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Baby Pictures

Yesterday my mom was looking through some of her old photo albums, and she sent me a bunch of my baby pictures. Since I didn’t really have anything else to talk about today, I thought I might as well share them with you guys. 😉


Me at 8 weeks, in the womb.


My dad and I.


Me and my Nanny (which is what I call my grandma) in 1992.


Me and my first dog, Brandy. She was part beagle, part dachshund, and lived until we were both 14 years old.


Brandy and I when we were both a little bit older.


My Grandpa and I. Funny story, so I got that stuffed mouse for Christmas, but one of my sisters ended up with it and it became one of her favorite stuffed animals.


Me, my dad, and my mom, petting a tiger at a fair. Note the Simba shirt. The Lion King was my absolute favorite movie as a small child, so even though I don’t look it, I’m sure I was super excited to be petting an animal that was somewhat similar to Simba.

I know some people find old photos to be kind of boring, but I love looking at old pictures. Even if I’m not in them or they aren’t my family’s. That was actually one of my favorite parts of working in a Walgreen’s photo lab. I got to look at pictures almost all day! Haha that’s right, the people who develop your photos definitely end up see some of them. So maybe some people might want to think before they get certain photos printed. I’ve seen some really interesting/weird/gross photos while I worked there.

31 Day Blog Challenge: My Worst Habits

  • I’m a terrible procrastinator (I work better under pressure dammit! 😉 )
  • I can be really lazy
  • And childish
  • I’m not a great house keeper
  • I get real pissy real easily

Jeez I sound like such an awesome person haha…

31 Day Blog Challenge: What Am I Afraid Of?

Hmmm I feel like this post could go a few different ways. I could post a list of the random little things that I’m afraid of (and honestly, that wouldn’t be a long list, I don’t exactly scare easily), or I could talk about my “biggest” fears. But every time I thing about it, my “biggest” fear doesn’t really seem that big. I mean, some people are afraid of dying (while I don’t want to die, I’m not afraid to do it), some are afraid of losing their loved ones (I’ve had enough people close to me die to know that it sucks big time, but I’ve gotten through it every time), some people are afraid of being lost either literally or figuratively (I’m pretty confident in my ability to find my way to where ever I’m going if I were to literally get lost. Plus that’s just a fun adventure. Figuratively, I’ve never really known where I’m going in life, and I’m pretty much ok with that).

Those are just some things that actually seem “big” and “important”, ya know? My biggest fear just seems silly in comparison. I’m afraid of small spaces and “not being able to get away”. They kinda go hand in hand I suppose. Because if I was ever stuck in a small space, I probably wouldn’t be able to get away. So being trapped in a pile of rubble or something like that would literally be the worst thing in the world for me. I’ve legit been on the verge of a panic attach when being playfully held down and tickled. I can’t even wear hoodies to bed because they are too confining. I always have to feel like I can get away and that I’m not trapped.

One year when I was a kid, I went to spelunking camp with some of my friends. So we spent a whole week exploring in caves. Holy cow that was one of the most stressful weeks of my life haha. I mean, I did have fun, but being underground, not being able to see the sky, crawling through tiny spaces. *shudder* I’m never doing that again!

31 Day Blog Challenge: Dream Job

I think I’ve actually talked a lot about my dream job on here, but I suppose I can give it another quick run down. 😉

I want to be a farmer. Seriously! I want to grow a bunch of organic food, raise chickens, goats, and cows, and probably keep a few sheep around as well because I want to breed border collies. That’s been my dream since I was like 11-12. 

