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Hello Kansas!!

Thank the Lord baby Jesus we are finally home!!!!

So Saturday/Sunday I rode in a bus with Luke’s mom’s family from Florida to Illinois. We spent 22 ish hours on a cramped, small, uncomfortable, bus. The ride was only supposed to take 14 hours…but oh well, we finally made it to our respective families houses in Illinois. So I stayed at my grandma’s house. That was really nice though, I always enjoy spending time with her. πŸ˜„

So last night I took my uncle’s new dog, Luther (who I’m 90% sure is part pit bull and maybe part border collie) for a walk last night. Haha I’m used to my 3 border collies who are all very high energy, in very good shape, and can go on very long walks with me, so it was kinda funny that Luther could barely make it a mile. I mean, he enjoyed the walk and he tried really hard, but near the end I kinda had to drag him to keep him going haha. My uncle doesn’t exactly walk him so I guess he’s not used to it. That’s alright though, we both had fun and he was nice and tired last night. 😁

But our short little walk, and drinking lots of water has helped the swelling in my ankles go down. They’re still a little bit stiff and swollen from the 22 hour bus ride, but they were much better this morning. 

Yesterday verses this morning.

So anyway, this morning I hung out with my grandma for a little bit, and then Luke (who was stayed at his dad’s house last night) came to get me at 9:30 am, and then we were off to Kansas! Except not really, because Luke forgot some stuff at his dad’s house and we had to stop back there before we could leave. But we did and it was all good. πŸ˜„

 After an uneventful 5 hour drive back home (which felt kinda short after the drive to and from Florida), we came back to a house of dogs who were very excited to see us (Finn wouldn’t let the other dogs get near me haha), a very sad garden full of weeds and dead and dying plants, and the house is a huge wreck and a lot of stuff seems to be broken…so I’m dealing with that right now. Fun times. But hopefully by tomorrow things will mostly be back in order. 

Until next time! 



Hello Illinois!!!!

I don’t I’ve ever been happier to be here! I also never ever ever want to step foot into another bus like that ever again. Haha I guess you’ll see why I feel that way by the end of this post. 

We left the rental house in Florida around 9 am yesterday. We drove for a while and took a slight detour once we got to Georgia. Luke’s mom wanted to stop in Senoia, GA because that’s where they film a lot of The Walking Dead, along with several other movies and TV shows. 

So we got out and walked around a bit. It was pretty neat to see some of the stuff from the show. We saw the walls and some of the houses and a church from Woodbury, the train tracks that led to terminus, and we saw The Walking Dead cafe (although it was closed when we got there). Plus the town was super pretty in general and it was kinda nice to be able to walk around and stretch our legs. 

(Sorry about how awkward and not so pretty this post probably looks with all of these photos. I didn’t bring my laptop with me, so I’ve had to post from my phone and obviously I have a lot less control over that kinda thing on mobile.)

Anyway, after we had seen everything that we wanted to see in town, we all piled back into the bus and we drove around to see a few other of The Walking Dean sets. We also saw the cemetery that was Pet Sematary. I’ll admit that was really neat, even if it was only a brief glance and I couldn’t take any pictures. I’ve officially seen that and the hotel where Stephen King wrote The Shining, so I’m on happy Stephen King fan. πŸ˜„

After our little The Walking Dead tour, we tried to continued on our way. After a while we stopped to get food and Luke and his mom switched out so Like cold drive for a while and his mom could rest. 

I ended up kinda in and out of sleep for most of the time that Luke drove. The bus we were on was super cramped, super uncomfortable, and not designed for long road trips like this, so sleeping comfortably was out of the question. I ended up leaning my pillow on the table in front of me, leaning forward at the waist, and sleeping like that. It was kind of awful. Anyway, I fell asleep a little after we passed Nashville and swhen I woke up we were pulling off the interstate to get gas and I saw a sign that said we were in Marion, Illinois. I swear I’ve never in my life been so happy to be in Illinois! 
After we got gas  Luke and his mom switched places and she drove the last 2 and a half ish hours back to our final destination. Except Luke and I never exactly made it there. We went passed Luke’s’ dad’s house and she ended up dropping us off there, and from there was going to drop off Luke’s step sisters and their whole group off at their mom’s house, and then she, her two remaining kids, and her boyfriend were finally going to their final destination (which was Luke’s grandma’s house). The trip from Florida to Illinois was supposed to take 14 hours ended up taking us closer to 21…

Anyway, I have no idea if any of them made it, but she dropped us off without our suitcases and just told us that later in the day we could all meet up at Luke’s grandma’s, get our luggage, and then help clean out the bus. I’m not sure when we’re going to do that, but I guess it’ll probably happen later this evening. 

