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The Adventures of Dog Sitting: Day 5

As of today we’re officially watching two dogs! 

Haha luckily the second dog is our neighbor’s beagle, and she’s an awesome dog! Luke and I absolutely love her. 

She’s pretty much an outside dog so she’ll probably just stay in her yard most of the time, out neighbor just wants us to make sure she has food, water, and is doing ok, but we’ll probably end up with her in our yard at some point just to hang out with us. Like I said, we love this dog. 😁

Anyway, today is either going to be a rest day or an easy cross training day. I haven’t decided yet. Luckily Niko slept through the night so I’m not lacking any sleep today. I guess that means I should put in some time on the stationary bike. Especially since today is mine and Luke’s 4th wedding anniversary and I’m pretty sure we’re going out to eat tonight.  ðŸ˜„

But for now I’ve got a house to attempt to clean and dogs to walk. 

I hope you have a happy Thursday!

~ Ashley


The Adventures of Dog Sitting: Day 4

Niko woke up at 4:30 this morning. Awesome…If I had the proper equipment I probably would have gone for a run, but I don’t. I’m totally lacking in reflective gear and any sort of lights. 

So instead I let Niko outside for a while and then we both went back to bed haha. 

That actually ended up working really well for me! I started my run around 8:15ish, which is crazy late for me in the summer! I decided to do 3 miles of hills. Probably not the best idea (or maybe it was!) since my legs are CRAZY sore from yesterday’s workout. 

I made the mistake of running past the house a few times. I left Niko and Dean in the backyard and every time I did Niko was just crying by the fence. I think he has separation anxiety…

But anyway, I actually ended up negative splitting this run! Which is crazy considering it was hot, hilly, and I was sore, but I’m super proud of myself! 😄

I didn’t get to take the dogs on their morning walks. We had some thunderstorms roll in and it ended up raining for a while. Plus Lily is terrified of thunder, so…

Everyone’s been getting along though. I think Niko and Dean have actually become friends!! Haha at 8 months old Niko already makes Dean look itty bitty. 

Anyway, after Luke got home and ate dinner we went on another Pokemon adventure. And of course we brought Niko. I mean, we want him to sleep tonight. 😉

We walked around for about an hour and a half and I took over two gyms!!! I lost the first one right away, but as of right now I’m still in the second one. 😬😬😬

So I had a great day, and I hope you did too. 

~ Ashley 

The Adventures of Dog Sitting: Day 3

Woke up to thunderstorms and a crying puppy at 6 am. A crying puppy who promptly decided he didn’t want to go outside in the rain. I made him go anyway though. I haven’t had to clean up pee or poop yet and I’d like to keep it that way.

After he came back in we both went back to sleep until 8:40. Hahaha I guess we are both a little worn out today.

After we had woken up Niko, Dean, and Odin spent the rest of the morning playing in the backyard.

I, on the other hand, spent my morning cleaning (there’s mud and dog slobber everywhere 😩😩😩) and then I did a Nike Training Club work out. Man, these Nike workouts are kicking my ass, but in a good way! Not gonna lie though, today I skipped a lot of the moves, but I’m just so tired…and I really hate planks, but whatever. I still got 30 minutes of hard work done. 😬

Around lunch time I decided I should try to feed Niko again. My mom feeds him 3 times a day, but I’ve been trying to feed him twice a day in an effort to get him to eat at all. He’s been eating his canned food, his treats, and the little ice cream cups my mom insisted on getting him, but not his dry food.

So this time I tried giving him just dry food with no canned food in it, but he still wouldn’t eat it. And I can’t just leave it out because he’s super food aggressive and with start fighting the other dogs if there is food out, so I had to put it up. As I was doing that he found our dog food, which is nothing exiting right now, it’s just a bag of Ol’ Roy. But he decided he wanted that instead of his Blue Brand puppy food, so I gave him a big bowl and he ate it all. Dogs are weird…But at least I got him to eat.

We had another uneventful afternoon, but this evening Luke had 2 softball games, so poor Niko had to sit in the crate for almost 3 hours. Luckily he’s been doing well with the crate, which is kinda crazy considering he hasn’t been crate trained…until now that is. I should charge my parents for this haha. 😉

Seriously though, I can’t wait for them to get back and take their dog. He’s nice, but gosh he’s a lot of work…

The Adventures of Dog Sitting: Day 1

My mom, dad, and sister left at 2 o’clock this morning, so Luke, the dogs, and I didn’t get to sleep until around 2:40. 

We were kinda worried how my parents’ dog, Niko, would react, as they’ve never left him anywhere before. Luckily he didn’t whiny or cry or anything like that, he just went to sleep, which was awesome! 

What wasn’t awesome, was being woken up at 5:18 in the morning by an 8 month old, 90 pound, Caucasian Shepherd, who crawled into bed and wanted to play.😑

Well I’m not about that life. I get that he’s still a baby and that he’s going through a rebellious phase (most dogs do), but we aren’t going to play that early in the morning, just because he wants to. Especially after getting hardly any sleep.

So I put his fluffy ass to work. Which in this case means that I made him do his tricks, took him for a short walk where I called the shots, not him (although he really freaking tried), then made him sit and wait at the door before we went inside. 

I guess it was a successful walk/training session, as he ate his treat then promptly passed out on the floor. 

Unfortunately for me, once I’m up, I’m freaking up, and usually can’t fall back asleep. So I made a pisston of coffee and some eggs and toast, and then set to work cleaning the kitchen. Good times…

(I just want to take a second to thank my sister for starting me up on the word “piss” again. I don’t know what it as about that word but she says it all the time, in pretty much every variation possible, and for some reason it’s super contagious). 

Luke, that lucky asshole, slept until 8:30. By then Niko and I had played more tug of war than I’d ever wanted to play in my whole life, went on two short walks, and I was covered head to toe in dog slobber. 

Once Luke got up we had to run a few errands, but after that we finally got to take the monsters to the dog park! We were a bit apprehensive about brining Niko along, but he actually behaved himself quite well and they all managed to wear themselves out. 😄

After our dog park trip we dropped Lily and Niko off at home and headed to Home Depot to pick up a few things. Dean is very popular at our local Home Depot so he always enjoys going with us.

Once we got home I showered because I was covered in even more dog drool, and then made a s’more on the pizzazz which was pretty exciting! Then I napped for a couple of hours. Hahaha remember I only got 2 hours and 40 minutes of sleep last night. 😉 Then Luke and I played Pokemon for a while. 

Then at 8 pm we decided to wear Niko out by taking him for a long ass walk, because we want him to actually sleep tonight.

 We spent an hour walking around the neighborhood looking for Pokemon. We got stopped by quite a few people asking about Niko and we ran into a shit ton of people also looking for Pokemon. Haha we kept running into this one group of people and we ended up helping each other out a few times. 😄😄😄

I’d say today actually went really well, all things considered. I’m REALLY hoping Niko is quite and sleeps all night. I plan on getting up early to run tomorrow and I don’t want to do that on only a few hours of sleep. That’s never fun…

Good night (or morning, or afternoon, depending on when you’re reading this)! 😊

~ Ashley