I think that some people think I’m crazy for wanting that. Raising crops and animals is a hard job, but it’s something I know how to do and am pretty good at! I grew up on a farm. I used to have to get up early before school to feed the chickens or dogs in the kennel, my dad taught me almost everything I know about growing things, I’ve helped castrate cows, watched goats give birth and bottle fed a few of the kids that got rejected by their mothers, my sister and I helped field dress a cow because my dad had to kill it in the pasture instead of taking it to the slaughterhouse (it was hurt or something, I don’t remember exactly). Farming is something I know and love and it’s literally my dream to spend the rest of my life putting in the hard work it requires. 🙂

31 Day Blog Challenge: Timeline Of My Day

Well good thing I’m pretty much back to my normal routine, so you can take a look into my everyday life, I guess. Don’t get too excited though, my day to day life isn’t exactly glamorous or eventful, but it’s mine and I love it. So here’s what I did today;

7 am: Woke up, let the dogs out to pee, started making breakfast and coffee. By the time my coffee was brewing Lily wanted back in for water so I made both dogs come in and get drinks.

7:30-9 am: Worked on a few blog posts. Haha I actually didn’t mean to spend so much time on the computer, but I got really into writing about how we got Lily and Dean.

9-9:30 am: Yelled at the dogs because they were barking at LITERALLY NOTHING outside, chugged a bottle of water, put on my running gear.

9:30-11:40: Did an interval workout then sat on my porch for a little bit, drank a protein shake, then took a nice long shower (I felt like I earned that after my workout), got dressed, then checked my social media accounts.

11:40 am-12:40 pm: Fed the bunnies, watched an episode of Shameless (currently obsessed with that show!) while making/eating lunch and doing a bit of stretching/foam rolling.

12:40-2 pm: Made another cup of coffee (that interval workout kicked my ass!), let Bruce run amok around the house and made sure he had food and water, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed/mopped the kitchen floor. Put Bruce up. Walked Lily and Dean (and stopped for a quick swing break while walking Lily), then let Bruce back out, started another load of laundry and vacuumed the living room/hallway. (Most of this was done while listening the Runner’s World podcast, which is my all time favorite podcast. 😄)


2-3:30 pm: Put Bruce up for the day, continued doing laundry, had a “snack” (it was not like a second lunch, I was starving and tortellini just sounded too good to pass up!), and started reading through my 2017 Farmer’s Almanac. I even started taking a few notes! I’m going to be very ready for the upcoming gardening season!

3:30-5 pm: Started my “weekly recap” post, since I haven’t done that yet, spent a little bit too much time on Facebook and Pinterest, then folded and put away all of the laundry. 

5-8 pm: Luke got home and showered while I made dinner, then we both ate when he was done. Then we just kinda sat, talked, and played with the dogs for a while. 

8-9 pm: Went to Walmart for snacks. Tomorrow is Luke’s Friday off so we obviously need snacks for tonight’s escapades. 😉 I finally got around to trying the Quest chips. Not bad! The texture is kinda strange, but I’d probably buy them again.

9-11 or 12 (I haven’t decided yet haha): We’ll probably spend some time playing videos games or something. Then it’ll be off to bed! 

So yeah, that’s what my day looked like. Not very exciting, but I’m happy with it. 😄

31 Day Blog Challenge: What’s In My Handbag

Okey Dokey then! I’m finally back to doing this challenge! I fell a bit behide because life stuff, but I figured I could just pick right back up where I left on and keep on going!

Hahahaha This is going to end up being a really weird post. Mostly because I’m a very weird person and carry some…interesting things in my purse (do you call it a handbag? I don’t call it a handbag.).

So anyway, let be begin by saying that I don’t carry my purse around with me everywhere I go, so some of this stuff wasn’t actually in my purse, but it would be if I was planning on taking it with me. I typically only bring it with me when I know I’m going to be gone for a while and may need snacks, a pocket knife (hey, you never know! Those things come in handy in a lot of situations), hair ties, entertainment, or a place to store stuff since women’s clothing either has no pockets, or pockets that are so small that they aren’t useful.

