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Weekly Recap: April 24th-30th, 2017


  • 30 minutes of yoga

My legs were feeling super tired on Monday. Luckily Monday is my rest day! Not so luckily we went to see Monday Night Raw so I was cramped into a small space for around 5 hours and they definitely didn’t help the tight leg situation. Haha oh well, it was still a fun night. πŸ™‚



  • Easy 30 minute run
  • 25 minutes of yoga
  • 30 minutes on the stationary bike

So I actually had an interval workout scheduled for Tuesday, but after our late night on Monday, and waking up a little late and getting out the door around 9 am, I had to call it quits on that and just take things easy. I was getting really hot and my stomach was starting to cramp and trying to run hard just wasn’t helping. Ah well, I still got a few miles in, and then stretched my legs, and even spent some time on my stationary bike in the evening. πŸ™‚



  • Easy 2 mile run
  • 10 minutes of yoga
  • Threshold run

According to my training scheduled, I wasn’t supposed to run on Wednesday. I was actually supposed to cross train. But it was chilly and cloudy and a little bit wet outside, so I justΒ had to run a couple of slow miles! I probably would have gone farther if I didn’t know that I had a threshold run scheduled for Thursday, but I was very much aware of that, so I stopped at 2 miles.

After my run I did a little bit of yoga, so at the very least I technically did a tiny bit of cross training. πŸ˜‰

Plot twist; after writing out the above, I ended up doing my threshold run on Wednesday, and PRing my mile time. Good times. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  • Rest Day

I probably should have spent some time on my stationary bike or doing yoga on Thursday or Friday. But on Wednesday I had a series of unfortunate things happen that made my asthma act up. So I spent a lot of Thursday hacking up phlegm and didn’t feel like doing much else…


  • Rest Day

Same as Thursday. At least Friday was a scheduled rest day.


  • Rainy 3 mile run

Still coughing and hacking. Running in the rain probably didn’t help that situation, but I just couldn’t pass it up! Running in the rain is just too much fun! πŸ™‚



  • Rest Day

I feel like I’ve been skipping out on my long runs a lot lately. But when I woke up with my alarm at 6 am today, I was still completely exhausted and not feeling too well. So I turned off my alarm, went back to sleep, and didn’t wake up until 9 am, which is pretty late for me! I guess I really needed some extra sleep! Plus all of the rain we’ve had in the past two days (and my running in it yesterday), along with the drastic drop in temperature would probably explain why I don’t feel so great today. Hoping this doesn’t turn into a full blow cold or anything, but I really do feel like skipping my long run today was a good idea.





Feburary 4th, 2017

No super long, ramble-y post today. I promise.

Actually, I’m not exactly up to writing anything super long today, or doing much of anything really. Last night I started doing a lot of coughing and hacking, and this morning I woke up snotty, with a sore throat (from all the coughing) and just feeling like crap in general. Awesome…

That being the case, I reallyΒ really didn’t want to do the 4 mile run I had planned on doing today. But I got up, ate breakfast, got dressed, and walked out the door with every intention of finishing my run. The first 3 miles were really shitty, which is never a good thing when you only plan on going for 4, but near the end of the 3rd mile I was starting to perk up a bit, so I told myself I was going to do 5 instead. And I did! And it went pretty well. I was still a little ways away from my house after I’d hit 5 miles though, so I figured I might as well keep running until I got home. As I neared my mailbox Β I looked at my watch and saw that I was at 5.3 miles. Well there was no way I could finish when I was that close to 5.5 miles, so I told myself I was going to go around the block one more time. But instead of turning at the next street I ended up doing a full lap of the neighborhood and that brought me to 8 miles.

Somewhere around mile 6 I had decided that the second I stopped running I was going to crash and that would be that for the day, so I figured I should make this my long run since there is no guarantee that I’m going to feel any better tomorrow, and I briefly considered going 10. But the wind was really starting to pick up and by the time I got home I had already hardcore exceeded my goal and expectations for this run, so I happily stopped at 8. πŸ™‚

Processed with Rookie Cam

I was right about my prediction at mile 6. After I finished my run I ate, showered, drank some tea, took a short nap, and haven’t moved since. Haha oh well, at least I got a decent run in! Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow.


34 DaysΒ 

I’m officially calling it; my streak is ending at 34 days.


