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Weekly Recap: January 21st-27th, 2019

I’ve felt kinda tired and off this week. By Sunday I was definitely feeling run down and like I was right about to come down with a cold or something. Damn. Like and I had been doing incredibly well at not getting sick this cold a flu season. But I guess it was inevitable that I’d end up getting sick eventually. My immune system isn’t the greatest…


  • 4 miles

Monday was a cold one!! Felt like 8 degrees out and was cloudy and windy. I felt kinda like Randy from A Christmas Story in all of my various layers, but at least I was relatively comfortable during my run. 😂

I talk all about how I gear up for super cold winter runs here, if you’re interested! 👍🏻😊


  • 3 miles

I was feeling very, very meh on Tuesday. I didn’t exactly want to run but I felt pretty decent once I got out there.

Anyway, it was drizzly and cold. Warmer than the day before though. Hahaha we’ve still got some big piles of snow, slush, ice, and mud everywhere. So it’s been an interesting couple of days. 😂


  • 4 treadmill miles

Woke up to an inch or so of new snow!! I was super duper excited about getting another snowy run in, but my husband texted me and told me the roads were super slippery. And they were…it had rained before it snowed so there was just a nice little layer of ice underneath it all. So I took to the treadmill for 4 miles on Wednesday.

It was no fun… every once in a in a while I can get a decent treadmill run in, but most of the time treadmill running just saps all of the life out of me. But about an hour after I had finished and was laying around feeling sorry for myself and just messing around on my phone I got some really exciting news!!! I can’t tell you what yet, but I am so freaking stoked!!!!! It made my day so much better after that sad treadmill run. 😂😄


  • 45 minutes strength training
  • 25 minutes yoga

Woop woop! Got a decent strength workout done on Thursday!! Then a nice yoga practice done in the afternoon, including a few headstands. I used to practice my headstands a lot and at one point I was really good at them! But I kinda fell off for a while. But I was super stoked to find out that I’m still capable of holding one for a while! I’m currently using the wall as a safety net because I do kinda fall backwards sometimes, but still, it’s not as bad as I thought it would be! 😁

Also, my watch says my strength session was 55 minutes long because that’s including the warm up and cool down. I just can’t be bothered to keep track of that and sets and whatnot. 😉


  • 35 minutes on the stationary bike

I was pretty sore on Friday! Tired too. Decided to spend some time on my stationary bike to help loosen up my legs a little bit. Mission accomplished! 😄


  • 7 miles

It was another cold day on Saturday! Not as cold as Monday was, but still pretty chilly! I got 7 miles in for my “long run” this week. Hahaha for me personally, that’s not really a long run. Especially since I’ve been doing “medium long” runs at 5 miles. So really I should probably be doing at least 10 for my actual long run. But oh well, still happy with my 7. 😉

I felt pretty good for the most part! All in all it was pretty decent run.


  • 30 minutes of yoga

I actually woke up feeling ok today, but as the day went on I started feeling a little worse. I’m tired, a little bit achy (but not from my run yesterday), and my throat has been a bit scratchy. I’ve been hoping that I’d make it through cold and flu season unscathed, but it’s looking like that’s not gonna happen.

I spent my day resting, drinking tea, and I did a little bit of restorative yoga with a couple of headstands thrown in just for fun! 😉🙃 I’m hoping a little bit of rest will help keep this from turning into a full blown thing, but we shall see.

Total Weekly Mileage: 18.10

I’m moving that weekly mileage up at a snail’s pace. But hey, a snail’s pace sure beats not moving forward at all! Or even worse, going backwards! So I’ll gladly take it!!

Slightly unrelated, but does anyone else feel like the month of January is going by at a snail’s pace as well? Like, I swear it’s been at least 3 months since Christmas, but nope, it’s been about 1. What the heck is up with that?!?

Anyway, wishing everyone a happy Sunday!


Headstand Practice

Once upon a time (about a year and a half ago) I could do headstands! And I was actually pretty good at them!! But it’s been quite a while since I’ve even attempted one.


This is a little collage of my progress I made in the January of 2015


So today I decided to give it a shot and it did not go well…I couldn’t even get into the first position. I had to use momentum and kick myself up against a wall. That was kind of depressing. But it does give me something to work towards!!

Way, WAY back in the day I was in dance and gymnastics, so I was actually able to do all sorts of neat tricks! When I was about 11 or 12 I could do front walkovers, back hand springs, handstands, and whatnot like no body’s business! Haha maybe one day I’ll get back to those, but for now I think the headstand is a worthy goal.

From what I can tell from my Instagram, it took me 3 months to get from the first photo to the third, which really isn’t that much time. I’ve got some work to do, but I think I can get back into it pretty quickly as long as I stay consistent, and I definitely plan to! This is something I want to be able to do again!!

When I first started to attempt headstands I had a pretty good idea of how it was done. Like I said before, I took gymnastics classes and headstands are pretty basic as far as all that craziness goes. I did, however, uses a few YouTube videos to relearn the proper technique;

How To Do a Headstand – Yoga with Adriene

How To Do a Headstand – Blogilates

Inversions Simplified – Tara Stiles 

I like all three, but Yoga with Adriene’s video is probably the most instructive and in-depth video. I definitely recommend it if you’ve never done and kind of headstand/handstand/inversion type of things before. But all three videos are good!

Hopefully I’ll be able to do these again soon, but I guess we shall see!!

Can you do a headstand/any other fun inversions? 

Did you ever take a gymnastics class?

Can you still do any cool gymnastics tricks? (My cartwheels and round offs are still pretty spot on!)