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Things I’ve Thought While Running

Yesterday Luke and I were talking about my half marathon training, weird encounters I’ve had with people/animals/terrifying drivers, and just all things running in general. I ended up making him laugh pretty hard about some of the things I’ve thought/said to myself while on the run, and once he calmed down a bit he told me I need to start writing this stuff down and sharing these thoughts with you guys, because some of this stuff is super funny! As it just so happens, I have actually written a bunch of this stuff down! I was just never sure that anyone would find it as amusing and entertaining as I do. Especially without any context (although some of these thoughts will have a little bit of context because they wouldn’t make any sense otherwise). But Luke sure did, so at his insistence, here is a sample of some of the things I’ve thought while running. ๐Ÿ™‚

(Just a side note; Luke’s not a runner himself and I don’t think he particular finds the subject very interesting to discuss. But he humors me by talking to me about it. The same way I humor him by talking to him about his softball stuff. I swear that is the key to a happy, healthy relationship. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )


  • *Sees a guy loading a Ford Falcon onto a trailer and stops to admire the car* “Dude, sweet car!!! I wonder if he’s noticed me standing here. He probably thinks I’m a creeper…I should probably continue on my way now.”
  • “Fuck this hill and whoever decided to build a road on it!”
  • “Is it weird that I enjoy running through the really old, slightly creepy town cemetery? Probably.”
  • “Headbanging and running do not mix.”
  • “This guy is giving off some hardcore creeper vibes. Better smile and say hi to him.”
  • *Getting slightly nervous because it’s getting super dark even though I’m almost done with my run and close to home* *Sees a nice looking couple out for a walk* “That man is definitely carryingย at least one loaded firearm on him right now. There’s no way he’s not. Now I know who to go find if shady shit goes down.”
  • *Smiles and waves at every police officer I see* “I feel like it’s good to be on friendly terms with the cops in town. Even if they don’tย actually know me, they’ll probably recognize me as the friendly neighborhood runner if I ever need them.”
  • “Was that a fellow runner?! It had to be! Only a runner would wear shorts that bright and obnoxiously colored.”
  • “My bright teal shoes definitely match with my even brighter orange shorts. I am so good at matching colors.”
  • “Cows!!!!”
  • “I wounder if the farmer knows I run down here just to look at his cows.”
  • “I don’t like the way that cow is looking at me right now.”
  • “Maybe I shouldn’t be singing along to Hollywood Undead while running past a park full of children.”
  • “Did I put on moister wicking socks? Because these socks don’t feel like they’re doing any moister wicking.”
  • “Fartlek fartlek fartlek fartlek….” (all sung to myself in a weird voice)
  • “Running fucking sucks. Why did I get myself into this?”
  • “I wonder if people around here recognize me as the crazy person who’s always out running. I sure hope so.”

There’s a lot more where these came from so I’m thinking this is going to become a series here on therunningrebel.com. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll probably try to write a post like this around the end of every month, so keep any eye out for that!

I sure hope you enjoyed these weird, random thoughts of mine!! What are some things you’ve thought to yourself while running? I wanna know!!



Half Marathon Training Day 6

Hello and happy Friday everyone!!

Hahaha who else can agree with the above image? I feel like a lot of us crazy runners can now that the season of fall marathon/half marathon training is upon us. Ah and what a great season that is! Other runners are all out in droves getting their summer miles in and sweaty selfies are pretty much dominating every social media platform I use. I kind of find it hardย not to be motivated by all of the awesomeness that’s always going down during fall race training season! But that’s pretty much the only aspect of running that I enjoy during the warmer months, not gonna lie, but I’ll take what I can get! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, I didn’t really have anything exciting to report about my half marathon training cycle yesterday, hence the radio silence from me. Pretty much all I did yesterday was watch season 6 of Game Of Thrones (and I just finished it this morning!). Does anyone know if I can buy the episodes of season 7 as they come out on like Amazon or something? Because a lot of shit went down in season 6 and I NEED to know what happens!!! But if worse comes to worse I’ll just wait for it to come out on blueray. Anyways, in the middle of my binge watching I put in 30 minutes on my stationary bike, and as I was supposed to cross train yesterday I’ll definitely take that as a win.


