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Thursday Things

It’s officially been a week since I got sick. I’m still not back to feeling 100% better yet, but I am getting there. I don’t feel super ill and gross and like I’m dying anymore so that’s great! I feel like I’m finally able to start getting back into my regular routine, which is even better!

So I keep saying it, but I’ve yet to do it because I have been sick and trying to get more rest, but I really need to start getting up earlier so that I can start my runs before it get too hot and humid. I’m thinking that next week I’m going to start getting up at 5:45 am with Luke (that’s when he gets up for work). That should be good for now, since it’s not tooΒ hot out yet, but before too long I’m going to have to get up around 5 in the morning and I’m most definitely not looking forward to that.

Haha anyway I got up at 7:30 this morning. That’s about half an hour later than usual, but like I said, since I’m still kinda sick I’m trying to get a little more rest. Plus I knew it was supposed to be a little cooler out today (the high is 68 degrees and it felt like 62 when I ran) and cloudy so it wasn’t too bad I suppose.

I feel like the fact that I even ran today was impressive though! I’ve been kinda tired and cranky lately, probably because I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to do much running. So when I got up I almost though about not running today. But after a cup of coffee I felt a little bit better and got my ass out on the road and did the 3 miles that I told myself that I was going to do today.


They were 3 super duper slow miles, and I think the last half mile-ish was mostly walking, but I’m very glad to have gotten them done. Don’t get me wrong, this run was a total suck fest and I wanted to quit the entire time. But once I was done I felt quite a bit better both physically and mentally, and that’s pretty great! πŸ™‚

But anyway, other than the fact that I was actually able to run this morning, today has been otherwise uneventful. Tomorrow should be a lot of fun though! If it doesn’t rain Luke and I are going to do a bunch of tilling and planting and weeding in the garden and that’s always fun! We’ve also got our usual every-other-Friday routine of grocery shopping, errand running, and probably dog park walking today, so tomorrow’s going to be very busy!

Happy Friday eve!



Weekly Recap: April 17th-23rd, 2017


  • rest day

Good thing too! Finn got a little sick and woke me up at 4 am by crying then having a diarrhea in his crate. So we were awake and dealing with that all morning. Fun times. Luckily it was my rest day and I didn’t really have much planned for Monday anyway. I did watch the Boston Marathon on TV. That was a lot of fun! There are so many amazing stories and athletes out there, it makes me super glad that I get to be a part of the awesome running community!

Watching it also kinda made me want to run a marathon! Haha ever since my first half I knew a full was going to be in my future, but I always thought that future was going to be very distant. Now I’m not so sure about that. I mean, the Garmin marathon looks like fun and it’s pretty close to my house. Maybe that’s something I should aim for in the next year or two. πŸ˜‰



  • 30 easy minutes
  • 15 minutes of yoga

Woke up a little later than I had intended to on Tuesday, so it was kinda warm and super humid during my run but it actually ended up being a lot of fun. I may or may not have spent the whole 30 minutes alternating between listening to she’s out of her mind by Blink-182 and Cowboy by Kid Rock. Haha yeah, I have no idea what that was about but it was totally working for me! Kinda weird, but hey, I’ll take it!

I also re-re-re-re started writing a training journal haha. I’ve tried keeping a training journal several times over my relatively short running career and I always start out super excited about keeping track of my workouts and thoughts, but then I always end up slowly tapering off and then just quittingΒ all together. So I guess we’ll see how that goes, but I really do intend on sticking with it this time.



