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Thursday Things

Finn slept all night last night! Yay! I also slept a little bit better so that’s nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ I got up at 7 am, ate breakfast, had a cup of coffee, and geared up for my run. I was super pumped and ready to go! Unfortunately my upbeat attitude and dreams of a super fun run came crashing down the second my Garmin caught a GPS signal and started running. My legs felt like lead, my hips were on fire, my quads were crazy tight, and I was hot but not really sweating much because I hardly drank any water yesterday because I’m dumb. Good times.

I thought about toughing it out, hell I almost did. But at 1.3 miles I started getting kinda dizzy, so I decided to stop at a 1.5 miles, go home, drink a bunch of water, stretch, foam roll, and eat some damn vegetables.

Processed with Rookie Cam

But first I had to shower because I was kinda sweaty and gross. After I did that I did start working on the hydration thing though. While I was working on that, I went outside to take care of the rabbits and play with the dogs a little bit. But when I went to the rabbit hutch I realized that Rey wasn’t inside anymore. Upon further inspection I found that she had dug her way out. Great. I started frantically searching the yard, hoping that she was still somewhere near by. That’s when I saw her run out from under the shed, see me, then run right back under it again.

I found her, then tried coaxing her out with orange slices and dandelions, but she had probably been out all morning gorging herself on all of the grass and weeds in the backyard, so she wasn’t budging.


So, see that cinder block that she’s behind? Yeah I had to dig it out of the ground and then pull it out from under the shed. That wasn’t an easy task, but I got it out of the way and Rey was still just sitting in front of the hole I made, but now with her back to me. So I slowly reached under the shed, carefully positioned my hands over her, and snatched her out of the hole! SUCCESS!! She is now safe and sound in a dog crate in my kitchen, until I figure out what to do with her now. I’m just glad I had found her and got her back safely before something else found her.


After the bunny was safe again, I ate some lunch, had another bottle of water, and then took Lily for a walk. For the most part it wasn’t a very eventful walk, but we did find a cat that looks a lot like our Winchester. This guys just a little bit lighter in color than Winchester is. I just thought that was neat haha.


After our walk I finally quite procrastinating and got my stretch on. I did a 30 minute yoga video specifically for runners. That was really nice and I felt pretty darn great afterwards. And then I rolled my hamstrings and hips a little bit. I probably should have done my quads too, but I kinda wanted to wait for Luke to get home so he could do it with my roller wand thingy. He can get them so much better and deeper than I can! I feel like its a leverage thing or something.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Anyway, after my little yoga session I may or may not have took a short little nap on the couch with Finn and Lily. I guess we were all tired from the bunny fiasco. That was a kinda stressful situation haha. Anyway after our little nap, I chugged another bottle of water, put on a pair of compression sockes (my heals were hurting a little bit, so I figured that’d be a good idea), turned on the latest episode of the Runner’s World Show and got to cleaning the house. ๐Ÿ™‚


Around 5 pm Luke got home and announced that we were going out to eat after he got done showering, and that I needed to change out of the running tank top I was wearing. Haha I mean, I do spend about 85% of my time in active wear, but I’m also running really low on tank tops and “nice” shirts. I guess I need to go shopping… Anyway we ended up getting Chinese food and it was pretty good! 

After my failed attempt at running this morning I thought that maybe I’d give it another shot this evening, but now it’s 8 pm and getting a little too dark for that. I guess I can stationary bike or foam roll some more or something. 

I hope you had a happy Thursday!



Ugh, Mornings.ย 

I’ve been the worst morning person ever, as of late. Usually I wake up pretty naturally around 7 am, but recently…well not so much. I’ve been setting an alarm, but jokes on me since I have no where to be, I’ve gotten into the habit of turning it off and sleeping for another hour.

It’s not like 8 am is a bad time to get up or anything. I just prefer being up an hour earlier. I feel like I get more accomplished and I do (usually) enjoy mornings. Especially since getting up earlier means I can eat, run, stretch, eat again, shower, and then get on with my day.