First things first, I suppose I should start off with a photo of my purse. It’s probably the most least fashionable purse ever, but I’ve never been one to worry myself about things that are fashionable or in style. I prefer things that are functional and in colors that I like. So yeah. I bought this thing at Hot Topic when I was like 16 or 17, and I never got a new one because this one is big enough to hold my stuff, but not too big, bulky, and annoying, it has a nice long strap so I can wear it around my body instead of just over one shoulder, it has a small inner pocket for stuff I don’t want to have to dig around for, and I like the colors, which is obviously very important. 😉


Alrighty then, so lets start off with the stuff that’s not currently in my purse, but totally would be if I was planning on taking it anywhere. That would include a book I’m currently reading, sunglasses, snacks, makeup bag, hair brush, pepper spray, pistol (concealed carry is legal here in Kansas, so that’s fun!). And I guess some of it kinda depends on the situation too. Like if I was going to a baseball game, theme park, zoo, etc. I wouldn’t bring my book or makeup bag or gun. But if I was going on some kind of trip and was going to be gone for a few days, all of that would be in there (although the bullets and pistol would be separated for legal reasons).


As for stuff that’s always in there; I have a few hair ties, bobby pins, and hair clips, headphones, chap stick, my key chain which of course contains keys, a little baby knife and a Leatherman micro, a tiny sewing kit because you never know, my super neato batman wallet, two batarang throwing knifes in a case (yeah they’re real and I have no idea how to actually throw them. I kinda know how to throw regular throwing knifes though, so I suppose the concept is the same), and my full sized Leatherman tool that my grandpa gave me when I was 16 in the real leather case that my dad made for me. He dyed the leather himself with beets (at least I think it was beets)! How neat is that?!?

Processed with Rookie Cam

So yeah, I’m basically prepared for any situation that would require snacks, hair stuff, knifes, or a quick sewing job. I told you this was going to be weird hahaha. I mean, I don’t personally think these are weird things to carry around, but I would definitely understand why someone else would think I may be a little crazy. Honestly though, what are you supposed to keep in a purse anyway? 😉

So fun story! Right after Luke and I got married we went to the Social Security office to get my last name changed. There was a police officer at the door stopping people and telling them that if they had any weapons, pepper spray, or pocket knifes on their person they needed to take them back out to their car. So I had to cart my happy ass back out to the car to get all my paperwork out of my purse so I could just leave everything else behind, while Luke stood there awkwardly with the officer. Luckily he seemed like a pretty cool dude. Oh man, good times. 🙂 🙂 🙂


31 Day Blog Challenge: Favorite Quote

Oh man, I love a good motivational quote just as much as the next guy, but I don’t know if I have a single favorite. I mean, it really depends on the day and how I’m feeling I guess. So yeah, there’s no way I can just pick one. That would be like asking me to pick my all time favorite song. I just couldn’t do it! How about a nice list of some quotes I really like? Because who doesn’t like a nice list? 🙂

  • “The bigger the risks, the better off you are. Otherwise you’re just boring.” ~ Billie Joe Armstrong
  • “If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or if you’ve been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run.” ~ John Bingham
  • “Running isn’t about how far you go, but how far you’ve come.” ~ Bart Yasso
  • “I have no control over what people think of me but I have 100% control of what I think of myself, and that is so important.” ~ Beth Ditto
  • “Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”  ~ Haruki Murakami
  • “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ~ Thomas Edison
  • “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “If you don’t think you were born to run you’re not only denying history. You’re denying who you are.” ~ Christopher McDougall
  • “Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like the muscles of the body.” ~ Lynn Jennings
  • “To do something that you feel in your heart that’s great, you need to make a lot of mistakes. Anything that’s successful is a series of mistakes.” ~ Billie Joe Armstrong
  • “Running is nothing more than a series of arguments between the part of your brain that wants to stop and the part that wants to keep going.” ~ Unknown
  • “Tough times never last, but tough people do.” ~ Robert H. Schuller
  • “Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negativity.” ~ Unknown
  • “Honestly, you just take a deep breath and say fuck it.” ~ Johnny Knoxville
  • “Being a true badass has no weight or gender requirements, just 100% commitment to greatness.” ~ Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • “Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. It knows it must move faster than the lion or it will not survive. Every morning a lion wakes up and it knows it must move faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve. It doesn’t matter if you are the lion or the gazelle, when the sun comes up, you better be moving.” ~ Maurice Greene