  • “Threshold” run
  • 10 minutes of blogilates

Today’s workout was a 15 minute warm up, 15 minutes of running at “threshold” pace, and 15 minutes to cool down. I tend to run by feel and not pace, so I didn’t aim for any particular pace during the “threshold” portion of this workout. I just focused on going “hard”. Haha I was kinda worried during my warm up, I was a little stiff and sore and tired. So I went ridiculously slow and did a little bit of walking. It took me almost the whole 15 minutes to cover a mile, but I felt better afterwards. I think that ended up making the “hard” portion of this run go a little better. It wasn’t exactly fun because it was warm and humid, but I got it done and I totally crushed it! I even covered a mile in 11:44 which is kinda speedy for me, especially on a warm, sunny day! Then the 15 minute cool down was slightly miserable at first, but after a few minutes it wasn’t too bad. πŸ™‚

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  • Rest Day

It was more of an active rest day though. πŸ™‚ During the day I walked all 3 of the dogs and later in the evening Luke and I walked Finn and Lily. So I got a good amount of walking done on Thursday.



  • 30 minutes of yoga

I kind of hate when I have two days off from running in a row, but I also kinda love it haha. It almost drives me crazy, but at the same time my runs the next day always end up going super well. πŸ™‚


  • Intervals (3.27 miles)
  • 5 minutes of yoga

I talk much more in depth about this run here. I don’t feel like typing that all out again, so you can go check out that post of you wanna know all of the details. But yay! I PR’d my 5k time!!! It’s been a while since I’ve PR’d at the 5k distance and I totally wasn’t expecting to do it on Saturday, so that was a nice little surprise. πŸ™‚

Also, I was planning on doing more yoga that just a measly 5 minutes, but the day kinda got away from me…

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  • 2.21 miles
  • 10 minutes on the stationary bike

Oh man, I didn’t realize how much Saturday’s workout drained me! I was supposed to do a long run today, but when I woke up I knew that wasn’t going to happen. I was crazy tired and my whole lower body felt pretty achy, so I thought that maybe 4 or 5 easy miles would be a better idea than trying to run any longer than that. Once I started running though, my feet and shins started to hurt and I just felt like shit in general, and it wasn’t getting any better. So I finished a loop around my neighborhood and then called it good.

I took a short nap this afternoon and I felt a little better after that, and I’m going to spend at least 30 minutes on my yoga mat stretching and foam rolling later tonight, so hopefully that helps as well. πŸ™‚


Total weekly mileage: 11.10

Oh man, that’s kinda really bad. Skipping out on my long run really didn’t help me in that regard. But I can’t even be mad because Saturday’s workout just went so well and I hit some new paces that I’ve never hit before, so that’s just awesome! And I’m really hoping that Saturday was some kind of weird fitness breakthrough and that I’ll end up getting a little bit faster in general now. That would be really nice. πŸ™‚ I probably should have expected that I was going to be kinda tired today though. Haha going that hard during that interval work when I knew I was supposed to run long the next day probably wasn’t the best idea ever, but it just felt so good and I couldn’t help myself. πŸ™‚

Oh and I’ve also been keeping up with my written training journal! I know it’s only been like a week, but I’m usually pretty bad at keeping up with those, so I’m kinda proud of myself for sticking with it so far.

How did your week go?Β 

Did you have any fun workouts or PR’s?

April 17th, 2017

Happy Marathon Monday!!

My day started shitty. Literally. Poor Finn got a little bit sick and woke Luke and I up at about 4 am, by crying and then having diarrhea all over his crate. So I had to get up, let him outside (which meant Dean had to go out too because he always wants to be outside), clean out his crate, then sit outside with him for a while. At around 5 am we came back inside and slept on the couch for about 40 minutes. Then Luke got up to get ready for work and Lily woke Finn up. So I let all the dogs out and made a bunch of coffee, found the channel on TV that the Boston Marathon was going to be broadcast on, and started reading the latest issue of Runner’s World while waiting for that to start.


Luckily today was a rest day for me and I didn’t really have anything planned to do anyway, so I was able to hang out and watch the Boston Marathon all morning, which was really nice. Last year I ended up missing the elite runners because I was out running and then showering and eating while they were racing, so I’m really glad that I was able to watch them today. πŸ™‚ Especially Meb Keflezighi because everyone loves Meb and it’s his last Boston Marathon before he retires, and Desiree Linden because she had said several times that she was in it to win it this year and I was rooting for her the whole way!

