have to deal with that until next Friday.

Anyway, my mom and brother ended up leaving Ace here to stay for a little bit. My mom was worried about having 3 dogs (him, Niko, and my uncle’s dog Luther) all at my grandma’s house (which is where my mom and bother are staying while they’re in Illinois) so we offered to watch him. He’s a very good boy. πŸ™‚ He and Lily kinda grew up on the farm together, Dean’s met him several times and they like playing together, Finn had never met him before yesterday, but they seem to get along, so watching him will be easy enough. πŸ™‚ There was no way Niko was staying here though. He’s never aloud to stay at my house for more than a day or two (and even then only if my mom or dad is here with him) ever again. The first and last time he stayed here he attacked Lily over a treat and left a really deep tooth mark in her leg. And that was back when he was younger. Now he’s fully grown and weighs 125 pounds….But anyway, it’ll probably be fun to have Ace here for a little bit.


Anyways, since we got up late Luke and I got a late start to our day. That wasn’t too big of a deal, we still got everything we wanted to do done, it just sucks because we needed to go grocery shopping but didn’t get that accomplished and I didn’t get a run in today. Hahaha it’s all good though, we’ll probably get groceries on Sunday and according to my fancy new Garmin Fenix 5 I could use another day of rest anyway, so I guess that worked out alright. πŸ™‚


So the first thing we had to do was go to Luke’s work building to get some stuff taken care of at the bank (haha it’s an employee owned credit union, so it’s in his building and only open when Luke’s work is opened). Then we had to drive to another bank to cash a check he got. Since the other bank is so small and whatnot they don’t keep much cash on hand. Once we got all the boring adult stuff done we went to the mall to so some shopping and then went out for lunch.


My face when I have to adult.

At the mall we went to Hot Topic (for the second time this week) because more band t’s we’re necessary. Haha in my world there’s no such thing as too many band t’s. Especially if they’re Green Day t shirts. πŸ˜‰ Luke also got this super sweet limited edition Supernatural Funko Pop. It’s Dean inside of Baby and it’s really fucking awesome. It was also really fucking expensive, but we both thought it was totally worth it haha. After Hot Topic we went to Pink because I was in desperate need of some new pants, but I won’t actually wear anything that’s not yoga pants/running leggings haha. While we were in there Luke and I both decided that I don’t look like I belong in that store, but dammit I like they’re yoga pants!!! And I got a very pretty pair while we were there. πŸ™‚

So yeah, after being adults we reverted into teenagers, went to the mall, and bought Green Day merch and collectible nerd stuff. It was great!


After our nerdy needs were satisfied we decided to go eat at Bo Lings, because we absolutely neededΒ Chinese food. If you’ve never been to a Bo Lings you totally need to go! They have some super awesome Asian Cuisine for a pretty decent price. My huge plate of noodles and bowl of egg drop soup was only $12 and Luke’s sweet and sour chicken and soup was $13. Anyway, funnily enough, I was the one who wanted Chinese food but I actually ended up getting Singapore rice noodles. Not gonna lie thought, I was super proud of myself for trying something new. I don’t usually do that haha. Plus it ended up being super yummy and I have all sorts of left overs, because look at all that food!!


After we stuffed our faces full of delicious Asian cuisine we took our dogs to the dog park because we felt really bad that they had to be locked up when Niko was here. Haha we probably would have taken them to the park anyway though. We’re always at the dog park, but when you have 3 border collies it’s basically necessary.


This photo is actually from Wednesday, but like I said, we’re always there and I liked this photo.Β 

After the dog park we chilled at home for a little bit. Niko kept barking/howling last night so he woke us up quite a few times last night. That coupled with all the running around we did, we were both exhausted and ended up napping. It was really nice though. πŸ™‚ And then at 5 pm Luke had to go to his weekend job and now Β here I am at 6:14 pm. I’m currently washing our couch cushion covers because Niko got them all dirty. I also desperately need to vacuum and mop because Niko got wet and muddy and then came into my kitchen and shook mud everywhere…So I guess I’m going to go deal with that right now.