It actually would have been 40 for me since I started a day early, but I think 34 days is still pretty awesome. πŸ˜‰

I suppose there are still several hours left in today, so I could still get a mile in but I’m not going to do it. I guess to some people it may seem a little crazy to be calling it quits when I only have 6 more days (including today) until I reach the official end of the Runner’s World winter run streak, but I need to stop running.

At some point yesterday I tweaked my right hip, I’m not sure if it happened while I was running or cleaning the house yesterday, but either way, it’s not good. My hips are notoriously weak. I’ve been working on them a lot this year though, and I haven’t really had any issues with them up until yesterday, but I’m thinking it’s better not to push it since I’ve had issues with them before. I don’t want to end up with a full blown injury.

I’m actually really happy with this decision. Today I realized that I’m burnt out and probably have been since last week. Hell, at this point I may even be toeing the line of over-training. I probably should have realized that little fact earlier, but I’ve been so focused on finishing this streak that I haven’t been paying attention to the red flags my body has been sending me; My legs are tired, I’ve been moody, crazy tired, not sleeping well, and running hasn’t really been fun for the last couple of days. Like, running more than a mile just seems like hell, and running more than 3 or 4 seems almost impossible.

So this morning when I decided that I wasn’t going to run and took a shower and then started making lunch instead, my spirits where instantly lifted. Haha That pretty much proved to me that this was a  really really really good decision, and attempting to finish the streak would probably do more harm than good.

Streaking wasn’t all bad though, I definitely learned some things about myself, streaking, and running in general;

  • My mental game has never been all that strong, but through these 34 days I learned to push through some of that. My mental issues with running tend to come up on days when I wake up and don’t feel like running, and then don’t even though it would do me some good. I had that happen a lot during these 34 days, but I every time I got my ass out the door, got at least a mile done, and usually felt better because of it. Although I still have some work to do with the mental aspects of running, this streak has definitely got me going in the right direction.
  • I’m not taking my easy days easy enough,which I desperately need to do. Especially if I ever plan on streaking again, as I’m positive that that’s part of the reason why I ended up burning out. This is something I’ve always struggled with though. I usually start my easy runs with the intent of keeping things easy, but once I get warmed up I think “why not run up a few hills” or “running a little bit harder wont hurt anything” and that pretty much turns my easy runs into harder efforts.
  • I feel better when I eat better. This seems kinda obvious, but I was eating pretty well after Thanksgiving and then a few days before Christmas that all went out the window, and I could really feel the difference. If only cookies weren’t so tasty…
  • Interval workouts are my favorite (as long as the hard efforts are short that is). I already new that, but it had been a while since I’ve done a really good interval workout, and when I finally did one it was a lot of fun and I felt great!
  • As long as I actually keep my easy runs easy, I could probably run 6 days a week, instead of the 4-5 I usually do. If streaking has taught me anything, it’s that I don’t need the two rest days from running every week that I used to think I did.
  • Actually, it’s also taught me that I’m capable of a lot more than I thought I was, running wise. Once I get the whole easy effort thing sorted out, I want to start doubling once or twice a week, to help bring my mileage up a little. I think that’s something I’ll be able to safely do and I’ll end up being a better runner for it.

So all in all, even though I did have to end it early, I’m calling this running streak a success! I think I even redeemed myself from last years failed attempt (I think I only made it 11 or 12 days into last years streak before I had to call it quits). And I’m definitely going to be participating in next years winter streak, and now that I’m armed with some new knowledge and with a little bit of better planning, I’m definitely going to make it to the end!

Anyways, I’m getting a tad bit ahead of myself talking about next year. πŸ˜‰

Today I took a hardcore rest day. Since I cleaned the whole house top to bottom yesterday I didn’t have much that I absolutely needed to do. I re-mopped the kitchen floor, did a load of laundry, then spent the rest of the day reading. It was actually quite nice and definitely what I needed! 

Since I’m feeling kinda burnt out, I’m probably going to take a few more days off from running. I obviously need a little break, so I’m going to focus on strength and yoga for the rest of the week, then maybe do a few easy runs next week, depending on how I feel. 

Happy Tuesday! 


I’m Going Streaking and Thanksgiving Things

I’m going to redeem myself this year!! Last year I started the Runner’s World winter running streak, but I had to quit and take a month off from running, due to an injury. This year I’m totally going to take on and finish this streak! 

The goal is to run at least one mile every day, starting on Thanksgiving (today) and ending on New Years Day. I actually ended up starting yesterday, though. 