I suppose waking up at a certain time is just habit and I’ve definitely fallen out of it. This is probably one of those things that I’m just going to have force myself to do a few times before it starts feeling any better. Then I’ll just have to stick with it until I can make it a habit again. Ewww, that’s not fun…but I’m the one who wants to get up earlier, so I guess I’m going to have to work on it haha.

Anyway, mornings and Monday’s can be rough, so here’s a photo of my bunnies eating some cauliflower. Cute animals always make things a little better. ๐Ÿ˜‰


And now I suppose I need to go do an easy 3 mile run. At least the weather is nice!


Thunderstorms, Half Marathon Training, and Other Fun Friday Things

At 2 o’clock this morning I was awoken by a huge flash of lightning and a crazy crash of thunder. My first sleepy though was “awesome!” and then I started to drift back to sleep. Until the second bang of thunder that is. That’s when I remembered that the bunnies were outside and they were going to get soaking wet if I left them out there. Now, before anyone freaks out and asks me why they don’t have any shelter, they do, it’s just that the boards don’t have any kind of finishing on them. So when it rains the wood gets when and then the rabbits get wet.

I had to run outside in the pouring rain, grabbed Rey, who usually doesn’t mind being picked up but today didn’t appreciate me pulling her out of the hutch into the rain, ran her inside and put her in the dog crate. The ran back into the rain to grab Daisy, who hates being picked up and fought me every second of our journey into the house. But I got them in before they got soaking wet and that’s all that matters.

Since it was 2 in the morning I obviously planned on going back to sleep after the bunnies where safe and dry. Unfortunately that didn’t go well…Luke was snoring like crazy and started kicking me in his sleep. Luckily that didn’t last too long and I fell back asleep, but like, 40 minutes later it was thundering like crazy and Luke woke me back up to see if I had brought the rabbits inside. Awesome. ๐Ÿ˜‘

So I had  my alarm set for 7 o’clock this morning. I usually get up on my own around that time anyway, but I’m trying to get back onto a specific scheduled so my body will get used to running at 8 am, so I wanted to be sure I got up on time. But thanks to our early morning shenanigans that didn’t happen. I ended up laying in bed for 20 minutes trying to go back to sleep, but with the dogs jumping in and out of bed that didn’t happen.

Anyway, after a much needed cup of coffee and a banana (hey, it’s better than the breakfasts I’ve been having. Well…not having) I started my run about an hour after I had originally planned. 

According to my schedule I was supposed to do more hills. Haha nice try Garmin! But I’m sick of hills and there was no way I was doing that today!! It still ended up being a tough workout though (even though I may or may not have walked up several hills) thanks to my lack of sleep, tight hamstrings, and the humidity from the thunderstorms earlier this morning. But Green Day makes everything better and that’s really all that matters. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So as you can see, I ended up doing 4 miles today. They were 4 very random miles. I did random pick ups, walking breaks, and thought my pace was all over the place, but apparently I managed to stay kinda consistent.  This is also the fasted I’ve done 4 miles in a while. I’m still not sure how I managed any of that, especially with all of my hill walking, but I’ll take it!! 


Anyway, you know how some runs leave you super energized and ready to take on the day? And how others just leave you feeling drained for the rest of the day? Unfortunately my run today was the latter. I’ve just felt tired and super bleh all day. So, nothing really got done hahaha. 

When Luke got home we dozed in bed for a bit, ate dinner, then Luke made tomato sauce and pickles. Unfortunately his tomato sauce jar broke in the boiling water, which happens. But at least we have more pickles. I mean, we want to make sure we don’t run out. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Aaaand now it’s looking like it’s going to thunderstorm again and we’re under a tornado watch. I don’t mind though, I like thunderstorms. Haha and I’ve already brought the bunnies in so I won’t have to go fetch them in the middle of the night. Hopefully that means I’ll get w good night’s sleep before my long run tomorrow.

Happy happy Friday and I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!! 

~ Ashley

Everyday Adventures 5.13.16

Holy cow have we had a busy day!!

