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34 DaysΒ 

I’m officially calling it; my streak is ending at 34 days.


It actually would have been 40 for me since I started a day early, but I think 34 days is still pretty awesome. πŸ˜‰

I suppose there are still several hours left in today, so I could still get a mile in but I’m not going to do it. I guess to some people it may seem a little crazy to be calling it quits when I only have 6 more days (including today) until I reach the official end of the Runner’s World winter run streak, but I need to stop running.

At some point yesterday I tweaked my right hip, I’m not sure if it happened while I was running or cleaning the house yesterday, but either way, it’s not good. My hips are notoriously weak. I’ve been working on them a lot this year though, and I haven’t really had any issues with them up until yesterday, but I’m thinking it’s better not to push it since I’ve had issues with them before. I don’t want to end up with a full blown injury.

I’m actually really happy with this decision. Today I realized that I’m burnt out and probably have been since last week. Hell, at this point I may even be toeing the line of over-training. I probably should have realized that little fact earlier, but I’ve been so focused on finishing this streak that I haven’t been paying attention to the red flags my body has been sending me; My legs are tired, I’ve been moody, crazy tired, not sleeping well, and running hasn’t really been fun for the last couple of days. Like, running more than a mile just seems like hell, and running more than 3 or 4 seems almost impossible.

So this morning when I decided that I wasn’t going to run and took a shower and then started making lunch instead, my spirits where instantly lifted. Haha That pretty much proved to me that this was a  really really really good decision, and attempting to finish the streak would probably do more harm than good.

Streaking wasn’t all bad though, I definitely learned some things about myself, streaking, and running in general;

  • My mental game has never been all that strong, but through these 34 days I learned to push through some of that. My mental issues with running tend to come up on days when I wake up and don’t feel like running, and then don’t even though it would do me some good. I had that happen a lot during these 34 days, but I every time I got my ass out the door, got at least a mile done, and usually felt better because of it. Although I still have some work to do with the mental aspects of running, this streak has definitely got me going in the right direction.
  • I’m not taking my easy days easy enough,which I desperately need to do. Especially if I ever plan on streaking again, as I’m positive that that’s part of the reason why I ended up burning out. This is something I’ve always struggled with though. I usually start my easy runs with the intent of keeping things easy, but once I get warmed up I think “why not run up a few hills” or “running a little bit harder wont hurt anything” and that pretty much turns my easy runs into harder efforts.
  • I feel better when I eat better. This seems kinda obvious, but I was eating pretty well after Thanksgiving and then a few days before Christmas that all went out the window, and I could really feel the difference. If only cookies weren’t so tasty…
  • Interval workouts are my favorite (as long as the hard efforts are short that is). I already new that, but it had been a while since I’ve done a really good interval workout, and when I finally did one it was a lot of fun and I felt great!
  • As long as I actually keep my easy runs easy, I could probably run 6 days a week, instead of the 4-5 I usually do. If streaking has taught me anything, it’s that I don’t need the two rest days from running every week that I used to think I did.
  • Actually, it’s also taught me that I’m capable of a lot more than I thought I was, running wise. Once I get the whole easy effort thing sorted out, I want to start doubling once or twice a week, to help bring my mileage up a little. I think that’s something I’ll be able to safely do and I’ll end up being a better runner for it.

So all in all, even though I did have to end it early, I’m calling this running streak a success! I think I even redeemed myself from last years failed attempt (I think I only made it 11 or 12 days into last years streak before I had to call it quits). And I’m definitely going to be participating in next years winter streak, and now that I’m armed with some new knowledge and with a little bit of better planning, I’m definitely going to make it to the end!

Anyways, I’m getting a tad bit ahead of myself talking about next year. πŸ˜‰

Today I took a hardcore rest day. Since I cleaned the whole house top to bottom yesterday I didn’t have much that I absolutely needed to do. I re-mopped the kitchen floor, did a load of laundry, then spent the rest of the day reading. It was actually quite nice and definitely what I needed! 