Luke and I drove to Illinois for the holiday on Tuesday night. My grandma and my brother are my only close family still here for Thanksgiving, so I spent Wednesday hanging out with them, but that afternoon my brother was playing video games and my grandma was napping, so I figured I might as well go for a run. I took Dean out and we did a nice and easy 30 minute run, with a few stops to talk to my horse friends. Over the summer I got them to run the fence line with me, but I guess Dean was making them nervous because they didn’t want to get too close this time around.  

Haha I don’t blame them though, this is only the second or third time he’s seen horses up close. I am proud of how he acted around then. He didn’t bark or get nervous. He was mostly curious and I think he may have wanted to herd them, but he’s never actually herded anything before so he has no idea how to go about that. Plus he doesn’t know that herding horses is not a good idea. But he’s not a farm dog like Lily was, so he wouldn’t know that. 

Lily actually has a little bit of experience with herding cattle, and she’s pretty darn good at it, but that’s a whole different story. 

Anyway, today’s run and day 2 of my streak was a little more difficult. I really didn’t want to get up this morning. I woke up tired, cranky, and once I finally did get out of bed, I realized I had hardcore DOMS kick in from the leg workout I did on Tuesday. So I was already off to a rough start, and I hadn’t even put on my running shoes yet. 

I didn’t take much time getting dressed and out the door though, the quicker I got out and started the quicker I would be done. Unfortunately that ment I skipped out on breakfast. That usually doesn’t work for me. I know some people swear by fasted cardio, but I tend to feel kinda shitty when I don’t run before I eat, and today was no exception.

It was a little difficult to keep my legs moving, and my stomach was empty so I got a little nauseous, but I wanted to run 5 miles, so that’s what I did! 

I stopped twice to see the horses again. The mom was more interested in eating, but the baby came up and let me pet him, so all in all, I’d say this run was a win! 

Once I got back to my grandma’s house I showered, drank some coffee and a bottle of water, ate a bagel with cream cheese and some bacon, drank another bottle of water, then started getting ready for Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. 

Look at me wearing makeup and real clothes for once. πŸ˜‰

This year we went to both of Luke’s grandmas’ houses (well, all three of you count his step grandma). 

First we went to grandma Wilma’s (his mom’s mom). That’s were we ate dinner and hung out with a few of Luke’s aunts and their grandkids, his step sister and her family, his cousin and all of his kids, it was a full house! Lots of fun though, and the food was amazing! 

After that we went to Luke’s step moms parents house. They we’re busy cooking and Luke’s step mom and younger brothers weren’t there yet, so we didn’t stay long. 

After that we went to see Luke’s grandma Becky and Grandpa Ray. They had already had their Thanksgiving get together, so we didn’t eat, but we talked for a while. That was nice. Haha as we were leaving Luke spotted a pumpkin pie, so we all had a slice on our way out. 

Oh man, who would have thought just eating and talking would be so exhausting! I was so very happy to head back to my grandma’s house. We left for Luke’s grandma’s around noon and we didn’t get back here until 6:30 pm, and I am beat! I had a lot of fun though, and for once I didn’t completely over do it during a Thanksgiving meal! 

Don’t get me wrong, I probably still ate way too much but I only had one plate at Luke’s grandma’s, and I only took a small am of what I wanted. So I had some turkey, cranberry sauce, corn, green beans, 2 deviled eggs, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and a slice of pie. At Luke’s other grandmas I had anothe slice of pie, and at my grandma’s I had two dinner rolls. I literally waited all day to eat dinner rolls because I knew she would bring some back from my great aunt’s house (that’s where she and my brother ate Thanksgiving dinner), and she makes the BEST rolls. Anyway, I’m super proud of myself. Usually I go all out and spend the whole day eating whatever I can get my hands on and I usually end up being waaay to full and uncomfortable, but today I’m full, satisfied, but not overly stuffed. It’s actually quite nice. πŸ˜„

Anyway, now that I’m back home I need to drink some water! I had two bottles of water this morning and a glass of unsweetened iced tea at grandma Wilma’s, but nothing after that, so I’m feeling a bit dried out! 

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, a bunch of tasty food, and a chance to spend some time with your family! Stay safe out there if you’re traveling or doing Black Friday shopping, things tend to get a bit crazy this time of year! Luke and I are heading back home tomorrow, so that should be interesting, hopefully traffic won’t be to crazy…

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving again!

~Ashley πŸ¦ƒ