So I definitely think more big running events need to be broadcast on TV. Watching all of these awesome athletes and hearing some of their stories is super inspiring and it definitely makes me proud to be a part of the running community (even if it is just a very small part). From the very best elites to the very back of the packers; runners are all amazing people. πŸ™‚

Haha and it also kinda made me want to run a marathon! I mean, after I finished my first half in 2015 I knew that one day a full marathon would be in my future. But at that point I thought it would be the very distant future, but now I’m not so sure. I kinda want to run a few 15 milers before I actually consider training for and then running a full marathon. But who know? The Garmin marathon looks like fun and it’s super close to my house. Maybe that’s something I’m going to want to aim for in the next year or two. πŸ˜‰ Obviously I’ll still need to do a bit thinking on that one though.

Anyway, I ended up watching the whole TV broadcast of the marathon. So that was from 7:30 am to about noon. Watching TV for that log felt a little bit wrong (I don’t typically watch a lot of TV, aside from in the evenings with Luke sometimes), but totally worth it! It was a lot of fun to watch! πŸ™‚

So after watching that I took Lily for a walk because I felt like I needed to get up and moving and get some fresh air after sitting inside for so long haha. We ended up finding a dollar and a mini snickers, so obviously that was a really good decision. Then I did a bunch of chores that I had neglected to do this morning, since I was just too busy watching the Boston Marathon. Then I had to bathe Finn, since his whole backside was covered in poop from this morning. You seriously would have thought I was killing him by the amount of noise he was making haha, but it would appear that he’s starting to feel a little better so that’s good.


So on a slightly unrelated note; I’m probably going to be running the Longview Half Marathon for the third year in a row (at least I really really want to!), and I’m trying to get my sister to do it with me. She’s currently recovering from POA hip surgery which she had to fix her hip dysplasia so she’s not quite sure if she’ll be able to do it. I, however, totally think she can!! She’s got something like 7 months to train, and she used to run all the time before her hip got too painful. She used to be super speedy though, so I’m not sure how that’s going to work out since I’m super duper slow, but I guess we’ll get that all figured out. First I have to convince her to do it with me anyway. πŸ˜‰

I also really really really want to do the KC Pumpkin Run 5k this fall! Two freaking years in a row I almost did, but both years I ended up having something planned that day so I was never able to sign up… I really feel like this is the year though! At least I really hope it is haha. This 5k looks like so much fun! actually, the KC running company puts on quite a few fun looking holiday/seasonal races that I want to do. I just kinda lack the funds to do very many races right now, so that kinda sucks. One day though, I’m just going to go crazy and run all of the fun themed races!! But it’s not like I’m unhappy withΒ just running around my neighborhood or anything like that. It’s just that being surrounded by a bunch of other crazy runners is a lot of fun! Oh and having people cheer for you is pretty exciting too!

Did you watch the Boston marathon? What did you think? (Did anyone else get a little teary eyed when Meb was waving at the crowed and getting emotional at the finish line? because I totally did. He seems like such an awesome person.)

Have you ever found any fun treasures while out running or walking?Β 

Are there any fun themed races/fun runs out there that you want to do? (I’ve got two words for you. Zombie Run!! I wanna do one so bad!)

Yard Work Extravaganza!

Luke and I have been very busy bees the last few days. It rained pretty much all week last week, so the grass was super tall, there are weeds everywhere, the landscaping was a mess, there were little sapling trees growing all around the house and in our fence. Basically our front and backyards were just huge, gross messes and something really needed to be done about it. So yesterday I decided to get a jump on it, since its still early in the season it’s not too hot and there aren’t a crazy amount of bugs out it seemed like the ideal time to start all of this stuff.

