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Weekly Recap: December 25th-31st, 2017

Well, this week has been a little bit crazy to say the least!! Between traveling to Illinois, running around everywhere to see family and go to Christmas parties, staying up super late and consuming alcohol, and traveling back to Kansas, I didn’t exactly have a lot of time to get any kind of running or workout done. Which is obviously fine and pretty much to be expected, and although at one point I did wish I had brought running gear to Illinois, for the most part I was too busy and having too much fun to worry about getting any kind of miles done. Which is probably a good thing since attempting that streak seemed to take a lot out of me haha. But anyway, basically what I’m saying is that this weekly recap isn’t going to be very exciting because I haven’t exactly done much hahaha.

Monday (Christmas Day):Β 

On Christmas day Luke and I spent literally the whole day running around everywhere to attempt to see a bunch of our family. We started the day out and his dad’s house to open presents from Santa (apparently Santa know’s about my Nike addiction and brought me a very nice pair of fleece leggings and pull over jacket complete with thumb holes!!) ;). After that we went to my grandma’s house to drop off Finn (she had a crate that we left him in. He was too overwhelmed to run loose with her dog, Luke’s dad dogs, or even our dogs, and we couldn’t take him everywhere with us.) and say hi to her. We also got to see my sister, her husband, and my brother while we were there. After about an hour there we went to Luke’s grandma Becky’s house for their Christmas party, where we ate a big lunch and where Santa always shows up to help hand out presents. And weirdly enough Luke’s grandpa is never around for that hahaha. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ After hanging out there for a while we made our way to Luke’s grandma Wilma’s. She had her Christmas party the night before (but we couldn’t go because we were on our way to Illinois on Christmas eve night). But we still got to hang out with her and talk to her for a while which was really nice. After that we had to go back to Luke’s dad’s for their party with his step mom’s parents and siblings. While we were there we had a huge dinner, hung out, and basically watched her brother’s kids run around like crazy (Luke’s step mom called them walking advertisements for birth control haha. And it’s not like they’re bad kids or anything. They were just excited.). And finally after that Luke took me back to my grandma’s and dropped me off there where Finn and I ended up staying the night and he finally got over himself and decided that my grandma’s and uncle’s dog Luther wasn’t so bad after all.

Haha told you we were super busy!!


Santa also brought me a bunch of super spiffy, fuzzy socks that all feature a different, cute animal. πŸ˜‰


The original plan for Tuesday was to make our way home to Kansas. But it ended up snowing in Illinois, Kansas, and pretty much all along I-70. The roads were pretty bad when Luke came to pick me up from my grandma’s house, so we ended up going back to his dad’s and staying another night. So pretty much all of Tuesday they all sat around playing video games. It was 2 degrees outside so nobody really felt like doing anything I guess. The problem is I can’t sit around for that long staring at a screen, so I ended up sitting around and being bored all day. Haha I seriously considered taking my new running gear out for a spin, but eventually decided against it because one layer wasn’t going to be enough for 2 degrees, a negative windchill, and the snow. Plus I didn’t even have running shoes, but it’s not like I haven’t run in nothing but socks before hahah.

Anyway, that evening we ended up going out to eat at a Mexican place for dinner, and after that Luke, one of his brothers, and I went to Target to get Cards Against Humanity and then the three of us and Luke’s dad ended up staying up until 3 am drinking, (well except for his brother who is only 18) and playing that. That was a long night haha, but it was fun! πŸ™‚



We FINALLY made it back home around 3 pm on Wednesday! Don”t get me wrong, we had a lot of fun, but it felt soooo great to be home! Haha and all of the dogs were very happy to be back as well. πŸ™‚



  • 3 miles

FINALLY got the chance to hit the road and get in a few miles! Haha let me tell ya, I was definitely feeling all of the big meals, Christmas cookies, and alcohol I’d consumed earlier this week during this run. It still felt really good to get out and get the ol’ legs moving though. πŸ™‚ Plus it was nice and cold, and there was still some snow on the ground, and that always makes things more fun! At least it does for me haha. πŸ˜‰

I also wanted to do some yoga or stretching, but I kinda got distracted by taking down Christmas decorations and then grocery shopping haha. Oh well.



  • 1 hour on the stationary bike
  • 15 minutes of yoga

On Friday I got a wonderful surprise from my sistersΒ  in the mail!! They got me a running log for 2018 and Run Fast Eat Slow for Christmas. So that was pretty exciting! I was actually thinking about buying myself a running log for 2018 to help me keep track of my goals, but I’m glad I didn’t haha. And I’m super duper exctited to try out the recipes in Run Fast Eat Slow. I’ve heard very good things about them! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I spent the most lazy hour ever on my stationary bike on Friday. Like, I don’t think my HR ever got out of the “warm up zone” haha. Ah well, still better than nothing! After that I did some yoga, walked Lily, and spent pretty much the rest of my day attempting to clean the house but getting too distracted to actually get anything done…


  • Rest Day

I guess all of the travel, late nights, and general Christmas craziness finally caught up with me. I woke up tired, congested, and with a sore throat…I was hoping that all I needed was a little bit of rest so I decided to spend my Saturday curled up on the couch with all of my border collie friends (because it was waaay too cold out to leave Dean and Finn outside all day like they want to), Netflix, and lots and lots of tea. But it’s looking like I’ve done all of the running I’m going to do in 2018 and I’ll probably be ringing in the New Year sick…


  • Rest Day

Still feeling a little too sick to do much. Especially in this cold weather. But I am feeling better than was yesterday! I spent my morning making the Carrot-Ginger soup recipe from Run Fast Eat Slow and Luke and I are going to be spending the night at home. It’ll be nice though. 😁


Christmas Was A Success!!