I hope you had a great Friday! I know I sure did!!


Sometimes I actually wear makeup.Β 




Home, Sweet Home!

I’ve actually been home for a few days now haha! On Wednesday my brother drove me home to Kansas, then back to Illinois. And then yesterday my mom, dad, and brother stopped here on their way to Colorado.

Basically what I’m saying is I’ve been kinda busy!

Between helping my dad get things cleaned up at the house in Illinois, traveling back to Kansas and getting the house back in order and taking care of all my responsibilities that had kinda put on the back burner while I was gone, then entertaining my family while they were here at my house, I haven’t had a lot of time to blog or keep up with my other social media accounts. It’s all good though, I think a little break from social media can be a good thing every once in a while. πŸ˜‰

So anyway, I didn’t get a lot of running done this week. Like I said, I’ve been kinda busy. Plus on Thursday I think I might have been suffering from heat exhaustion. I ran 2 miles in the morning, then spent 2 hours in bed because standing up made me dizzy. I guess all that hard work in the sun really did me in. And then running kinda hard definitely didn’t help. So ever since then I’ve been trying to stay cool and hydrated. And I actually feel a lot better today!

But then yesterday I had another unfortunate foot incident. Remember last September when my toe got really fucked up after some drunken shenanigans? And now it looks like I’m going to lose the toenail on that toe again? Yeah well yesterday while trying to put Dean up because my dogs don’t get along with my parents’ dog, I ran into a framed poster we have hanging in the hallway and it ended up falling on my foot. The same foot that’s having toe issues. Fun times. It bruised and swelled up almost immediately, but after icing it off and on for a few hours yesterday it actually doesn’t hurt too much today. I’m still going to rest it though. More foot issues are the absolute last thing I need right now…


My new bruise and you can kinda see how weird my toenail is right now. It’s kinda separating from the nail bed, so I think its coming off again.

On the bright side of things, Luke and I kinda went on a little shopping spree yesterday before my parents and brother got here, and we both ended up getting some neat things. πŸ™‚ First we went to Dick’s, where I got two new Nike sports bras that I definitely needed! They say that your bras shouldn’t celebrate a birthday (meaning that you’re supposed to replace them every year), but I’ve been wearing my favorite sports bra for at least 3 years now. Oops. And they were on sale which was a huge bonus!! I also got a tube of Nuun so that I don’t end up feeling like crap after being in the heat again (at least hopefully) and another tank top, because one cannot have too many tank tops. πŸ˜‰

Then we went to Hottopic because we’re both apparently still 17 haha. Actually, Luke just wanted a new earring and I wanted some more Green Day t-shirts because I’m running dangerously low (and by that I mean I only had 3 before our Hottopic trip πŸ˜‰ ). Unfortunate for me, they had ONE freaking Green Day shirt in my size, so of course I got it. Luke got the earring he wanted and since body jewelry was buy one get one for $5 I got a new set of nose rings. I’ve been wearing the same nose ring for 7 years now, so I suppose it was time for a change haha. Plus one of them in the pack I got was purple, and I thought that was super spiffy!! πŸ™‚


Not the best photo ever, but yay purple nose ring! πŸ™‚

And to finish off my little shopping spree, I ordered a little over $50 worth of Honey Stinger stuff last night! In all fairness, I wanted to get free shipping!! Plus with half marathon training coming up, I figured three boxes of waffles (along with a few other things) was a good idea. I got a box each of two of my favorite flavors; ginger snap and chocolate. Along with a box of the new gluten free mint chocolate waffles. I’m not gluten intolerant or anything, I just really wanted to try that flavor! Eventually I’m going to try the vanilla chocolate as well! πŸ™‚


Also, if you fuel with Honey StingerΒ like I do, you might want to take advantage of their Memorial Day sale! Everything on their site is 25% off when you use the code FREEDOM at checkout. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜„


So yeah, I’ve definitely been a busy bee but aside from a few little incidents, I’d say life is pretty great right now! I guess now that it’s almost June, I need to start getting prepared for our trip to Florida with Luke’s family. That’s the first week of July so it’s coming up pretty quickly! But I guess I’ll talk more about that later. I’m done droning on about random things for now.


