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Just Call Me Ashley, Dog Catcher Extrodinare

Saving the world one loose dog at a time! 😉


This is most definitely my super hero pose.

I guess it’s officially that time of year again; the sun is shining, the air is warm, all of the warm weather runner and cyclists are coming out of hibernation, kids are flooding the city parks, and people are out in droves walking their dogs. And I guess a lot of those dogs are super excited to be out and about, because it seems to me like this is the time of year when I see a bunch of dogs running loose while their owners desperately run after said loose dogs, holding their leashes, and calling the dogs name to no avail.

That was exactly the situation I witnessed this morning while on my run. A lady’s dog had gotten loose and was running through the street and she was chasing after her, trying to catch her. So once I got close enough, I stopped running, started acting super excited, and called the dog to me. She saw me get super excited, so she got super excited too and came running right at me. So I was able to grab her and hang onto her, while her owner walked over and put the dogs collar back on her. The lady thanked me and told me that they were going to the dog park and the dog had slipped right out of her collar and bolted. I told her it was no problem, and asked if she had just gotten a little too excited about going to the park. The lady said she guessed so, thanked me again, and managed to get the dog safely into her car. Crisis averted. 😉

So most every time I see situations like this unfolding I try to stop and help. Mostly because I feel really bad for the person chasing after the dog. Seeing your beloved pet running around on the street and in some situations seeing them almost get hurt is super stressful. Plus, I grew up working in a kennel, so I know how to catch a dog that’s a little too excited and running amok. So anyone wanna hear Ashley’s tips for catching a loose dog? Because here they are;

The first mistake people make when their dogs bolt is running after them. I guess it’s kind of instinctual for people to try to run after their dogs when they get away from them, but that’s actually the worst thing you can do. When you chase after your dog that just gets them excited and turns into a fun game for them. Think about it this way, most dogs love a good game of chase. Whether it be chasing a tennis ball, squirrel, car, other dog, or a person, most dogs have an absolute blast chasing things. So what could be more fun than chasing something? Well being chased of course!


Thank you for the photo Jessica

So if your dog takes off on you DO NOT try to run after him! Instead, stand in one place and call him. Also, offering treats, toys, or to go bye bye in the car never hurts. Sometimes sitting or laying down on the ground works too. Some dogs will be really confused about this strange behavior and come right to you to investigate. And if that doesn’t work, try running in the opposite direction. Seriously! I know that can seem counter intuitive, but remember how we just talked about how much fun a good game of chase is? Most dogs will start running after you and then usually once they “catch” you, you can get a hold of them. I swear, this works like 98% of the time. (That’s just a random number I pulled out of thin air, I don’t actually know the percentage of how often this works, but it’s always worked for me).


The second mistake people tend to make us getting frustrated or angry. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why! Seeing your dog running around somewhere that can be potentially unsafe and then not listening to you can be scary and really frustrating, but you need to do your best to remain upbeat and happy. In a situation like this, your dog probably isn’t going to want to come to you if you seem angry, or they think that they’re in trouble. Instead, act super excited and happy, and in your most obnoxious, high pitched baby voice (for some reason that seems to work really well), call the dog to you, ask if they want a treat, to go for a ride in the car, whatever gets them super excited, and they’ll usually come running.

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If all else fails, actually go get a treat, or their favorite toy, or if you’re still near your car, open the door. I’ve seen that method work really well for some people. When the dog sees the car door open they come running and jump right inside.


So honestly that’s pretty much all there is too it. I’ve used these methods a countless number of times and they’ve never failed me before. 🙂

Disclaimer: I am not a dog trainer/any kind of animal expert. I just have a plethora of experience handling/training/working with dogs.

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Do you have any tips to add? If you do I’d love to hear them!!


January 13th, 2017

Today has been very interesting to say the least!

