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August 27th, 2018

Around this time of year the sun shines through the trees right into our backyard in the morning and I think it’s super pretty. 🙂 I’m gonna have to start eating breakfast outside, just for the views.


Honestly I’d be much more inclined to eat outside in the morning if it wasn’t so freaking out out. At 7:00 this morning it was 80 degrees out and by 3 pm it was 92 but it felt like 100. Yuck. So yeah, I probably should have gotten up earlier to run this morning. I woke up at 7, but I probably should have been up at 5. That would have at least made my run for today a little bit more enjoyable.

The plan for today was 4 easy miles. Mission accomplished!! But since it was so hot out I don’t think I would have been able to accomplish anything other than an easy run today. I know I complain a lot about the heat, but it’s mostly because it’s just so damn frustrating! It slows me down hardcore, and that’s saying something because I’m already a super slow runner. It makes running much more difficult and I usually end up feeling drained, tired, and exhausted for the rest of the day after a run. Summer is just not for me, my friends. My body does not react well to hot weather.


That being said, today’s 4 miler wasn’t really too terribly bad. It was hot and humid and slow, but it wasn’t too miserable, all things considered. For going on 3 weeks now Rancid’s album Indestructible has been the soundtrack to like 90% of my running haha. But since I’m currently very much into that album right now it definitely made my run a little bit better this morning. 🙂 But it’s supposed to be even hotter tomorrow morning and no amount of good music is going to make that better, so I might just end up doing my interval workout on the treadmill. That thing has come in very handy this summer and I am eternally grateful to my sister for giving it to me!


Anyway, lucky for me I still have half of a watermelon in my fridge and literally nothing is better than cold watermelon after a super hot run! So refreshing! So tasty! Watermelons are probably my favorite thing about summer! Haha I don’t even bother slicing them or cutting them up or anything. I just scoop the flesh right out of the rind. My preffered method of doing that is with an ice cream scoop (because bigger bites, duh 😉 ) but a normal spoon works just as well. 🙂


After my run I did a little bit of strength work as well. I wanted to do at least 30 minutes but I made it through 15 haha. I was completely dead after running in the heat this morning. Who’s bright idea was it to only ever run fall half marathons? Because a good majority of training for them happens in the summer. Maybe I should aim for a spring one next year. The only problem with that is that I’m terrified race day will end up being warm and I’m obviously not a fan of that. Oh man, honestly it’s probably a good thing that I always aim for fall races. That pretty much forces me to run in the summer and I need all the motivation I can get to run when it’s hot out.

Anyway, I’ve spent a good majority of my day searching for one of my favorite t-shirts. Have you ever had one that was just super comfy and fit you super well and that you absolutely love? Yeah, that’s how I feel about this one, but dammit if I can’t find it anywhere! And I’ve looked in some weird places. Sure I started out with the obvious ones, my closet, drawer, and the laundry room. But eventually I resorted to under my bed (and we don’t have a bed frame so I literally had to lift up the mattress and box spring), behind the dresser and my nightstand, under/between the washing machine and dryer, and under the couch. But nope. Nothing… It’s very sad really and I have no clue where I could have left it. I just noticed it was missing because I almost exclusively wear tank tops in the summer, so who knows when I actually lost it. Sad face. Haha but on the bright side, I cleaned pretty much everywhere I looked! You would not believe the amount of dog hair and dirt that accumulates under my couch in just a few months. I should probably clean under there more often. 😂

I also had some more chicken drama today. It can get pretty windy here in Kansas. Especially in the spring and fall, and the wind has definitely been picking up lately. This afternoon it was particularly bad. So bad that it literally moved the dog kennel around the chicken coop back a couple of feet, and somehow while that happened two of the chickens got out. Luckily they’re pretty easy to catch and they never go far, so I was able to get them back to where they belong pretty easily. But since the wind was still blowing the dog kennel around, I put them all into the actual coop so that couldn’t happen again. Luckily that is too heavy for the wind to blow around, so it wasn’t going anywhere.


You can see the line in the grass where the kennel used to be and obviously the pool used to be inside of it. The wind moved it pretty far!

So when Luke got home from work we set to work, anchoring the dog kennel to the ground, so this whole situation wouldn’t happen again. We had some little anchors that Luke hammered through the very bottom of the chain link into the ground, but we didn’t think that would be enough, so he also put in a post to help keep it in place. Then we made a few adjustments to the tarp situation, and now we thing it should hold up better in the wind. 🙂

The tiny raptors were very happy to be let back out. There isn’t a lot of room in the inner part of the coop for all 8 of them. That’s part of the reason we built the whole dog kennel set up thing. Plus as long as it’s not being blown around by the wind, it gives them a little bit more protection at night or if we’re not home to keep an eye on them.


But anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today!

Your hot and sweaty friend,



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Friday Fives: Current Favorite Running Songs

It’s been a while since I’ve talked music, which is kinda crazy because it’s one of my all time favorite things to talk about haha. Anyways, I do most of my running with music because I think it makes running more enjoyable. I know there’s like, a whole debate about whether or not you should run with music and that some people take a really hard stance on one side or the other, but obviously I’m not one of those people. 😉 Can I run without music? Absolutely! I even opt to do it sometimes!! But I do most of my running with music because I think it’s more fun. So here are 5 of my current favorite songs to run to!

1. If There Was Ever A Time – Armstrongs 

Ok but for real, if Tim Armstrong (from Rancid) and Billie Joe Armstrong (from Green Day) could just do a whole album together, that’d be great! That’s probably not going to happen though. Sad face…haha but at least we have this song. I love it. And I think anything by Rancid or Green Day is great to run to, and this song is no exception. 🙂

2. The Sky Is A Neighborhood – Foo Fighters 

Holy cow! This song! This song is AMAZING!!!

Not gonna lie, I’ve never been a huge fan of the Foo Fighters. I mean, I’ve never disliked them or anything, but I’ve always just kinda been “meh” about them. I think this song has kinda changed my mind though. Every time I listen to it I tell myself I need to listen to the whole album all the way through and maybe one day I actually will! Anyway, I really like the place this song takes me whenever I run. It’s like a dreamy rhythm zone thing and it’s great!

3. Fabuless – Stone Sour

I’ve been listening to this song a lot ever since Luke and I saw Stone Sour in September. Actually, I’ve been listening to several Stone Sour songs since Luke and I saw them. But I think this one is my favorite! I especially like it for running because it’s nice and angry  haha. Angry songs are pretty fun to run to, in my opinion. Especially for intervals or hill work.

4. Police On My Back – The Clash

This is one of my all time favorite running songs!! I think the rhythm is perfect for running and it’s a lot of fun to sing along to. Plus I mean, it’s The Clash! What’s not to like?!?!

5. Somewhere Now – Green Day 

This song instantly became one of my favorites the first time I listened to it last October. And holy cow can we just talk about how crazy it is that Revolution Radio came out a year ago?! Anyway, I listen to this whole album a whole lot during the time I spend running and I tend to repeat Somewhere now once or twice because I just love it so much haha.

So there you have it! 5 of my current favorite running songs! What are some of you’re favorite songs to run to? I’m always looking for new to me music, so I’d absolutely love to hear what you like to listen to!!!

Anyways, that’s all for this Friday Fives. I hope you have a fantastic Friday!


April 25th, 2017

Seeing Monday Night Raw live last night was pretty exciting! Not gonna lie though, I’m not all that into wrestling. It’s definitely not my thing, but Luke’s been super into it since he was a little kid, so he had an absolute blast! 🙂 I still had fun though. I got to see quite a bit of Chris Jericho which was neat because he’s totally my favorite wrestler. So like I said, I’m not very into the whole wrestling thing, so my opinion is based solely on the fact that his pants and boots are super sparkly and I love it haha. And his light up jackets and fashionable scarves are pretty neat too. 🙂

So I’m not even going to attempt to recap what all when down with all of that, because I don’t really have that great of an idea haha. Like I said 8 million times, this isn’t really my thing. 😉 But anyway, while we were at the Sprint Center I found the section we’ll be sitting in for the Green Day concert in August! They aren’t very good seats, but they’re better than I thought they were going to be, so I’m super happy about that! I seriously cannot wait for August!! I’m so freaking excited that I get to see my all time favorite band for the second time!


There is one thing I am a little bit upset about though. Rancid, who are a very close second to Green Day as far as my favorite bands go, is going to be touring with Green Day for a little bit. Of course they wont be with Green Day in the Midwest though, so I won’t get to see Rancid open for Green Day. That would literally be my dream concert…But anyway, the other day I found out that Rancid will be touring with The Dropkick Murphies this summer and they’re playing in Denver (or at least near Denver, I don’t remember exactly) which Luke and I would have totally been able to go to! He even said he would have gladly taken me to that show because that’s two super awesome bands playing together. The only problem is that they’ll be in Denver THE EXACT SAME DAY AS THE GREEN DAY CONCERT!!! And as much as I love Rancid, I am not going to be missing out on Green Day for them. Especially since I’ve already got the Green Day tickets, and honesty I’d rather Green Day anyway. I just really really really love Rancid and it would have been cool to see them both.

