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Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Not gonna lie, Luke and I don’t typically do the whole Valentine’s day thing. We don’t like big crowds so we don’t go out for dinner, and that’s a little too cliche for us anyway. I don’t like cut flowers/bouquets. Haha waaay back when Luke and I started dating I told him to never get me flowers like that, if he ever felt the need to get me flowers they should be in seed/bulb form so I could grow them and they would last longer than a week. Growing things is much more exciting than watching them die. 😉 Plus, neither of us are the super romantic type or anything like that anyway. The one thing Valentine’s day is good for in my opinion, is chocolates! Or better yet, discounted chocolates on February 15th! 🙂

I’m not knocking you if you are into the whole Valentine’s day thing though! I hope you and your Valentine have a wonderful, love filled day!! ❤ ❤ ❤