So, while Luke was at work I totally weeded out the the front landscaping. That took me about two hours and by the time I was done my poor little hands were sore, red, and scratched up. Totally worth it though! The front of the house looks fantastic now! I also spent some time pulling out/digging up/chopping down a bunch of the little sapling trees that were everywhere. I couldn’t get all of them, but I got the ones that I could. And unfortunate I had to dig out one of our rose bushes. One of those little trees grew right in the middle of it and killed it. Luckily it wasn’t our really big, really pretty rose bush, but it still sucks that it died…

When Luke got home from work I picked up trash and sticks from the front yard and then he mowed it. Haha he’s very very particular about how the grass looks and he won’t let me mow it. And in all fairness, I’ve only ever really mowed a really big yard with a tractor or a zero turn lawn mower, so i’m not exactly good at mowing with a push mower haha. Anyways, once we finished that we took a trip to Home Depot. We desperately needed a hatchet to finish cutting down the tree saplings, and pruning shears to trim down our bushes. Those are getting hardcore out of hand…We also got some flowers for the front landscaping. We got some more lily bulbs to go with the lilies that are already out there, mint seeds (it helps keep pests away so I figured the front landscaping was a good place for it), and some African daisies (at least I think that’s what they are called). They are super duper pretty. πŸ™‚


Seriously, how pretty are these guys?!

When we got home from the hardware store, Luke cut down the rest of the saplings while I planted and watered the flowers and mint. While we were doing that one of our neighbors came over and started talking to us, so Luke finished with the trees, and then we just kinda hung out on the front porch talking and whatnot (by then it was about 6:30 pm). So we talked for a while, and eventually my brother in law, my neighbors wife and his daughter and nieces ended up joining us. So we all hung out, talked, and had a few beers while the kids ran around the yard. It was a good time. πŸ™‚ Around 10:30 pm the kids needed to go to bed and so did we so we all said goodnight and were off to bed.

So I’m starting to learn that beer before bedtime just doesn’t really work for me. It’s super duper hard for me to fall asleep after drinking, even if it’s just a few beers. So I had a lot of trouble falling asleep last night which really sucked and when I finally did I didn’t really sleep well. When I woke up this morning I was sore everywhere. My legs, arms, back, butt. And to top it all off I was super tired and had a splitting headache. Fun times.

Anyway, I was supposed to do an easy run today, but the second I woke up I knew that wasn’t going to happen. Eh running would probably have been a bad idea anyway. I don’t want to feel like total shit for my long run tomorrow, so I figured it was a better idea to take today off and hopefully feel good during tomorrows run. I couldn’t take today completely off from everything though. There was still a bunch of yard work and garden stuff that needed to be done.

So around 10 am I headed outside to start weeding the side of the house since I didn’t get to that yesterday. Took me about 2 and 1/2 hours to finish just one side. Once I got that done I headed inside for a bit to eat lunch and to give my hands a bit of a break. Just a short one though. I still had bushes to prune and the other side of the house to weed. 

So I pruned my bushes and started weeding the other side of the house. While was weeding Luke started trimming some more bushes. These guys were super unruly and I saved them especially for him. πŸ˜‰ Once I was done weeding I started carrying all of the branches he had trimmed to the wood pile. That involved a climb over a fence and a trek across the backyard, but it was kinda fun. 😁

Once we had finished up with all of that, Luke decided that he wanted red mulch in the landscape. So we waited an hour for his brother to get home, went to Menards, and bought 25 bags of red mulch. It took some work to get it all in the back of our SUV, and my poor brother in law was squished in the back with it all, but it all fit! So we went home, spread that all out where we wanted in and now here we are! 

This is just the front, but it looks really good!

Now then, I’m in desperate need of a shower and food, so I’m going to go take care of that! 

Happy Saturday!