I hope you have a great Saturday!


Grocery Day is My Favorite Day!!

*Does a weird little happy dance*

Seriously though, who doesn’t like going to the grocery store and getting more food!? There a whole world of possibility, new things to try, and endless combinations of things that you can make into delicious meals and snacks! Maybe I’m just a little overenthusiastic because I’m a runner, and being a runner has really made me stop and think about what I’m eating and what it’s doing for my body. Either way, I really do enjoy food shopping!

Luke and I actually did a lot more than just food shopping though. We didΒ a lotΒ of running around today. We left the house around 9 am, and aside from a quick stop to drop off our groceries, we didn’t get back home until 4 pm. Told you we did a lot!

The first stop we made today was Tractor Supply. We needed dog food and we’ve found that it’s usually cheaper there. So we got that, then spent almost 45 minutes browsing through the store. Yeah, we really like Tractor Supply and surprisingly enough we didn’t end up picking up anything else during our perusing of the store. Until we saw that seeds were 25% off that is. That was when we went a little bit crazy and ended up buying a bunch of seed packets. But now we’ve almost got everything we want to grow in the garden this year, so that’s pretty exciting! I think all we need plant/seed wise now is tomatoes, and we usually just buy those plants pre started because it’s a lot easier that way. I’m starting to get super excited about getting this garden going!


After we finally left Tractor Supply we made our way to Aldi to get our groceries for the next two weeks. Luckily Aldi is like a two minute drive from Tractor Supply so it didn’t take very long to get there, and we didn’t really spend much time there because we got the same old stuff we usually get. I guess that’s not too exciting, especially since I was literally just talking about all the endless possibilities of grocery shopping, but hey, we know what we like/need and it got us in and out of there pretty fast. πŸ™‚

Once we got all of our groceries packed into the car we drove home, unloaded/put away all of our stuff, hopped back into the car and drove 30 minutes to Barnes and Noble. Now, we didn’t exactly need to go to a book store, but I wanted to see if they had any exciting gardening/DIY books. Unfortunately they did not, so I ended up with a book about running instead. Go figure, right? πŸ˜‰ I’m not complaining though, I’ve been wanting to read How Bad Do You Want It by Matt Fitzgerald for a while now, but ever other time I’ve gone to Barnes and Noble they didn’t have it. Kinda weird I guess, but I’m glad I finally got my hands on a copy. πŸ™‚


I just realized that I takeΒ a lot of photos of my feet. Haha oh well.

After Barns and Noble we decided that we needed to go somewhere for lunch, because we were both starving. I don’t think either of us really ate anything aside from a granola bar and a Naked fruit juice in the morning, and by the time we got done at the book store it was a little bit past 1 pm. Luke enthusiastically suggested going to a Mexican restaurant that he wanted to try. Meh, I’m not exactly a fan of Mexican food and since Luke knows that we don’t often get it, so I figured we should probably go this time. It was pretty good though, so I can’t complain.

After lunch we went to petsmart to get crickets for our gecko, Walmart for fly tape (which they did not have), the bank to cash a few checks and pay some stuff, Price Chopper for fly tape (which they also did not have), Target for fly tape (they didn’t have it either. WTF?!? That’s when we gave up our quest for fly tape and decided to just live with the flies), then back to Tractor Supply because we forgot to get rabbit food while we were there the first time. Oh man, all that running around really wears a person out!

Speaking of running. I didn’t get a run in today. I had planned on getting up early and doing 4 miles before all of our shopping adventures, but when my alarm went off at 5:30 this morning I was like “nope”, turned it off, and went right back to sleep. I suppose I could have run when we finally got home, but then that would have meant that I was going to attempt to run 10 miles tomorrow without being fully recovered, and I’m not about that life right now. So instead I’m going to do my 4 miler tomorrow morning, then do my long run on Sunday. That should work out quite nicely. πŸ™‚

So how was your Friday? Did you do anything fun? Do you like grocery shopping??

Until next time!