So yeah, as far as training goes yesterday was boring but necessary. As for today though, I was super excited about today’s workout ever since I saw it on my scheduled; my first fartlek of half marathon training! Yay!! Actually, this was probably the first fartlek I’ve done in months now that I think about it. Why don’t I do this type of workout more often? I usually really enjoy them. Hmmmm….

Processed with Rookie Cam

My super lazy pre-run breakfast, because who actually wants to cook at 6 in the morning?ย 

According to my training plan today’s fartlek was only supposed to be 25 minutes long, so I automatically interpreted that to mean “easy and fun”! Haha I’m not sure that whoever wrote the training plans for Garmin Connect actually meant that, but that’s how I ended up playing it! I actually spent most of those 25 minutes running at a crazy slow pace (have I mentioned that I hate running when it’s hot) with a some random pickups and bursts of “speed” thrown in whenever it sounded like fun. So I definitely succeeded at the “easy and fun” thing, while still technically being able to call it a fartlek session. Because I mean, it’s supposed to be a super unstructured workout! And I still played with speed a little bit, so bam, fartlek session accomplished. Haha I don’t know why I feel like I need to justify what I did, I had fun and feel like I accomplished something today, so that’s really all that matters. ๐Ÿ™‚

After my run I did 20 minutes of yoga and then ate a yummy and nutritious actual breakfast (a egg fried in a little bit of olive oil, some mashed avocado, and red onion slices, on an English muffin. Normally I would have taken a photo, but I devoured it too quickly). So I totally feel like I’m on a roll with half marathon training round 3 (which is what I’ve been calling this training cycle since this will be my 3’rd half ๐Ÿ˜‰ ), even though I’m not even a week in yet haha. But I’ve got my long run tomorrow and once I accomplish that I will have officially conquered my first week of half marathon training. Yay!

So even though this week kinda got off to a rocky start with my not so successful run on Monday, things have most definitely turned around and I really hope I can keep this momentum going for the entirety of this training cycle! But as of right now (even though I’m super early in the game at this point) I feel like this is going to end up going really well for me! And I’m beginning to think I actually want to have a time goal for this half marathon, something I didn’t really have during my first 2. Now it’s still going to be a super slow time, I’m a super slow person and I’ve come to terms with that, but that doesn’t mean I cant set goals for myself. I’ve got a time in mind and I think it’ll be doable. Well, I hope it will be doable, but I think it’s still what I’m going to aim for. I’ve also got a time goal in mind for the 10k in October that I’m registered for, but I think I’ll talk more in-depth about these goals in another post. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday.


This’ll be my first 10k race and I’m super stoked about it!ย 

But for now that is all that I have to talk about, so I suppose I shall bid you farewell for now! (I don’t know why I’m writing like this. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Game Of Thrones. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Wishing anyone who’s training for a fall race happy training and wishing everyone else lots of happy summer miles! Remember, summer miles bring fall smiles! ๐Ÿ™‚



Friday Fives: Even More Running Memes

It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve done a “Friday Fives” post, but yesterday I went looking back at a few of them. Specifically the running memes posts (you can find those here and here if you’re interested). I thought those were a lot of fun and memes are always good for a laugh, so why not share five more of my favorite running memes? ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Did something die in here??!


Oh wait, that’s just me…

2. Hmmm this looks like a fun place to run! Do you think I can run here?


I’m pretty sure my husband is really tired of hearing those two things come out of my mouth.

3. Listen to Master Yoda you must.


Knows what he’s talking about he does.

4. My Saturday mornings are earlier than my Monday mornings.


True Story.

5. Dear friends and family;


I am kinda crazy sometimes though. Sorry about that…

Ah man, memes are great! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just a quick note though, none of these belong to me, I found them all on pinterest! If you want to see more like them and have a pinterest account, you should totally follow me so I can follow you! I need to follow more runners on pinterest anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Happy Friday Everyone!!!