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Weekly Recap March 5th-11th, 2018

I had a lot of fun in Colorado and you definitely can’t beat the views there, but it’s nice to be back home and running the streets that I know like the back of my hand! Plus it’s much more comfortable being back at the elevation that I’m used to haha. Longmont may only be at around 5,000 feet above sea level, which is probably nothing for some people, but I live 1,000 feet above sea level, so that’s a pretty big difference for me! Oh and sleeping in my own bed is also really nice! I do miss waking up to views like these though…


Anyway, lets recap this week, shall we? 🙂


  • 2 easy miles
  • 10 minutes of strength work

My 5k training plan for Running With The Cows started on Monday! So I kicked things off with 2 easy miles because I’m doing a beginner’s plan haha. That seemed like a smarter decision since I’m coming back from about 2 weeks off after breaking my toe and just a not so great winter of running. It’s all good though! I’m thinking this is actually going to end up being really good for me! Anyway, followed my easy run with 10 minutes of strenght work. Mostly because I kinda didn’t want to do it, but also because I had another 5k that I planned on doing with my dad on Sunday so I didn’t want to do anything too crazy that would make me sore for that. Not like a strength session on Monday was likely to still have me feeling sore by Sunday, but still. 😉



  • Rest Day
  • 15 minutes of yoga

I like beginner’s training plans because they include a lot of rest. 😉 Actually, this is the first actual 5k training plan that I’ve ever done, so I don’t really know if that’s true or not. But I’m gonna go ahead and assume it is. I actually thought about doing another easy mile or two on Tuesday because “I’m definitely at least an intermediate runner” and “miles matter” and “I don’t need 3 rest days in a week”. All of which are probably fair points. But I woke up feeling really tired and still a little run down. Probably from the traveling to, staying in, and then traveling back from Colorado. Let me tell ya, that 10 hour car ride sucks! And my dad, brother, and I managed to make the trip there and back a lot longer than it should have been haha. We all have fun together though.

On Tuesday I also started taking a magnesium supplement. I’ve been reading a lot about it and how is helps support something like 300 different processes in the body, and is supposed to be good for anxiety and teeth health (two things I could use all the help I can get for haha), and I figured since most people are deficient in magnesium I might as well try it out and see if I feel any different because of it.



  • 2 easy miles

Holy cow! According to my Garmin, I got a lot more deep sleep the night before than I usually do! I’m not sure it that was a fluke or because of the magnesium, but I’m definitely interested in finding out! After I took the magnesium on Tuesday night I started to feel really calm and kinda tired after about 5 ish minutes. So I suppose there’s a good possibility that it really did make a difference in my sleep. I’m wondering if anything else will start to feel different as I continue to take it.

Anyway, Wednesday’s run was less than steller. I got chased by a dog again. I’ve actually been chased by this dog several times before. His owner always has him tied out in his front yard and the dog breaks off all the time. It’s really obnoxious and the dog tends to act pretty aggressively. But can’t really do anything about that…



  • 1 hour on the stationary bike

Cross training! Yay! Hahaha not really. Cross training is boring. The stationary bike is boring. Being on it for an hour is a special kind of torturer for me. But watching Green Day things makes it a little bit better.



  • 3 Miles

Whew man, this run was so. Freaking. Hard. Jeez Louise… Can we just talk about how difficult running is the week before your period? Because it really is. I was so tired. I felt like my legs were made of lead and that I was running through a foot of mud. It was pretty awful and took forever. But on the bright side, I found a rubber duck dressed as a gnome on this run. So obviously that made up for everything. 🙂



  • Rest Day

I felt a little better on Saturday. Less tired, but still bleh. I could have definitely run on Saturday. Maybe even should have run on Saturday. But I wanted to feel rested and have my legs feel good for the Whiskey run on Sunday that my dad and I did, so I focused on that instead.

But sticking with the rubber duck theme, yesterday I bought some new compression sleeves yesterday! And the shipped out to me on Saturday and should be here by Monday. I can’t wait for them to get here! They’re so spiffy! Plus I love Zensah’s compression sleeves! They’re pretty great! 🙂



  • Whiskey Run 5k with my dad

Oh man this was so much fun!! We did really well, had lots of fun, got our shot of Whiskey at the end, and had a great breakfast afterwards! Haha that’s all I’ve got about that for now though. I’m gonna try to have a full race recap up at some point tomorrow. Haha there were a few reasons why both of us could have had a really bad day, but like I said, it went really well for both of us! 🙂

Total Weekly Mileage: 10.10

Haha I’ve got a lot of work to do in the weekly mileage department. But I did spend two weeks doing nothing because of my probably broken to, and 10.10 miles is a whole lot better than that! So I’ll gladly take it!