A crazy, hectic, busy, couple of days, but a definite success!!

Luke, the dogs, and I were only in Illinois for about 3 and 1/2 days, but we still managed to go everywhere we needed to go, saw everyone we needed to see, went to most of the Christmas parties we’d been invited too, gave and received gifts, ate lots of yummy food, drank a little too much ;), stayed up waaaay too late, and had lots and lots of fun. πŸ™‚Β Honestly, I couldn’t actually re-cap everything that went down in Illinois in the correct order because it’s all kind of a blur haha, but I suppose I’m gonna try!

I got to see my sister and her husband a little bit which was nice. I haven’t seen them in a while!! And I got to hang out with my brother for a little bit too! All three of them left to go home to Colorado the day before Luke and I did. My mom bought a puppy from someone in Illinois, so they brought her back to my mom. She’s a cute little thing, a tea cup Yorkie, but I honestly would never recommend buying a tea cup dog (they tend to have health issues. Intentionally breeding dogs to be super duper small isn’t exactly a good thing). But anyway, my sister has an Alaskan husky (which is a Siberian husky mixed with a grey hound) and a huge German Shepard, so I’m not sure how that 11 hour drive went for them with such a tiny dog in the car, but they somehow made it. πŸ™‚


My mom’s new puppy. I may not agree with the whole tea cup dog thing, but I definitely wasn’t going to say no to cuddling with a puppy!

On Christmas day Luke and I spent the day driving around everywhere. We Opened presents from Santa in the morning (apparently Santa knows I like Nike running gear and needed a new pair of fleece leggings πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ ). Then we went to Luke’s grandma Becky’s party. All of Luke’s uncles, aunts and cousins always spend the afternoon there and that’s always fun. Since there are only 2 really little kids on this side of the family a lot of suggestive joking was done this year. We also got a little talk about the bird and the bees. That was a blast and Luke’s grandma thought it was hilarious. And every year, after we eat lunch Santa shows up to hand out more gifts! Luke’s grandpa never seems to be around when Santa shows up though. I guess our big Christmas lunch makes him tired. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

That night Finn and I stayed at my grandma’s house and Luke, Lily, and Dean stayed at his dad’s. So I spent the night hanging out with my grandma and attempting to make Finn get along with my uncle’s dog, Luther. At first Finn was afraid of him, but once he realized he could bully him he stopped freaking out around him. Poor Luther, all he wanted to do was play with Finn. They’re about the same age and Luther was super exited to have a friend. Finn on the other hand, is a border collie, mostly wants to work, and doesn’t know how to play like a normal dog. And I mean, he did kinda play with him, but he spent most of his time bossing him around and stealing his toys. Ah, the joy’s of border collie ownership. πŸ˜‰


Luther is a good boy.

The day after Christmas Luke picked me and Finn up from my grandma’s, then we went back to his dads, packed up the car, and had every intention of heading back home. But it was snowing, the roads were gross, and our car’s heater doesn’t work, so we decided to spend another day in Illinois. Not gonna lie, it was kind of a boring day. Since it was so cold out (it was in the single digits for most of the day) everyone just wanted to stay inside and play video games. Now, I enjoy playing video games, but I can’t stare at a screen ALL DAY. Plus I like the cold and the snow, so I wouldn’t have minded playing outside haha, but oh well.


That evening/night/early morning (because we ended up staying up until 3 am haha) was fun though! We all went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant that was really good! They had really good margaritas haha. Then Luke, one of his brothers, and I went to Target, bought Cards Against Humanity, and ended up playing that for a while. And of course more alcohol was involved with that. Eventually Luke’s dad joined us and really got into the game. We ended up playing through all of the black question cards twice, and that’s how we ended up staying up until 3 am haha.

And then the next day (yesterday) the roads were clear, but it was still super cold (-2 in the morning…), so we bundled up and spent 5 hours in the car to drive home. That was slightly miserable since our car has no heat. But we had a mini heater thing, so we took turns holding that under our blankets to warm up. And we finally made it home alive, but very cold, around 3 pm yesterday.

Whew! I think that just about covers it! I didn’t bring any running gear/shoes with me because I didn’t think I’d have time to run. And I really didn’t until Wednesday I really didn’t! I did get some new running tights and a pull over jacket for Christmas, it wasn’t really enough for braving the super cold temps that day, but don’t think I didn’t consider just braving the cold in what I had and running in only socks (something that I’ve done before) because I was soooo bored with all of the video game playing haha. But I decided that I probably shouldn’t have braved the -2 degree temperatures in nothing but one pair of fleece leggings and a jacket. πŸ˜‰

But anyways, it’s still super cold out today! But since I’m home and have access to all of my running gear I’m gonna go get in a few miles!


I hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a very happy and safe New Year’s Eve/Day/year in general!! πŸ™‚