First we went to the DMV to renew the license plate tags on our SUV. That’s always a good time. Then we drove 40 minutes to a nursery where we picked up the rest of the plants we want to grow. Mostly tomatoes, peppers, and some squash. We also got a pretty strawberry plant, which I planted the second we got home. ๐Ÿ˜

Seriously! This is the prettiest strawberry plant I’ve ever seen!!

Oh, but that was just the very beginning!! This is when the REAL fun begins! We started tilling out our next garden plot, which will be filled with tomatoes and peppers. We even got lily to help us do a little bit of digging.

As you can sorta see, this plot is quite a bit bigger than our other two. Hahaha don’t let me fool you, Luke’s been doing most of the work, while I picked dandelions for the bunnies. But in all fairness, I’ll end up doing most of the weeding so it all evens out in the end.

But Seriously!! How could you not give those adorable faces their favorite treat?!

Unfortunately we had to give up on our gardening endeavor, at least for now. It started thunder storming and that makes tilling a bit difficult.  Then about 45 minutes later my parent’s FINALLY showed up. And they came bearing gifts!! They gave us some of their canning stuff and a whole cooler of beef! They had just slautered a cow and I guess they wanted to get rid of some meat. That or they just really like me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Check out all that meat!!

Anyway, after they got here we had to go to packet pick up, which was 30 minutes away at the biggest sport/outdoor store we’ve ever been too. And we’ve never even heard of the place before!! It was really neat though! It was 2 stories full of sporting goods, caning supplies, stuff for hunting/fishing. Basically, we could have spent HOURS in this place.

The actual process of picking up packets was actually super easy. Everything was super efficient and everyone was friendly. We got in and out in under 5 minutes. 

How awesome are the race bibs?!?

So by the time we got home the rain had stopped. So we went right back to work! We didn’t get everything in the ground, but most of it is planted now, so I’d call that a success! 

Now that that’s all done and everything is ready to go for tomorrow (coffee is in the maker and just needs a button to be pressed, I’m wearin my tights, and everything I need is in one place). It’s time to hang out with my mom and dad and sit back an relax! 

I hope you had a great Friday and have a fantastic weekend!! 

~ Ashley ๐Ÿฎ

Random Ramblingsย 

Aside from my weekly recaps I haven’t really been posting on here. Lately I just feel like I have nothing interesting to talk about. But in the interest not letting things get stale and redundant around here, this is what’s going on in my world. 

Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies!! Something like a week ago we bout a New Zeland cross rabbit, who we named Daisy. And on Monday we bought a Lop cross who we named Rey (yes, like from Star Wars ๐Ÿ˜‰). We’ve been slowly introducing then to each other, but at this point they seem to adore each other.

 Last weekend we spent 8 hours building a fancy hutch for them. Rey doesn’t spend more than a few hours outside at a time, but Daisy lives out there permanently and she seems very happy about the whole situation. In the afternoon she liked to nap in the sun and it’s adorable. 


Our garden is doing super well! Last weekend we planted potatoes and carrots. Our broccoli and cauliflower are getting bigger and stronger everyday, and I’m so super stoked about it! 

We’re going to be doing some traveling in a few months. In June my sister is having surgery and my dad is turning 50. Conviniently both things fall within two weeks of each other, so we’ll be driving to St. Louis for a weekend for them. Then the next weekend Luke’s mom and other siblings will be coming to our house from Minnesota, then we all will be driving from here to Oklahoma where we will be visiting his step sister and her family. That should be quite interesting and a lot of fun! 

Running stuff has been going super well for me! I started a new training plan last week and so far so good! Lots and lots of intervals are happening, but I needed to start doing more speed work so it’s all good. I’ve definitely been noticing an improvement in my average paces. That’s been happening before the new training plan, but all the intervals are probably helping. 

My hips good, my shins good, my IT band is great! I’m thinking I’m finally over injuries. Yay!! I’m getting stronger and just feeling all around great. ๐Ÿ˜„

So yeah, that’s pretty much what’s going on with me. I’ll leave you with a picture of Winchester being adorable, because why not.

~ Ashley