Since I’m feeling kinda burnt out, I’m probably going to take a few more days off from running. I obviously need a little break, so I’m going to focus on strength and yoga for the rest of the week, then maybe do a few easy runs next week, depending on how I feel. 

Happy Tuesday! 


Merry Christmas Eve EveΒ 

Or Christmas Adam, if you enjoy that little joke. 😁

So last night I kinda sorta considered waking up early this morning and doing a long run, but my legs felt pretty shitty yesterday so I figured maybe that wasn’t the best idea. So then I though maybe I should still get up earlier, and just do 3 or 4 miles, since today is probably my last opportunity to squeeze in more than just Β a mile a day this week, because of Christmas stuff.

Ended up sleeping in and doing a mile later in the day haha. In all fairness, the extra sleep was probably a good idea. After my interval workout on Wednesday my legs felt gross, I’ve been tired, and I guess I just needed another easy day. πŸ™‚ Plus if all goes according to plan, I’m going to be waking up pretty darn early on Christmas Day, after probably going to bed late on Christmas Eve (I’ll get to all of that in a bit), so I might as well get a little extra sleep now, while I still can.

So anyway, I got up at 8 am and had cookies and coffee for breakfast. Hey, it was that or bake a potato, and since that takes an hour that I didn’t want to wait for food, I went with the cookies instead. Haha yeah, we really needed to go grocery shopping… Plus I feel like cookies for breakfast is better than nothing, but I’m probably just deludeding myself into thinking that was a better option for breakfast haha. Oh well. Tis the season, right?! πŸ˜‰

Luke got up around 10 (he’s off work today because this is his short week, and he got off work early yesterday because of Christmas! Yay!) and we went on a very much needed grocery shopping trip.

First we got all of our usual food stuffs at Aldi, then we ventured into an Asian food market. Like wants to make rice balls, so we needed seaweed. We also got some turmeric since it’s supposed to be super good for you or whatever, and some loose leaf jasmin tea. I’m super excited about the tea, it smells so good! They had s bunch of cool stuff at this place, so I’m sure we’ll be back at some point.

Anway after Aldi I had a squeezeable fruit pouch thing, then when we got home I had a few dried figs, so at least I got some nutrients in relativity early in the day. πŸ™‚

After our shopping adventures I finally got my mile in. I’m really glad I didn’t do the long run I though about doing, my legs are still tired and wasn’t feeling it anyway. But the streaks alive and that’s all that matters!!

While I was running and then showering, Luke did his first attempt at a rice ball…it did not go well. After some more research and a few tweaks, his second attempt went a little bit better. The first time the rice didn’t stick together at all, but it did the second time. They aren’t pretty, but they are tasty and that’s all that matters. 😁

So yeah, that was pretty much all we did today. The next few days are going to be pretty jam packed though. Our plans for Christmas go a little something like this; on Saturday after my brother in la gets off of work, Luke, my brother in law, and myself will all be attempting to shove our happy asses, 3 dogs, and a bunch of Christmas presents into my brother in law’s Kia, driving 5 hours to Illinois, staying the night there, spending Christmas with their family, then driving back home around 5 pm on Christmas Day. Whew, that’s going to be interesting!

We’re taking the Kia instead of Luke’s SUV because the heat in it isn’t working well, and obviously the Kia gets better gas mileage, so we’ll spend less money that way. But oh man, the 10 hours we’ll be spending in that car is going to suck! Between the gifts we’re bringing there and our gifts that we’ll be bringing back, no one is going to have any leg room.