Friday Fives: Things I like About Spring Running

We’ve had a few false starts, but it looks like spring is finally sprung here in Kansas! So for today’s “Friday Fives” I thought I’d talk about a few things I actually enjoy about spring running. πŸ™‚

1. It takes a lot less time to get ready

Gearing up for cold weather runs makes me feel like a total badass (I can’t be the only one, right?). But I’ve got to admit, it is nice to be able to throw on a thin pair of tights, sports bra, tank top, shoes and socks, and then be ready to hit the road. You don’t have to worry about being properly layered, whether or not your hat covers your ears, or how many pairs of socks are going to be necessary/if your big, fuzzy, wool socks will even fit into your running shoes… It can take a lot of thought just to get ready to run in the cold. Especially if the cold is accompanied by the wet.

Processed with Rookie Cam

So this photo is totally from the fall of 2015, but whatever, the same point still applies. πŸ˜‰

2. The plants are alive and everything is green again!!

I love the winter months, I really do, but unless it’s snowing winter isn’t exactly the most visually appealing season. At least in the spring the grass is a nice bright green, flowers are blooming, the trees are growing leafs again. It’s great. πŸ™‚


3. The warm weather runners finally come out of hiding

I’m not trying to put you guys down in anyway or anything like that. I’ve honestly missed you! I mean, I really do prefer to run by myself, but winter running can get super duper lonely. Like, no one is out and about. It’s usually just me and one or two other crazy runners out braving the cold/snow/ice. But once the weather starts to get a little nicer more and more people start coming out and I always see more people out running, which is nice! Like I said, I prefer running alone, but I do like to smile and wave at all the other runners (or walkers, or dogs/cats, or kids on bikes, etc.) that I see. πŸ™‚

4. Running in the rain 

Running in the rain is one of my all time favorite things to do, regardless of the temperature, but I think spring showers are the most fun to run. Like I mentioned before, aside for maybe a light jacket, you really don’t have to worry too much about layering for rainy spring time runs. You also don’t have to worry about icy patches (although I swear really slippery mud is just as dangerous!). Plus being wet and warm (or at least wet and slightly chilly) is a lot more fun than being wet and cold. That can get pretty miserable at times, especially if you weren’t mentally prepared for it.


5. Nice weather

All right all right, we all know at this point that Ashley isn’t the worlds biggest fan of warm weather, and that she would definitely take a cold snowy day over a warm sunny one pretty much every single time (yeah, I don’t know why I started talking about myself in the third person either…). But I can’t deny that there is something kinda magical about the first warm, sunny days of the season. Like when it’s in the mid 50’s to low 60’s, the sun is shining through some big puffy clouds, all the fun changes in the plants and what not that I mentioned earlier,, and a slight, pleasant little breeze. Yeah the first few days like that are a lot of fun, I must admit. All of that gets really old, really quick. At least I think it does anyway.

What are some of your favorite things about running in the spring?

Happy Second Day Of Spring!Β 

Oh man, yesterday was super eventful! It was 80 degrees for a good majority of the day, so we were outside pretty much all day. Finn woke me up at 6 am, so I took all of the border collies outside and we played in the backyard until Luke woke up. Once he got up we took all of the dogs to the dog park. It was Finn’s very first dog park adventure and he did very well. πŸ™‚ When we got done there, we finally got the garden started. We tilled and prepared three plots, and planted lettuce seeds, broccoli seeds, brussle sprout seeds, carrot seeds, and onion seeds. That was a very messy and long adventure, but we got it done! I can’t wait until everything starts growing!! After we finished the first part of our little backyard farm, we took Finn to PetsMart. Mostly to get him exposed to all sorts of new things that seem scary to a puppy (like cars, and a lady in a wheelchair. Haha he eventually made friends with her though. πŸ™‚ , but he also needed an ID tag, and some fun toys, so we got those as well.


While I was planting things in the middle of the day, Luke spent a lot of time working with Finn. Teaching him to come when called and reaffirming the sit command. Then later that night I started working on the down command with him. So far I’d say he’s coming along really well! For two nights in a row now he’s been able to hold his pee and then wake us up when he needs to go outside, which is awesome! And he’s only had a few accidents in the house.

