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Friday Fives: Reasons Why I’m Super Duper Excited About Fall

All right, all right, I know that most of you guys probably know that I absolute love everything about fall (and winter, but lets focus one one season at a time 😉 ). But I can’t help it! I am a cold weather person, I do not do well in the heat/summer time, and lets be honest, October through December is pretty much the most exciting and beautiful time of year!! 🙂


1Fall Running 

I guess this may be a bit obvious, but hey, this is a running blog after all! And besides, fall is probably the best season for running! The temperature is usually pretty close to perfect, the scenery is beautiful, there are an abundance of races, you don’t have to wake up super early to hit the road before the sun comes up, getting to see everyone’s Halloween decorations, being able to drink a nice warm drink when you get home, I could probably go on an on and on haha.

Now unfortunately I’m still injured and unable to do much running right now, but I’m still dreaming about long, tough, beautiful autumn runs.

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2. Halloween!! 

I mean come on, who doesn’t love Halloween? You get to dress up, watch scary movies, and eat obscene amounts of candy. What’s not to love? 😉 Oh and not to mention all of the fun, Halloween themed races that I swear one day I’m going to participate in.


3. Pumpkin Picking Adventures

Luke and I kind of have this tradition of going pumpkin picking. We’ve done it every year since we’ve moved to Kansas. Hahaha I think it’s so much fun and just about the best thing ever to search through a field for the perfect pumpkin, picking it yourself, and then taking it home and carving it. Unfortunately for Luke, he doesn’t find any of that as enthralling as I do, but he puts up with it because he knows it makes me happy.

4. Fall Food

Chili, baked apples, homemade applesauce, soups, squash, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin EVERYTHING! Oh and not to mention every food ever served at Thanksgiving ever (well, exept for things that contain pecans. I hate pecans haha 😉 )! I think it’s all great haha! It seems like both Luke and I get into a super duper cooking mood once fall rolls around, so we always end up making lots of super yummy stuff! Fresh squash soups, chili with our home grown tomatoes and peppers, pies, cookies, bread, and anything that involves pumpkin, both Luke and I end up making from scratch, It’s lots of fun!! 🙂


Last year we went apple picking and ended up with a piss ton of apples, so we made applesauce! Here’s the recipe if you’re interested!

5. Fall Foliage 

I don’t care what anyone says, fall is the prettiest season ever. That is all. 😉





The Adventures Of Half Marathon Training: Day 79

At least I think? I’m not doing a very good job of keeping track, huh? 😉

Anyways, it was a beautiful morning to do some running! After a batman mug full of coffee that is. For real though, fall running is my favorite (don’t actually hold me to that statement, once we get some snow I’m never going to shut up about how that’s my favorite).

Today called for a interval workout! Thankfully they weren’t long intervals, so I actually got to enjoy the run today haha. I’m also super glad I took an extra rest day yesterday. I felt sooo much better today and I think my workout was definitely better because of it!

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My 5k time just keeps on falling! This is still not my actual fastest 5k time, but it is the fastest 5k I’ve done with this watch. My actual fastest time was a little under 35 minutes, but I am glad I’m finally getting it done in under 40 again, even if it is only by a few seconds. I’m definitely improving and that’s super awesome!

After my run I had to ice my shin. It’s feeling a little sore again, but I’m thinking it’s nothing a little ice and a lot of time in compression socks can’t handle. While the icing was happening I ate a quick sandwich, then once I was done I did a little strength training. By that I mean I did a Jillian Michaels’ kettel bell video and completely killed my hips, thighs, and even a little bit of my upper body, but that’s kinda the point, right? 🙂

Ok guys, I literally cannot get over this album. Revolution Radio has been my playlist for pretty much everything since it came out 4 days ago. I’m absolutely in love with it and I’m probably going to end up sharing every song on here. Haha I told you I’m in full on fangirl mode and it’s not going to stop anytime soon, so buckle up and brace yourself or get off the ride now. 😉

Bang Bang was the first radio single (and is the second track) from Revolution Radio. I along with a multitude of other Green Day fans, tuned in to some radio station in California (and I feel bad that I don’t remember which one, but not bad enough to look it up) on August 9th to hear the first new song from Green Day in 4 years. After hearing Bang Bang for the first time I had very high hopes for Revolution Radio and I definitely was not disappointed! 🙂

I guess I’m done gushing about Green Day. For now. It’s never going to actually stop.