Whoever sits in the back is going to have to deal with all 3 dogs. If it was just Lily and Dean it would be a problem, they adore each other. It’s other dogs intruding on their lovefest that the don’t enjoy. Especially when it’s my brother in law’s dog Odin. Lily hates Odin. She doesn’t like him being near her period. He’s tried to play rough/take over her alpha roll one too many times, and oh man can she hold a grudge. Plus she has a bias against labs (yeah that dog seriously has biases against other breeds of dogs, it’s weird), and he’s part lab, so that doesn’t help the whole situation. And Dean will play with Odin sometimes, but he always sides with Lily. So if Lily decides she’s not going to put up with Odin’s shit, neither will he. I don’t envy whoever is going to have to put up with that for 5 hours, and I pray to God that it’s not me.

Seriously though, Lily and Dean are two peas in a pod. And their cuddle fests help keep my feet warm! πŸ˜„

After our fun filled 5 hour card ride, we should hopefully be in Illinois around 11-11:30 pm. Now this is where I’m not entirely sure how things are going to go. Luke hasn’t let me in on his plan yet (probably because he’s not sure what he wants to do yet), but I’m hoping we’ll end up at my grandma’s house. She’s going to be all alone on Christmas Eve if we don’t show up at some point, and I know she’ll be super sad about that.

This will be the first Christmas season that she and I will be spending away from most of our family. I was hoping that all of my siblings would be home for Christmas, but they all drove to Colorado yesterday to spend Christmas with our parents. I probably should have seen that coming, but I was really hoping we would all get to spend sometime together at home, because it’s looking like our childhood home and my grandma’s house/farm are going to be sold soon. If I would have known last Christmas was the last Christmas my family would spend there together I would have tried to appreciate it more. But I guess hindsight is always 20/20 for things like that.

Ugh, i really wish I wasn’t such a sentimental person. That would make all of this so much easier…

Just some random photos from last year. That was the Christmas that it flooded really bad in Illinois and the year my parents got Niko.

Anyway, if we do end up at my grandma’s on Christmas Eve, I plan on staying the night there and then waking up super early on Christmas morning. There are a few places around the farm I need to go to just one more time. Especially my grandpa’s deer stand and a few places in the woods. This is probably the last chance I’ll get, but unfortunately I won’t have much time.

I’m sure Luke and his dad will want me at his house on Christmas morning. Luke’s dad always goes all out for Christmas and he likes having everyone together to open presents in the morning. Then we’ll probably head to Luke’s grandma Becky’s. We probably won’t get to stay for the big party she throws every year, but at least we’ll get to see her. Then we’ll be off the Luke’s grandma Wilma’s to spend some time with her. After that I suppose we’ll start our journey back home, and at some point I’ll need to run a mile. That may be kinda tough to squeeze in, but I’m going to try!

So yeah, this is shaping up to be one of the most sad Christmases I’ve ever experienced. We’ll be running around all over the place trying to squeeze in time with Luke’s family, and the only person from my family I’ll get to see is my grandma, and that probably won’t be for very long. Plus I’ve got the whole losing my childhood home looming over my head, so it’s just not exactly a happy time for me. And knowing that my parents and siblings will all be in Colorado and having fun together kinda bums me out even more. Oh well, maybe next year will be better.

We had a lot of fun times and great Christmases on the farm.

Alrighty then, this post wasn’t meant to get all sad and whiny, but sometimes it just happens I guess.

I guess at some point tonight I need to figure out what all I need to bring to Illinois, and then put it all in one place. But I’m going to procrastinate for a little bit and do some stretching.

Have you ever had dessert for breakfast?Β 

Are you traveling for Christmas?Β 

Does your family have any fun/weird/interesting traditions?Β 

Sister, Snow, Social Media, and Other Saturday Stuff

I’m just all about “S”‘s today, apparently. 

My sister Sarah (another “s”, go figure πŸ˜‰), her husband, and their two dogs drove from Colorado to Illinois today, and of course they stopped here in Kansas on they way. 