Unfortunately today’s got off to a rough start. Finn woke me up at 5 am, which wasn’t a big deal, I’d rather him wake me up than pee in the crate. After we went outside and he went potty he decided he was going to be a little brat. He wouldn’t stop jumping on me and kept biting at my face and hair. Then he chased Bubble around the house. Obviously she didn’t like that so she smacked him on the nose, which really upset him, so he sat at my feet and pouted for a while. At that point I really needed to go out and run, so I put him in his crate. He wasn’t happy about that and threw a huge fit. He was still barking and crying when I walked out the door.

So my run definitely did not go as planned. I had an interval workout on the scheduled today. But my asthma is kind of acting up today so my lungs aren’t happy, which means the rest of me isn’t happy…I made it a mile and a half before I had to call it quits. That was kinda frustrating, but it happens I suppose. At least a mile and a half is better than nothing.


Anyway, after my run I took a quick shower and then me and all the dogs went back outside for a little bit. Then I went inside to make lunch and made Finn stay in the yard with Dean (who is currently not a fan of the puppy and is kind of mad at me) while I ate lunch. I would have made Lily stay outside with them, but she has horrible separation anxiety and had to come inside with me. That’s exactly what I’m trying to prevent from happening to Finn, so that’s why he stayed outside while I ate. He did alright, although he did eventually start crying at the door. He wasn’t out there for long thought. After I ate I let him back inside and then him, Lily, and I napped on the couch for about an hour. That was really nice, especially after being waken up at 5 this morning haha.


After our nap he stopped being a brat, so I tried taking him out for a walk. We made it all the way across the street, when I big scary truck drove by so we had to go back home. I put him in the crate and swapped him for Dean. Poor Dean is currently suffering from middle child syndrome and is very upset with me. These last two days he’s hardly looked at me, wont come when I call him, wouldn’t let me pet him, and wouldn’t even take treats from me. Luckily he’s gotten a little bit better today though, so I’m trying to spend more time alone with him than I usually do. I think eventually though he’ll get over himself and warm up to the puppy.

Anyway, Luke’s home now so we’re probably going to spend our evening playing in the back yard. 

Happy second day of spring!



Weekly Recap: March 6th-12th, 2017


  • 3 miles
  • 30 minute Nike Training Club workout

Well taking those few days off was a great idea! I felt pretty awesome on Monday!! Got a nice 3 miler done, followed by a Nike Training Club workout. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of those. It was pretty tough, but a lot of fun! πŸ™‚ Oh man, this was a great way to start off the week.



  • Easy 2 miles

I guess that Nike Training Club workout was a lot harder than I though! I woke up super sore in my legs, abs, and triceps. So I did a super easy run to loosen up a bit, and then a tiny bit of stretching later in the day.

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  • Rest Day

Still feeling a little sore/tired from Monday’s workout. Mostly in the leg area, so I figured it was a good day for a rest day. πŸ™‚


  • 10 miles
  • 30 minutes of yoga

Decided to switch things up a bit and do my long run on Thursday instead of over the weekend like I normally would have. It went pretty well, so I’d say that was a good idea! πŸ™‚

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  • 30 minute Nike Training Club workout

Nothing too exciting for Friday. Just a little bit of cross training. My legs were actually feeling really really good! I was really surprised, I was sure they were going to be sore after my 10 miler the day before.


  • 4 easy miles

I guess the fatigue from my 10 miler finally hit me on Saturday. My legs still felt really good, but oh man was I tired! Still managed to get in 4 miles though.

Processed with Rookie Cam


  • 30 minutes of yoga 

My legs still feel a little bit tired, but it’s not too bad. I probably could have run today but I figured a rest day and easy yoga was a good idea anyway. Haha I swear, my house is always 8 million times more clean in rest days. I spent a lot of time cleaning. πŸ™‚