Happy Sunday, everyone!



Friday Fives: OMG Tomorrow Is Race Day Thoughts and Feelings

Tomorrow’s the day I’ve been waiting for/dreading for a while now and I’m trying to gather my thoughts a little bit, because they’ve just been all over the place this week. I’m pretty excited, because races are fun! I mean, you get to hang out with a bunch of other runners, have roads closed off and the police out making sure you’re safe from traffic, there are volunteers handing you water and Gatorade, and a bunch of people cheering you on, some of whom have fun signs, and hi-fives aplenty. What’s not to like?! You know, aside from the fact that I feel very unprepared for this half marathon. I got injured over the summer, got sick a week before the race, and am already a super slow runner, so being even slower because of those things really really sucks.

So I suppose that basically sums up how I feel, but in the spirit of “Friday Fives” here are 5 thoughts and feelings I have about the Longview half marathon tomorrow;

1. It’s Gonna Be A Total Suckfest…

Mostly because of the hills that I did not train for. So that’s probably just going to be loads of fun. But I’m fully aware of how sucky it’s going to be (running this course twice before helps with that) and I’m ready to embrace it. There have been a couple times in this training cycle that I said I wanted to hurt, and I guess I’m finally going to get my wish tomorrow! And I guess at this point I’ve just kinda hyped myself up so much for it that I’m just like “Yes! Bring on the pain!!!”. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not though. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. 😉


At least the course is pretty, being around a lake and all. 😉

2. It’s Going To Be Another Warm Year. 

Ok, so the weather isn’t going to be that bad. As of yesterday they’re calling for a high of 46 degrees a low of 41 and it’s supposed to be cloudy with a chance of rain (which is great for me!). But this race is held on the second weekend of November. I’ve signed up for this race 3 years in a row now hoping that it would be nice and cold out. But 3 years in a row, the high has been around 50 degrees. I’m about 2 seconds away from turning this into a climate change thing, but that wasn’t my original intent for this post, so I’m gonna stop there. Just know that I’ve been kinda disappointed that the weather has yet to be as cold as I’d wish it would be during this race.

But fun fact! The very first year they held this race, the only year I have not run it so far, race day fell on my birthday and they got some snow flurries. So yeah, I wish I would have done it that year, but I was not ready for a half marathon at that point of my life and I had no idea that this race or the KC Running Company even existed back then, so there’s that hahaha.


3. I’ve Still Got A Few Things I Need To Get Done.

So usually I’m super on top of preparing for big events like this, but I’ve been very lax about it all this year. I mean, I’ve gotten my gear and fuel plan all figured out so at least there’s that. But I still need to make a playlist (because I like running with music damn it!! 😉 ), figure out where I’m going to keep my fuel (why does running gear have so few pockets???), pick up a throwaway jacket and gloves, bananas, chap stick. I’ve also got to go to packet pick up at some point this afternoon. I should theoretically get all of that done today though. And maybe it would be a good idea for me to come up with some kind of race plan? But meh. I’m not too worried about it honestly. As long as I keep moving forward I’ll make it to the finish line and that’s really my only goal. 🙂


But hey, at least I know what I’m gonna wear! 😉 

4. I’m Excited! 

I know I’ve been a bit of a negative Nancy about things going wrong during this training cycle, and I do think this half marathon is gonna be super hard and suck and be painful but I’m still excited for it! I’m excited to line up at the starting line, thank all of the volunteers and police officers (seriously, if you wanna take your mind off of running for a little bit, start thanking all of the people out there making the race possible for you. It helps and everyone volunteering definitely deserves A LOT of recognition for what they’re doing), talk to other runners, hi five spectators, and crossing the finish line. I’m also excited to be ridiculous and laugh with the race photographer at mile 11, have a volunteer tell me I really made sure that my timing chip was secured to my shoe (because so far someone has said something about it at EVERY. SINGLE. RACE. I’ve done hahaha), get my medal, and partake in whatever food that will be at the finish line this year. Last year it was chili, which I didn’t think was a great choice…and this year they did not specify anything in the participant’s guide, so I guess I’ll just find out what it is when I get there! 😉