Last night my mom, brother, and my brother’s friend drove from my parents’ Illinois to my house here in Kansas. They’re on their way back to Colorado and wanted to stop here for the night so they could sleep a bit before the continue on with the last 8 hours of their car ride. So they did, which was fine. Our couch is super comfortable and two people can fit on it, and we have an air up mattress, so we had room for the three of them to sleep, no big deal.

The problem is, my mom brought her dog, Niko. It’s not like he’s a bad dog or anything, for the most part he’s super chill, but Lily hates him. Niko is food aggressive and the first and last time we ever babysat him, he started a fight with Lily over a treat, bit her hard, and bruised her leg and left a tooth hole in her that left a very small part of her muscle exposed (it was seriously not even as big as the tip of my pinky finger, so it didn’t require vet care or anything). Lily, being the incredibly bright border collie she is, remembers this and is holding a grudge. You have never seen a dog hold a grudge the way Lily can. It’s kinda ridiculous. But anyway, she’s the alpha in our house/little dog pack (she only submits to Luke and myself) and she does not tolerate that kind of stuff in her territory. So now ever time she sees him, she gets aggressive with him.

Seriously, he is huge.

Now, if these were two normal dogs, I’d let the situation play out. I’m usually not one to intervene with doggy pack order conflicts. But Niko isn’t a normal dog. He’s a caucasian ovcharka. Back when he and Lily got into a fight, he was was like 7 or 7 months old and weighed 80 pounds. Now he’s a year old and weights 130. So obviously if he and Lily got into another fight things would not end well for her, as she’s a 35 pound border collie. Don’t get me wrong, she’s 35 pounds of pure muscle and is a total badass! She’s been trampled by stampeding cows, got right back up, and went back to herding them. But there is not way she’d live if she got into another fight with Niko. So I’ve had to keep them separated all day, which hasn’t been fun. Poor Dean doesn’t understand what he did to deserve to be locked in the bedroom all day and has been sulking, Lily is pissed and doesn’t understand why she isn’t aloud to restore order in her domain…Fun times.

So originally my mom was planning on leaving my house at 5:00 this morning, but the heater in her car is broken and Luke knows how to and offered to fix it once he got off work today, since it’s only going to get colder as they drive west, so that’s why they ended up staying for most of the day. Not that we minded or anything, it just kinda threw any plans we had out the window. Like me running.

I probably could have woken up early and gotten a few miles in, but since we were up a little later than usual last night, so I didn’t haha. Oh well. I can probably do a few easy miles on Sunday instead taking a rest day. I’ll make it work. 🙂

Anyway, in the morning my mom and I went to the store and got all sorts of food to make. I started some crockpot mac and cheese for dinner. Yum!! Then we took Dean and Niko to the dog park. 

I only took Dean, since I figured he’d behave a lot better with Niko than Lily would. They ended up doing ok. Dean can out run Niko, so they were fine at the park. In the car Niko was getting cranky and was freaking Dean out, so my mom had to sit in between them in the back seat. 

After that we started a pie, then watched shameless and schemed about going to the Green Day show here in Kansas! Apparently my mom really wants to go, so she’s going to try to get us tickets!!!!! Oh man I really really really hopes that happens. I want to go so so so so bad!! Doing my very best not to get my hopes up because it not a for sure thing yet, but at least now there’s hope! 

Anyway, Luke’s dad called me around 2 this afternoon. Apparently Illinois is getting hit pretty hard with ice right now, so he wanted to make sure we weee still ok. It hasn’t started icing or snowing here yet, but we’re supposed to get hit tomorrow afternoon. Good times. 

At 3:40 pm Luke got home and started working on my mom’s car. My brother and his friend helped and they got the part replaced, but apparently that wasn’t the problem, unfortunately. So they left for Colorado at about 6 pm, still without heat in their car. Sucks for them, but at least they tried. 

Not gonna lie, I was kinda glad when they left. It’s nice having family visit and all, but having people over gets exhausting. 

Now I’m just trying to decide if I’m actually going to do a long run tomorrow or not…

Happy Friday the 13th!