Anyway, after we were dropped off at Luke’s dad’s house, we hung out there with him, Luke’s step mom, and his 2 other brothers for a while. The Luke dropped me off at my grandma’s house, and they all went to have Lunch at his other grandma’s house. 

So after I talked to my grandma for a little bit, I took a much needed shower (luckily I had a clean shirt in my carry on bag, but I had to put my dirty pants back on. Oh well.), washed my tattoos for the first time since Florida (although I did put a little bit of A&D on them in the bus), took a nap, and now she’s currently making sure I get good and fed. πŸ˜„

So yeah, my day has definitely improved, but it started off pretty rough. And while I was in the shower I noticed that my ankles were CRAZY swollen! Like seriously, it was bad. I guess I should have brought my compression socks with me on this trip, but I totally forgot…

Yeah, see that big lump? That shouldn’t be there…

Luckily the swelling went down a bit while I was napping, but their still pretty stiff, swollen, and uncomfortable. So right now my primary objective is drinking lots of water, and I’ll probably take my uncle’s dog, Luther for a walk tonight once it cools off a bit. Hopefully that will help with all the swelling. But for now I’ve got my feet elevated and I’m drinking lots of water, like I said. 

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got from now! I hope you have a great Sunday! 


On The Road AgainΒ 

Welp, we are officially on our way back to Illinois! 

This morning we did some last minute cleaning and packing, ate breakfast, and hit the road around 9:30 this morning. 

It’s now close to 6:30 pm as I type this, so we’ve been in the bus pretty much all day, and we probably won’t get to Illinois until around noon ish tomorrow (I’m hoping for earlier, but I’m being realistic). We drove through a pretty bad thunderstorm and have stopped several times for snacks and gas, and so far we’re making pretty decent time considering the thunderstorm we drove through. 

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for today. The next time I talk to you may be when I’m back at home in Kansas on Monday. 

Happy Saturday!


Florida Vacation: Day 6

Finally! It was tattoo day!!! 

We also actually got up and moving and out the door at a decent time this morning. You guys have no idea how happy I was about that! I’ve been so tired I am Of sitting around waiting to do stuff. 

Anyway, we got out the door around 8:30 this morning so we could get to the flea market when it first opened, because we had a few things we wanted to get there, but they closed at 5 pm and our tattoos weren’t going to be done by then. So we got that all taken care of right away. 

After that we drove back to the house so we could pick up Luke’s step sisters, because they wanted to get tattoos as well. Once they were ready we all piled into the bus and made our way to the tattoo shop. 

Once we got there the artist talks to one of Luke’s step sisters, drew her tattoo, and then knocked it out in about 40 minutes. It was already bandaged so I didn’t get to see it right away, but apparently it was exactly what she wanted and she was surprised at how quickly he got it done. 

Once the artist was done with her he cleaned up his tattoo room and then it was my turn. πŸ˜„ So Luke and I both got two tattoos today, he got bigger ones than I did, but I got a little 13.1 on my ankle and a border collie on my forearm. 

He did my ankle first. That only took about 5 minutes and it hardly hurt at all. πŸ˜„ The border collie probably took about 30-40 minutes. That one hurt a little more, and it bled a lot, but it looks great! Well, they both look fantastic! I’m so super happy with them. πŸ˜„

Once I was done it was Luke’s turn. His took forever haha, but he got a bigger, more intricate tattoo than either of mine. First he got Japanese lettering on his ribs. That only took about 40 minutes. Then he got the wolf on his chest done. It took an hour to do the outline, but it looked so good, even just as an outline. 

Again, it looked better in person, but you get the point. πŸ˜„

It took about another 2 hours to finish after the outline was done, and Luke was in a lot of pain, but now that it’s done it looks amazing! 

Now we’re sitting in the bus waiting for Luke’s other step sister to get her tattoo done. Once we get home we’re going to start cleaning up the house and packing because we’re leaving tomorrow morning. 

Happy Friday! 


Florida Vacation: Day 5

Today is Luke’s birthday! Yay!!

Today was also a hang out at the house and play in the pool day. Which is exactly what we did haha. From about 11 am- 2:30 pm we did nothing but swim. It was pretty fun though. πŸ˜„

Nobody really felt like going anywhere or doing anything, I guess. Especially not this morning. Some of us were recovering from our slightly drunken escapades in Old Town. Plus Luke’s grandma had to leave for the airport at 2 today, because she was heading home today. Haha everyone is jealous of her because the plane ride is only an hour and a half. We have another 20 hour bus ride to look forward to…

Anyway, after we got out of the pool we ended up doing a lot of waiting. Waiting for Luke’s mom to get back from dropping his grandma off at the airport. Waiting for her boyfriend to finish cooking steak (that wasn’t very good). And then waiting for him to finish eating so his mom could take us back to Old Town because we’re all super tired of sitting around at the house doing nothing.