Well that’s enough complaining about first world problems for one day. I guess I should talk a little bit about running now. 😉

 I was supposed to do an interval workout today, but since I was up kinda late last night and some alcohol was had, I wasn’t feeling all that great. My stomach was cramping a little bit and I was getting really hot, so my intervals turned into an easy 30 minute run. So even though that didn’t exactly go well, I’m glad I got something done this morning. 🙂


After my run I showered, watched a little bit of Netflix while I made/ate lunch, did some yoga, and then did a bunch of cleaning. I kinda neglected that yesterday so I had a bunch of dishes and laundry to catch up on, along with dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and all that fun stuff.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Lunch was roasted veggies and some turkey sausage. Yum! 

That pretty much took up a good majority of my day, but by the time Luke got home the house was clean, and dinner was almost ready, so I felt like a total domestic goddess. 😉

I’m guessing the rest of our evening is going to be spent in front of the TV (unfortunately that kinda happens a lot on days that Luke works). But tonight I’m going to spend some time on my stationary bike (I moved it into the living room last week 🙂 ), instead of just sitting on the couch the whole time. 

I hope your week is off to a great start! 


31 Day Blog Challenge: 10 Favorite Songs

I’ve been super excited about this topic for a while! I love and am very much into music, so I love talking about it! I promise not all 10 songs will be by Green Day, but there will be a lot of Green Day. I can’t help it!! 😉 Alrighty then! In no particular order, 10 of my favorite songs;

1. Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day

I really really really wanted to pick more than one song from American Idiot. It’s such a good album (probably one of the best ever written) with some amazing songs, but Jesus of Suburbia is a good representation of the whole album, I think. Plus at one point it was voted “Green Day’s best song” by a bunch of fans on a fan run website, so it’s obviously a good song. 😉

2. Radio by Rancid 

Rancid is my second favorite band and Let’s Go is probably my 3rd all time favorite album, so Radio definitely had to be on this list. It’s a fun, totally kick ass song, and screaming “here it is, here I am, turn it up fucking loud” is a lot of fun! I definitely don’t recommend aggressively whispering it while running near a park full of children though. You may get a few weird looks. People in my neighborhood definitely thing I’m crazy…

3. Ordinary World by Green Day

Yet again it was difficult picking just one from another Green Day album. Revolution Radio is so freaking good and I absolutely love every song on it, but Ordinary World has been kinda standing out to me lately, so that’s what I decided to go with. Some people are calling it “the new Good Riddance”, but I don’t agree with that. Good Riddance is a super iconic song from the late 90’s and I don’t see Ordinary World gaining the same kind of attention, but it’s still a great song.

4. Golden Days by Panic! At the Disco

I’ve liked Panic! At the Disco since I was in high school. I mean, they had several songs that I really liked and I thought that they were pretty neat in general, but that’s as far as it went. Then Death of a Bachelor came out, I took to YouTube to listen to it, and ended up watching some live videos and learning how amazing of a singer Brendon Urie. Now I’m very much enamored with Panic! At the Disco.

5. Last Caress by The Misfits

I’ve never really been all that into The Misfits, but lately I’ve been listening to last caress, hybrid moments, and where eagles dare. At this point I feel like I need to get my hands on a full Misfits album and that I could really get into them 🙂


6. Brain Stew by Green Day

So, I went with the Bullet in a Bible version of this song because it’s so much fun and I love running to it!

7. Man In Black by Johnny Cash

Went with the very well known Man In Black because who doesn’t like this song? Haha or at least who hasn’t heard this song at least once or twice. 😉 Plus Johnny Cash is just awesome in general.

8. Thunderstruck by AC/DC

This is so freaking cliche it’s not even funny, but I  like to listen to this song while gearing up to run in summer thunderstorms. Hey, cliche can be fun! Plus listening to AC/DC before a run is the best way to get super pumped! At least I think so.

9. Come As You Are by Nirvana 

Aside from Smells Like Teen Spirit, this is probably the most played Nirvana song ever! But there’s a reason for that, it’s a great song by a very iconic band.

10.  Lost In The Supermarket by The Clash

London Calling is one of the best albums ever written. Seriously, if you like music at all go listen to the whole thing all the way through right now. You wont regret it.

Not gonna lie, picking just 10 was super duper hard and I put a lot of thought into this haha. There are just too many good songs/artists out there!