Sarah’s husband is in the army and is going to be deployed soon, so I guess they decided to spent his Christmas leave with his family in Illinois. Not that it’s a big deal or anything, our parents live like an hour and a half away from them in Colorado, so they can basically see each other anytime, and Sarah’s twin, and our brother, and grandma are still in Illinois, so she’ll get to see them while they are there. Actually, depending how long they stay in Illinois, I may get to hang out with all of my siblings at Christmas! Luke and I may be going there for a few days. That’s a big “may” though. He’s still not sure what he wants to do. 

Anyway, my sister was super excited about stopping here, because I finally got to meet her 5 month old German Shepherd puppy, Moose! He is adorable, but kinda awkward. Haha he’s at that stage in life though, he’ll grow out of it eventually (oh man, you’d swear o was talking about a kid!). 

I’m really glad she finally got a German Shepherd puppy. She’s wanted on for as long as I’ve wanted a border collie (so, pretty much her whole life). 

Our grandma actually used to breed German Shepherds, so when we were really little we had a few of them around. I specifically remember the female, Sugar Baby, or Babe for short. She lived outside in a dog house in the corner of their yard because she hated being inside. She was an amazing dog though, my grandma and grandpa used to tell people they could leave us kids alone with her and not have to worry about us. They were probably right! She was super protective of us and wouldn’t let anyone she didn’t know near us, but we could climb all over her, grab her tail, ears, mouth, it didn’t matter, she would let us do whatever we wanted. 

My grandma and “Miracle” a pup she bred, back in 1982.

German Shepherds are amazing dogs; smart, loyal, and protective. If they weren’t so prone to cancer and hip problems, and of it was easier to find one that didn’t have an American Kennel Club bloodline (that’s a whole other thing though, you definitely don’t want to get me started on that), Luke and I would probably end up with one at some point. But they are prone to heath problems, and most pure bred dogs have bloodlines tied to the AKC, so we are just going to stick with border collies (it’s actually still relatively easy to find border collies that aren’t associated with the AKC if you know what you’re looking for). 
I’ve gone way off track here, I could seriously talk about dogs and border collies until my face turns blue, so I’m going to reel it back in before I get too deep into all that stuff. 

Sarah and I have been texting each other all day about the weather. It started snowing in Colorado around midnight last night, so the road were pretty nasty, and their drive was slow going. We were hoping that eventually they’d be able to get in front of all the snow, but that never happened. Here in Kansas it was already kinda icy from the little bit of rain last night, and then we started to get some snow flurries around 10:30 am and by noon it was coming down pretty steadily. 

I’m not complaining though! I love the snow!! It sucks that they had to drive through all of this, but they lived in Alaska for 3 years, so they should be used to it haha.

So I was originally going to wait to run until around 6 pm because that’s when the majority of the snow was supposed to hit, but I started getting super impatient so I went after lunch. 

I had no plan going into this run. I was just gonna see how bad the roads were and go until it stopped being fun haha. The roads actually weren’t too bad, our town salted the roads last night and this morning, so while there were some slick spots it wasn’t too bad. I ended up going 4 miles. I briefly considered going another, but I was starving and a Honey Stinger waffle was calling my name! 

After my run and waffle, I took a nice hot shower and then had a big glass of orange juice. I’m feeling a little sniffly again, so I figure I might as well load up on some vitamin C before and pray that I don’t end up with an actual cold (plus orange juice just sounded good 😬). So far this cold and flue season I’ve gotten a little sniffly but have yet to get a full blow cold, and I’m hoping to keep it that way! 

So at this point in the day, the snow slowed down and then eventually stopped. Luke and I both started obsessively checking the weather, watching to see if the next wave of snow was still going to hit us. For once he actually wants the snow to hit us! But only because he wants the dogs to be able to play in it. I just like snow in general. ❄❄❄

On a slightly unrelated note, lately whenever I go to get our mail, I do it with Bruce in my hoodie. He enjoys going outside for a little bit. Yeah, my neighbors have to think I’m fucking nuts. I run in any and every weather condition, I’ve been running without shoes on, I talk to my dogs like they’re people while we’re out walking, and now I’m carting a ferret around. Yup, I’m definitely the crazy neighbor. πŸ˜‚

Around 5pm I had to take Lily and Dean for quick walks. By then it was snowing again and they love snow, so who am I to deny them time in their favorite weather. I mean it’s not like it was -12 with the windchill or anything (it totally was though πŸ˜‚). They were very short walks, but we had fun and got to see some Christmas lights. 