5. I Get A Sweet Hoodie, Nifty Medal, and My Streak With This Race Continues! So Totally Worth It. 

I think this might actually be more than one point, but I’m just gonna roll with it. 😉 So first off, the participation shirt for this race has just gotten better every year! This year it’s a pretty sweet hoodie, and I’m actually going to go pick that up along with my bib number later today! I’m pretty stoked about that. 🙂 And the finisher’s medal is pretty nifty too! Although I think I liked last years better, but still, not too shabby! Along with some neat finisher’s stuff, I get the pride of crossing another finish line and of completing this race 3 years in a row. And that’s a streak I’d like to keep going for as long as I possibly can!

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Oh Shit, It’s Race Week!

I guess that means I should start being a little more positive and stop worrying about the things I can’t control, or the training I didn’t get to do because of an injury, or the fact that I got sick last week and am still getting over that virus. But I do like to complain, so I promise nothing! 😉

So, things that I can control, do, and that I plan on taking very seriously this week are as follow; 

  • Get enough sleep. I’ve been doing pretty well with sleep, so I’ve just gotta keep that up!
  • Drink enough water. I haven’t been doing so great with this one. Like, I know you need to drink more when you’re sick, by it’s so hard to do when you don’t feel like drinking or even eating much. 
  • Eat a little better. Since I’ve been sick I’ve been living off of canned soup and Halloween candy, because same as the above with water. Not ideal, but hey, what are you gonna do? 😉
  • Make a kick ass playlist. Because if I’m gonna suffer I’m gonna have fun doing it, damn it!
  • Visualize my fueling strategy for the race. So, 1 Honey Stinger waffles at the starting line, maybe half an hour before the gun goes off. 1 cup of water at every aid station and water AND Gatorade at every other aid station (the aid stations are about every 2 miles which is exactly what I trained for! Go me!). Along with 1/2 of a Honey Stinger waffles around miles 4, 6, 8, and 10. And maybe a cup of beer around mile 11 if they’re handing it out again. 😉 Hahaha my fuel plan is literally the only plan I’ve worked out for this half, so I’m hardcore clinging to it! 

Whew, alrighty then! I’m not anywhere near the realm of prepared for this half marathon, but I’ve covered the distance twice before and I know I can make it to that finish line again. And that’s my only goal; crossing the finish line. 

I’m coming for you half marathon number 3!!


Weekly Recap: October 30th-November 5th, 2017


  • 3 miles

I kind of ended up surprising myself on this run! My legs were kinda sore/heavy from my not so great long run last Saturday, but I actually ended up feeling really good and having a lot of fun on Monday! Good thing too, because after my run I spent the rest of the day taking care of my sick husband, and knew that more likely than not, I was going to end up getting sick too.

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  • First sick day

I would end up getting sick on one of my favorite holidays…not that it really matters though. Since Halloween fell on a Tuesday this year we didn’t really do anything fun, and it was pretty cold out so we only got 7 or 8 trick or treater’s. Anyways, spend the day watching a few Stephen King movies and pretty much moping around and feeling sorry for myself because I was too tired/weak feeling to do anything else.


  • Second sick day
  • 20 minutes of yoga

I felt even worse on Wednesday than I did on Tuesday…So I spend most of the day laying around, resting, and watching movies. But I did do a quick little “yoga for when you’re sick” sequence, from the Yoga with Adriene channel on YouTube. It actually did feel kinda good to stretch and move around a bit. 🙂



  • Third sick day
  • 20 minutes of yoga

Oh man, I woke up feeling absolutely miserable on Thursday. But I think I was finally on the up swing. I wasn’t as achy or weak feeling as I was on the previous two days, and I was finally coughing up all the nastiness from my lungs, sneezing non stop, and even my ears were draining. So I figured everything was working it’s way up and out and that I was hopefully on the mend.

Still spent most of the day taking it easy and resting. I didn’t want to do too much and relapse or something. But I did do a little bit of light cleaning around the house (something I’d been neglecting since I got sick) and did the “yoga for when you’re sick” sequence again.