Once we got to Old Town we walked around, drank some beer, looked in some shops, and then played in an arcade for a little bit. That was fun, but all in all everyone agrees that today was kinda boring…oh well. Tomorrow we get our tattoos!! 


Florida Vacation: Day 4

So, trying to run in Florida is hard haha. Between staying up late, all of the junk food we’ve been eating, and the terrible heat/humidity, running just doesn’t sound like fun. So I didn’t this morning, even though I had planned to haha, oh well. 

Anyway, today was a golf day (or at least morning) for Luke, his brother, nephew, and mom’s boyfriend. So all of us girls got to hang out together for a little bit. 

The guys had to get up around 7 this morning (finally we got an early start to a day!) and Luke’s mom and I dropped them off at the golf course, went back to the house, and started getting everyone up and moving so that we could all do something while they were golfing. But before we could go anywhere, we had to wait for a maintenance guy to come look at the pool because we’ve been having some issues with some of the lights, and it pumping out hot water, and stuff like that. 

After that was all taken care of we loaded up into the bus and made our way to go feed some gators! That was a fun adventure, especially for the two little kids in our group. After we had our fill of that we went to Steak ‘n Shake for lunch. 

After lunch we stopped at the Nike clearance store to do some shopping! Haha unfortunately I had a strict $40 budget (that was all the money I had on me haha), so I couldn’t go too crazy like I would have liked to. But that’s probably a good thing. πŸ˜‰ I did end up getting a pretty spiffy pair of tights  that are usually $40 for $20 though, so I’m quite excited about that. πŸ˜„ Haha getting a nice pair of tights half off doesn’t quite make up for the fact that I ruined my $300 Garmin, but it does take the sting out a little bit. 

This is a super shitty picture, but you get the point. πŸ˜„

After the Nike store we went to pick up the boys, drove back to the house, then Luke and I took a nap before dinner. After dinner we played in the pool for a while and then we finally got to go to Old Town.

So I’m not entirely sure what everyone else did, but Luke and I got drunk on some kinda strawberry lemonade thing than contained a lot of rum and vodka. It was great haha. So we walked around and shopped and had a lot of fun. πŸ˜„

Now we’re back home and drinking beer and playing pool. Haha I have a feeling running isn’t going to happen tomorrow either. Oh well. πŸ˜‚


Florida Vacation: Day 3

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈHappy 4th of July!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

So we had another late start today, but I was one of the people up late this morning so it’s ok haha. Luke and I woke up around 9:30 this morning but we didn’t get out of bed by 10. I guess our beach trip wore us out. Several other people were up and drinking their coffee and just hanging out, so we joined them all talked for a while. 

Around 11 am Luke, me, his mom, and her boyfriend went to the grocery store to pick up a birthday cake for Luke’s grandma (her birthday is the 16th, but we’re celebrating it today) and some stuff to grill, because it’s the 4th of July and it’s basically illegal not to grill today. πŸ˜‰ Luke and I also got some very tasty looking salads. We haven’t exactly been eating well on our vacation and we both agreed that we were in desperate need of some veggies. Haha and we also got an apple pie, because what’s more ‘murican than beer, grilling, fireworks, and apple pie? πŸ˜‰

Seriously though, this Greek salad was AMAZBALLS!!!

We got home around 12:15 pm, ate our delicious salads, and then jumped in the pool for a while. After putting on a shit ton of sun screen on. Luke and I don’t want to burn before getting our tattoos haha. 

Unfortunately the whole pool thing didn’t end well for my Garmin. The screen somehow cracked (I think it got hot in the sun and then getting into the cold pool did it)  and water got in there I guess, so it’s completely broken now. ☹️☹️☹️ Haha at the very least I guess my wrist is going to get some sun now, but I’m super sad that my fancy GPS watch is useless now. 😞

Anyway, around 2:30 we all got out of the pool, dried off, got dressed, piled into the bus, and went to a flea market. Flea markets sure are interesting places haha. We saw all sorts of craziness while we were there. Lots of not so legal stuff haha. It’s fun to walk around and look at all of the fun stuff though. 

After we were done there we stopped by the store to pick up a few things we needed for our barbecue, and then got home around 6:30 pm. Luke grilled us some hot dogs and hamburgers and we all just hung out and ate by the pool. That was kinda nice. 

We were supposed to go hang out at Old Town tonight, but we spent too much time at the store and with dinner (and that’s why we should be waking up earlier and doing these things earlier, but whatever). I guess we’re going to hang out on the porch and watch the fireworks that everyone is shooting off tonight. 

Happy Independence Day!