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The Last 10 Photos On My Phone And The Story Behind Them

I saw this idea on one of those “blog post ideas” blog posts, on a blog about blogging that I found on Pintrest hahaha. Does anyone else find blogs about blogging super duper annoying? Like, “here’s a list of 100 of the most generic blog post ideas ever”. Or “here’s how I went from no readers to 304957498679387520984 readers in only 3 months!”.  Riiiight I’m sure me paying a bazillion dollars for you’re online guide is really gonna teach me how to accomplish anything. Especially since it’s probably the most generic, vague thing ever. Haha I don’t even know why I bother reading those blogs every once in a while. I always end up super annoyed with how fake the people are and how hard they try to push their guides, tutorials, and “classes” onto people. Whatever. 😉

But I did see this idea for a blog post and I did think it would be pretty fun! Especially considering I take photos of just about everything, and have an interesting collection of memes and other photos from the internet, so I definitely have some fun ones on my phone! Not gonna lie though, I cheated a little bit and didn’t use any of the photos that I’ve posted here or on instagram. I figured seeing them for the 8 billionth time would be boring, so I skipped those. But other than that, these really are the last 10 photos on my phone. 🙂

10. Super Spiffy New Socks!

I love socks! Especially thick, warm socks, because unless it’s super hot outside, my feet are always freezing cold. The problem is that I’m also really super good at wearing holes into my socks (and even shoes!) at the very ball of my feet. I’m not sure how I do it, but that means I’m often obtaining new socks. Haha and the more exciting the better! I saw these at Hot Topic and I had to get them because the are adorable!


9. The Continuing Meme War. 

So my husband and I are at all times in the middle of a meme war. We both spend an absurd amount of time scouring facebook, ifunny, Instagram, Pintrest, and a plethora of other pages looking for the best memes/internet posts, constantly trying to one up each other. Anything involving dogs is usually a very big win, but border collies are even better! 😉 Also, this is the best news headline I’ve ever seen.


8. Does This Even Surprise Anyone Anymore?

Of course I have a bunch of Green Day photos on my phone that I didn’t even take…Haha I want to say I got this photo from greendayauthority.com, but I couldn’t tell you with any certainty. Which really sucks because it’s a great photo from the Uno, Dos, Tre tour and I would love to give the photographer credit for their work (I always try to do that anyway). But anyway, this is one of my all time favorite photos from a Green Day show, and it’s currently the lock screen on my phone haha.


7. Partially Purple Hair, Don’t care. 

Unfortunatly it’s not this purple anymore. It’s faded out super fast and that really sucks. But it was fun while it lasted (and I might end up doing it again). And in case anyone was wondering, I am the queen of bad selfies.


6. My Appendix Tried To Kill Me Once. Now I’m Short One Appendix. 

Another meme from the meme wars. My husband actually sent this one to me, because I had an appendectomy when I was 13. Haha I swear I know more about appendixes now that I don’t have one, than I did back when I actually still had mine!


5. Winchester Knows How To Get Comfy. 

Earlier this week Luke and I started cleaning out my brother-in-law’s old room since he doesn’t live here anymore, but left a piss ton of his stuff behind. So we packed up most of it and have it all in a pile for him to come take. Winchester found said pile and the dog bed on the very top of it all. He is currently very happy about this situation.


Haha alright, that was actually the most recent photo that I’ve taken that I haven’t shared anywhere yet. I underestimated how many photo’s I’ve actually posted here and on my other social media accounts, so I had to back track a litter further into my camera roll for the next 5 photos hahahaha.

4. I Am One Of Those Melodramatic Fools

My Basket Case eyeliner!! I’ve yet to figure out how to make it work on the tops of my eyes, but I’ve definitely got the messy look down on the bottom and I absolutely love it! 🙂


3. It’s Not Uncommon to Find Rabbits On My Furniture. 

Daisy isn’t a fan of being picked up, or pet. But she does like the chill on the couch next to people and rub her face all over them.


2. My First Tattoo, Featuring My Appendectomy Scar. 

It is incredibly hard for me to get a decent photo of this thing, which is exactly what I was trying to accomplish haha. It always ends up looking weird and distorted because of the weird angle. Haha oh well. It’s not like it’s a great tattoo anyway, but it’s mine and I love it. It’s also surprisingly holding up pretty well after 6 years of me having it. I was a little worried about all of the super light colors the artist used because those tend to fade faster on some people, but really the only color that actually faded out was some bright orange he put in between the petals. But the yellow, green, and bright pink has held up pretty well!


1. Go Figure The Last One Is Another Green Day Thing…

I had to go all the way back to December 28th for this one! Haha I share a lot of my photos on social media…Anyway, obviously I stole this from Billie Joe Armstrong’s Instagram account. But I liked the message to the “young rock n rollers”, so I screen shot it so I can have it forever hahaha. I’m such a total fan girl….


Alrighy then! Those were the last 10 photos on my phone (that weren’t plastered all over social media) and the stories behind them! I really hope you enjoyed this post because I thought it was a lot of fun and I just might end up doing this again! 🙂

Have a great Saturday everyone!!






Just Some Things

Yesterday Green Day tickets for the show in STL went on sale to the general public, and Luke tried really hard to get a pair. He wanted to surprise me with them but they sold out too fast. Haha I figured I wasn’t going to be able to see that show anyway so I’m not too disappointed (he is thoug), but man you gotta give Luke credit for trying. He’s the best!! 😄

My sister’s cat is the sweetest thing ever. Just saying. Also, you should check out all of the videos on her YouTube channel. There’s a bunch of cuteness on there and you might just see some of my critters.

Still no running for me. ☹️ I’m still kinda limping around so that should just automatically mean there’s no way running can happen yet, but I think all runners tend to get a bit delusional when it comes to injuries. Especially if they aren’t running related. But anyway, my toe is healing! Most of the bruising and swelling is gone and I have full range of motion again, which is awesome! Now I’m just waiting for the remaining soreness to go away and for my nail bed to heal. It’s definitely getting there though. It’s starting to harden up a bit which is good, but it’s still kinda raw and bloody in a few places so I’m stuck wearing a bandage made of guaze and sports tape for now. 

At the moment I can only wear my left compression sock, but thats the shin that gives me problems, so I guess that works out.

Speaking of shins, all of this resting/compression sock wearing has made it feel 100% better. I guess now all that’s left to do is test it out of the road (preferably one that doesn’t have a ridiculous tilt in it), but like I said, that’s still got to wait for a bit. 

I’ve been doing too much resting. Obviously I needed to stay off my foot, but I still could have been doing some easy sitting down stretching, a few body weight exercise, and at the very least I could have eaten better…I tend to be an all or nothing kinda person when it comes to that kind of thing. I’ve been doing a lot of sitting, junk food eating, TV watching, and just feeling sorry for myself in general. I’m officially stopping that today though. At the very least I’m going to start eating better today. 

We’ve gotten a few glimpses of fall here in Kansas!! We’ve also had some flash backs of the summer heat. Hahaha you gotta love the crazy Midwest weather…but after all the thunderstorms we’ve had, it it officially looking like things are going to start cooling down some and I really really hope it does! I’m so ready for the colder months!! The other day Luke brought home a pumpkin and some pumpkin cookies because he knows I’ve been absolutely dying for anything and everything that has to do with the fall. Have I mentioned how awesome he is? 😊

So basically, over the last week my life has revolved around Green Day (but when doesn’t my life revolve around them?😉), cute animal videos, basic first aid, and wishing fall would get here already. I guess you could say I’m working an my patience and failing horribly at it. 😂

So that’s what’s up with me, what’s up with you? 😁