  • Fourth sick day

Good news! Was feeling a little bit better (but still pretty shitty) on Friday! Bad news! Not good enough to run. I mean, I probably would have if I didn’t have a race coming up next weekend and wasn’t concerned about getting as healthy as possible by then. So as antsy as it’s making my feel, I took another day off to rest and recuperate from this damn chest cold. Hahaha this cold has seriously been making me wish I still had an appendix, which supposedly aids in our immune systems. I talk a little bit more about that in this post, if you’re interested. 🙂


  • 5th sick day

I initially thought that I was going to be able to get a short run in on Saturday, but eventually decided against it. I was just exhausted and sore all over from coughing. I was feeling a bit better though and did do a decent amount of walking around. 😊

Also, shout out to my awesome mother in law for sending me a box of Honey Stinger waffles as an early birthday present! I am 1000% sure that giving the runner in your life their favorite running fuel as a gift is the best idea ever haha. 😊


  • 6th sick day (but I think it’s finally almost over!)
  • 3.1 miles

Brought my total weekly mileage up to 6.22 today and felt absolutely great doing it!! Well aside from the fact that my chest, lungs, throat, back, and abs all hurt from all of the coughing and hacking I’ve been doing this week. But my legs felt fantastic! So hopefully that’ll carry over to next Saturday’s half marathon. I’ve also been wearing the finisher’s shirt from my first half marathon a lot lately for luck. Lol I need about as much of that as I can get!!! 😂 I’m coming for you for a 3rd time Longview Half!!! 🏃🏻‍♀️👍🏻😁



Hello November!!!!!


I know, I know, I’m a day late. But we’ll get to that in a second. 😉

So, happy second day of November! November is definitely one of my favorite months out of the year. Actually, I think October-January is usually a lot of fun. I absolutely love all of the fall/winter/holiday festivities. But November is usually especially fun because I tend to have a lot going on during this month and of course this year is no different. So far here’s what I’ve got lined up for the wonderful month of November 2017;

11th – Longview Half Marathon (my 3rd half so far! 🙂 )

15th – My 26th Birthday

22nd – Drive to Longmont Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with my parents

23rd – Thanksgiving. Bring on the turkey and pumpkin pie (that Luke and I will be making by the way. 🙂 )

24th- Drive back to Kansas. So we wont be there long. But sometime is better than no time. 🙂

25th – Start Decorating for Christmas!

So yeah! That’s all the fun stuff I’ve got going on this month (so far, the list might get added to. 😉 ). But I’ve also got some not so fun stuff I have to do. Like take down my Halloween decorations (which I’ll probably do tomorrow) and go to the gynecologist on the 13th for my yearly check up (I swear that place is freaking hard to get into! I scheduled this appointment at the beginning of the year and they were already pretty booked up!).

But yeah, the reason I’m a day late with this post and didn’t exactly get to enjoy Halloween, is because I’ve been suffering from the chest cold from hell!! Yeah, remember the reason why Luke had to take a sick day on Monday? Yeah, it got me on Tuesday…I would get sick on one of my favorite holidays. Not like it really matters though. Since Halloween was on a Tuesday we didn’t really do anything fun, and it was pretty darn cold so we for real only got 8 trick or treater’s this year. That was kinda sad. I gave everyone a big handful of candy (big enough for an 11 year old kid dressed as Pennywise to go “woooow!!!” 😉 ) but we still have a shit ton of left over candy…Oh well.

Anyways, I caught the chest cold from hell on Tuesday and spent most of the day lying around feeling sorry for myself. Because I was too tired/weak feeling to do much else. By Wednesday I was in an even worse state. I couldn’t really stand up for too long because it made me dizzy (the joys of combining chest congestion with asthma. Fun fun fun…), I was achy all over and my body basically felt super heavy, so I spent the day watching movies and trying pretty much unsuccessfully to cough up phlegm. Gross but true. But now on Thursday morning I think I’m on the up swing. I’m not so achy today and I keep sneezing, am finally able to hack up the nastiness from my lungs, and my ears are draining. Yet again, gross but true. But now that everything is moving up and out I’m starting to feel a little better. I plan on taking today easy as well, but depending on how I feel tomorrow I might just go for a short run! Because you know, this cold has just caused me to spend even more time not running during this training cycle…