The Civics Center’s tree is really pretty πŸ˜„

My sister, brother in law, and their two dogs finally made it to our house around 6:30 pm They said that for the most part the highways weren’t too bad until it started snowing again in Kansa. Then they started getting kinda gross. Their drive through Missouri will probably be even worse, unfortunately. The St. Louis area has been getting an icy mix since yesterday and MOdot has said multiple times that people should avoid traveling if possible. As long as they are careful they should be ok though. 

Anyway, their dogs were super excited to get out of the car and run around. They got to play in the snow with Lily and Dean, and then they got to get lots of pets from Luke and I after we all ate dinner. They are very sweet dogs. πŸ˜„

They only stayed for about 1/2 an hour. They want to make it to Illinois before midnight, so the didn’t want to dawdled. It was nice to see them though, it’s been a while since I’ve seen Sarah. 

So yeah, now that those shenanigans are over, I got pretty good run in, and the dogs got to play in the snow a little bit, I’m thinking it’s time for a pot of tea and to continue reading Game of Thrones. 

But first I just wanted to take a quick moment to say that I’ve been pretty active on social media lately, so if you’re at all interested in the little weird, random things that go on in my life you should check me out here;

And if you follow me there’s a really good chance I’ll follow you! The only thing I won’t do is add you on Facebook. I kinda reserve that for close friends and family. πŸ˜„

Alrighty, I know this post is kinda long and rambly, so thanks for sticking with me for this long! I’m kinda thinking I should be doing some longer, more detailed posts, so I figure this had been good practice, even though I was all over the place. But that’s pretty much all I’ve got for today. 

Happy snow day! ❄⛄️


Yay November!Β 

November is usually an exciting month for me, and this year is no exception!

Packet pick up is the 11th, the Longview Half Marathon (which I will be running for the second year in a row) is on the 12th, my birthday is the 15th, the new PokΓ©mon games come out on the 18th, and Thanksgiving is the 24th, Thanksgiving is when the Runner’s World winter running streak starts. Fun fun fun!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

So my plans for this month look a little something like this; finished half marathon training, pick up my bib number, run the race (no big deal, right πŸ˜‰), and take an almost two week break off from running.

Race Info

During my almost two week break I get to celebrate my 25th birthday and play lots and lots of PokΓ©mon. Lots and lots of PokΓ©mon. πŸ™‚


My sisters and I on my 6th birthday.

Then it’s turkey time! We’re still not sure what we’re doing for Thanksgiving. It’s nearly impossible to spend time with both our families since my mom, dad, and one of my sisters are in Colorado, and most of Luke’s family still lives in Illinois, with the exception of his mom and two of his siblings who live in Minnesota now. Haha yeah, I think we may just stay home this year. No matter what we do though, there will be turkey!

Along with stuffing my face with turkey and all sorts of yummy food, I’ll be starting the Runner’s World winter running streak, which is just a challenge to run at least 1 mile every day, starting on Thanksgiving and ending on New Year’s Day. I attempted to do the streak last year, but I ended up getting hurt and was unable to complete it. I have a good feeling about this year though! I’m totally kicking this streaks ass!


So I’ve go a pretty basic plan for this month and that makes me super happy! Now if only the weather would start to cooperate! I’m so so so so sooooo ready for the cold, but the temperature just hasn’t dropped yet…At the very least, it’s not in the 90’s and crazy humid anymore. I’m definitely glad to be done with the nastiness that is summer.

Do you have any fun November plan? 

What are you doing for Thanksgiving? 

Have you ever done a running streak?