Weekly Recap: January 2nd-8th, 2017


  • Intervals

Oh man, this workout was tough, but a lot of fun! Let’s Go is the perfect album to listen to while doing intervals haha!


  • Easy 2 miles
  • 5 minutes of stretching/foam rolling

My legs were kinda sore from Monday’s workout, and I was dealing with some crazy gusts of wind on Tuesday, so this easy 2 miler really didn’t feel all that easy. But I got it done and now I’m 2 miles closer to my goal of 1,000 miles in 2017!


  • Easy 5k
  • A few minutes of stretching 

Wednesday’s run was super uneventful, actually. But I suppose sometimes that’s a good thing. 🙂


  • 4 snowy miles

They were supposed to be 4 easy miles, but the snow makes everything a little more difficult. That’s ok though, running in the snow may be hard, but it’s lots of fun! 


  • Rest Day

Thursday’s 4 miler ended up being kind of a hard effort, I decided it was best to take a rest on Friday. Especially since I wanted to do a long run on Saturday. 


  • 8 miles
  • 15 minutes of stretching 

The first 3 ish miles of this run were a total suck fest. After that it was pretty good though. 😄 I also made a new puppy friend during my last mile! Some guy was out shoveling his driveway and he had his lab out with him. As I was running by the dog saw me, ran right up to me, and sat at my feet. So obviously I had to pet him.  The guy apologized, but I didn’t care, I was kinda secretly hoping the dog would come say hi to me so I could pet him anyway. 


  • Rest Day

Total Weekly Mileage: 21.12

And with that the first week of January has come to an end! I’m currently on track with my goal of running 1,000 miles this year, but it seems like the first week is always the easiest. We’ll have wait and see how motivated I actually am to reach my goal when summer rolls around and it starts getting crazy hot…but I hopefully I’ll have until late May/early June before it will really start heating up, so I’m definitely going to make sure I get in as many miles as I can before then, but as long as I’m at the 500 mark in June I’ll be right on track and very happy. 

Friday Fives: Top 5 Music Albums To Run To 

Are you the type of person who would make your own playlist or just listen to a whole album? I used to prefer making my own  playlists, especially really long ones that I could shuffle. That way I’d always be surprised but I’d never end up with a song that wasn’t exciting enough.

Recently though I’ve been really into whole albums. Just listening to one song is kinda like reading one part of a whole story. Sure you probably get the gist, but you miss out on a whole lot. Plus listening to a whole album during a long run can be a pretty magical experience. 🙂

1. American Idiot

My all time favorite album by my all time favorite band. If you are one of the few unfortunate souls who’ve never heard this album all the way through, I HIGHLY suggest you listen to it right now! Seriously, you’re missing out if you haven’t. Better yet, listen to it on your next run! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


2. Insomniac 

This is my “go to” album. If I want music on a run, but can’t decide what I want to listen to, 90% of the time I choose this album, and it’s always a good choice. I’m a little bit biased though. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Green Day is my favorite. 🙂

This album isn’t great for long runs though, I’m pretty sure it’s something like 36 minutes long. So I like it for shorter runs and for speed work.


3. London Calling

It is my personal belief that London Calling is one of the best albums ever written!

The whole thing is super exciting, fun, and interesting! I’ve definitely never been bored while listening to this album. Plus it’s pretty long, so it works well for my long runs.


4. Death of a Bachelor

So, I’m a little late, but I’m jumping on the Panic! At The Disco bandwagon.

I mean, since high school I’ve always liked Panic! At The Disco, but I never got super into them. Not until Death of A Bachelor that is. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not entirely sure what it is about this album that I like so much. It’s definitely not the kinda thing I’d usually be into, but man do I love it!


5. Let’s Go

I kinda struggled with picking a 5th album for this list. I really wanted to go with Dos or Dookie or Awesome as Fuck, but I figured 3 out of 5 of the albums on this list shouldn’t be Green Day. That just wouldn’t be fair.

It finally came to me though, freaking Rancid!! Let’s Go has been one of my favorites since I was 16. After I heard Side Kick I was pretty much hooked, and when I found a copy at a music/movie/video game store I bough it and annoyed the shit out of Luke with if for like, a week! Haha he doesn’t like Rancid. Or The Clash, or the Ramones for that matter…How boring is that?! 😉

This is definitely one of those albums that you need to turn up loud and totally rock out to. But don’t rock out too hard if you’re running. I made that mistake on a treadmill once and I’ll never make it again.