Curse my weak immune system. And I really mean that. My immune system sucks. Partly because I do have asthma, and obviously airborne viruses + no so great lungs = a weaker immune system. But luckily at this point in my life my asthma isn’t too bad. I just kinda wheeze sometimes, and hot/humid weather and cigarette smoke will sometimes knock me on my ass, but other than that it’s not currently bad enough to warrant an inhaler of any kind. But I’ve also just learned that I have another hit against my immune system, and that would be the fact that I lack an appendix. Jeez! This whole not having an appendix thing really causes me some problems. I can’t eat certain things without having absolutely terrible stomach cramps and now my immune system is apparently weaker, because now doctors are pretty sure that the appendix plays a part in our immune systems. Which is why now a-days if you have appendicitis they’ll give you antibiotics first in hopes that will solve the issue and they wont have to take it out. Not that that would have helped me. My appendix ruptured (yeah apparently my abdomen was a huge mess) so it obviously had to come out. And now every doctor I’ve ever seen ever likes to tell me that I had an “old fashioned appendectomy” and then touch my scar. Which I absolutely hate…

Haha well that kinda turned into a rant! I wasn’t exactly planning on that. But dammit the more time that goes on the more medical science seems to learn about the appendix, and the more they learn, the more I wish I still had mine…One day I need to tell the story of how that all went down. It’s an interesting story that involves me almost dying thanks to my high pain tolerance and an incompetently stubborn doctor. Maybe one day I’ll take the time to type that all up. Maybe. 😉

But anyway, it would appear that I’m going to spend the rest of the day hacking up phlegm, blowing my nose, chugging water (because I’m super thirsty and haven’t been drinking nearly enough since I’ve gotten sick, and hoping/praying/visualizing my half marathon next Saturday doesn’t completely suck. Because this training cycle sure has…


Only 8 more days!!!! 

Anyways, I hope you’re well, having a great week, and are enjoying your appendix (if you have one that is 😉 ).

~ Ashley




3 Monday Morning Miles, A Sick Husband, and 12 Days Until Half Marathon Number 3

I felt pretty darn great during this morning’s run! I actually kinda surprised myself because my legs are feeling a tiny bit heavy from my not so great long run on Saturday, but that didn’t really end up being an issue at all! Honesty I think the weather had something to do with that. It was about 45 degrees and felt a little cooler when I went out, a little bit windy for my tastes, but other than that it was a beautiful morning! And nice, cool, fall mornings always make me feel good inside and out!!

I didn’t exactly have a plan for this run. I had kinda considered aiming for 5 miles today, but Luke is home sick from work today, so I figured I that I probably shouldn’t spend too much time out on the road, since he probably wanted someone to take care of him today (I mean, who doesn’t want to be taken care of when they’re sick?!). So I did a nice 5k instead and am feeling really good about it! 😊

Anyways, after my run I dyed my hair, showered, then Luke and I spent most of the afternoon playing video games. So that was kinda nice, aside from Luke being sick that is. Especially since that means more likely than not, I’m gonna end up sick as well. It happens every time. Like brings home whatever bug that’s been going around (and sometimes he doesn’t even get sick with it) and I end up sick…. Hahahaha so last night we actually stocked up on tea and chicken noodle soup, so we’re ready for cold and flue season! 😉

But if I’m gonna get sick, I guess I’d rather do it now and hopefully get over it relatively quickly, because the Longview half is in 12 days!!! Yikes! Except not really. I’m not really nervous about it anymore. It is what it is at this point. I’m sure that wont be my thought process for long though haha. I bet by next well I’ll be worrying about it again, and I’ll probably be crazy nervous starting a few days before hand. But I mean, that’s how it goes for every race, so I’m sure I’ll be fine. 🙂

So yeah, there’s just a quick little update for today! I hope you have a great week!


Last Long Run

This training cycle has been a weird one. Started off pretty good, then I got hurt, had to take almost two month off from running, and spent most of this month slowly building back up to ensure that I’m fit enough to cross the finish line of what will be my third half marathon, but not running too much or too hard, to ensure that I make it to the starting line healthy and injury free. Like I said. Weird.

But finally winding down. I did my last and longest run of this training cycle this morning and not gonna lie, it did not go well. And neither did my long run last weekend, and that’s slightly terrifying, but I keep telling myself that now that I’ve had two really shitty long runs in a row the race itself shouldn’t be that bad! And oh man do I hope I’m right! But I mean, I probably am. Even if this half marathon is the most painful and emotionally tough race I’ve done up until this point (and I have a feeling that it’s going to be) at least I wont be alone. I’ll have plenty of aid station volunteers and police officers to thank, there will be some spectators out on the course cheering me on, signs to read, kids to high five, and of course other runners to talk to. So even if it is hard, at least I’ll have all of that to keep me going. 🙂


Can we just take a moment to appreciate how awesome spectators at races are?! This guy was standing at the top of the biggest hill on this particular course, dressed as a guy riding a duck, with a sign that says “duck this hill”. This was at first half marathon and very first race ever. 🙂

Anyways, enough about worrying about the future and looking back fondly at past races, lets talk about my run today! In a word, it was shit. Like, I’m pretty sure this run caused me to have a mental breakdown hahaha. And I mean, I can laugh about it now that it’s done and over with, but at the time it was absolutely awful. When I woke up this morning I just had a feeling that it wasn’t going to go well, and I was right…but I was initially pretty excited because it was cold enough to break out my winter running gear, and if you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that I love me some cold weather running!

So the first 2 miles went pretty well. I was super stoked about the cold and having lots of fun! Miles 3-5 went ok as well, I ran through the town cemetery (because tis the season, right? 😉 ) and then down to pasture which usually contains cows. Haha the last few times I’ve run down that particular street they weren’t there, but they were today which was super exciting! 🙂 Stopped at my back at my house around miles 2 and 5, to get sips of water and eat half of a Honey Stinger waffle and at that point everything was going pretty well.

then at around mile 6 this just started going awry. I’m not entirely sure what happened, but my legs started feeling really tight and heavy (probably because of the cold) and my mind just decided it was going to go to some dark places. First about running and all of the worries I have about this upcoming half marathon, but then about all sorts of life stuff that I’ve been dealing with/worried about. Fun fun fun stuff…ended up walking most of mile 7 trying to re-gather myself and just hoping that would make my legs feel a little bit better, but nope, that didn’t work. So ok, stopped by my house again around mile 8, drank some more water/Gatorade, ate another half of a Honey Stinger waffle, texted Luke, and then I started to feel a little bit better. I set out again on the loop around my neighborhood that would have taken me back through the cemetery, to the cow pasture, and that would have brought me all the way back home and to 12 miles run, which was my goal.

That unfortunately did not happen, because yet again, I ran into a couple of fucking dogs who were running loose. I swear, my town has a loose dog epidemic and animal control does not care. Trust me, I’ve called them several times to report loose dogs and they always seem super pissed about me calling and I have no idea if anything actually comes of it, so I’ve given up on calling them and I just try to make friends with the neighborhood dogs (and I mean, I am friends with a lot of them haha), but that doesn’t exactly mean much when the dogs is running loose and probably scared. Anyway, the dogs I ran into today were running together and had on what looked like to be those invisible fence collars. So I assume they live together and that they’re invisible fence deal failed today. At first I tried to call them to me because they were acting friendly. One of them even got close enough to sniff my shoes, but just as I was about to try petting him, his little friend decided that he didn’t like me and started growling at me and baring his teeth. And once he did that the brave one who was almost ok with me decided that he was scared of me at that point. Great. So now I’ve got two dogs ganging up on me, growling at me, baring their teeth, and not letting me walk past them. At that point I decided to cut my losses and slowly backed away and then turned onto another street that took me into a 2 mile loop back to my house, instead of the 3 I needed to hit my goal.

After my little run in with those dogs, I went back into that not so great place mentally, and by the time I got back to my driveway I knew there was no way I was going to be able to leave again and get that last mile done. So, I figured 11 miles was close enough to 12, and I called it quits.


So yeah, it sucks that I didn’t get the full 12 in to meet my goal, but like I said, 11 was still pretty darn close! And I did push through some pretty hardcore mental stuff, along with the typical physical discomfort as well, so although this run sucked terribly, I’m still calling it a win! 🙂

Once I was done, I took an ice bath which was equally as awful, but also important. Then I ate a little bit and drank some chocolate milk, checked my social media, took a nice, long, super hot shower, ate some leftover pizza, and have been pretty much been lazing around the house ever since.


But now that the miles are done, the ice bath is over, and I had a chance to nap, I’m feeling much better! As I type this I’m sipping on water, eating a big bowl of mac and cheese (because I earned it, damn it! 😉 ), and watching Attack on Titan on Hulu. 🙂 But now that I’m fully recovered mentally and feeling pretty good physically, I think I’m going to go do some stretching and foam rolling!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Saturday!