Well, Yesterday Was A Shit Day

It finally happened. We tried so fucking hard go prevent it. But obviously it wasn’t enough. So much time, money, and effort just got flushed down the toilet in what was probably a few short minutes. Yesterday Ozzy massacred our chickens.

Yup, after all of that extra work we did building that dog kennel around their coop he still found a way in and killed every single one. My poor chickens….



So that was just a terrible thing to find out first thing in the morning. Apparently he had slipped through the tiniest hole where the chain-link met the base of the kennel. And we had used fencing wire to attach the chain-link to the base. A lot of it. So he really had to squish himself to get in there, and honestly I kinda hope he hurt himself in the process. And of course this happened in the early morning before my dogs were outside or at the very least they would have been barking and maybe we could have done something. But nope. Around 6:30 ish my other neighbors saw that damn dog in our chicken coop because he figured out how to get in, but couldn’t figure out how to get back out again. But by then all of the chickens were dead anyway. So when Luke was getting into his truck to go to work and they stopped him and told him what happened. Luke went out there, let Ozzy out and made him go home, then came and told me.

It’s a good thing it was him to go do that and not me. I would have killed that damn dog. I grew up on  a farm and dogs that kill livestock become a huge problem. It’s a hard habit to break and most of the time if the dog cost you a shit ton of time, effort, and money then it doesn’t get to live. Especially knowing that it might keep doing it. That’s just the way things are. Hahaha and the neighbors who found him in my coop told me the same thing yesterday. I heard “that dog needs shot” by so many people yesterday. But I mean, it’s kinda true.

But that didn’t happen. Mostly because we do live in town and discharging a firearm inside of city limits is illegal. And for good reason. So he’s lucky. Although he was really pushing that luck because I had to chase him out of my yard 3 more times that morning, because he kept fucking coming back…Ugh so that was really annoying.

But anyway, I also had to go to the dentist to get temporary crowns put on a couple of my teeth yesterday. So yeah, it just wasn’t a fun day all around. But Luke took a partial sick day from work so he could take me because I hate the scientist and didn’t want to go alone. So he came back from work at about 11 am and we buried the chickens before we left. I was told specifically not to go out there that morning because it was just going to piss me off even more when I saw it and Luke new it. And it was pretty bad. He broke all of their necks, probably just one right after another. So I mean, it was kinda lucky that he didn’t rip them to pieces, so we didn’t have a huge bloody mess to clean up, but it still sucked.

We finished that job just in time to leave and go to my dentist appointment. It was a long one too. Haha felt like I was there forever! But I got the temporary crowns put on the two teeth I’ve had root canals done on and the more permanent crowns are being made. So that’s a step in the right direction and I’m glad that I was able to keep well, parts of those 2 teeth anyway. But that whole process irritated my gums and now today my mouth just kinda hurts. My jaw is also super stiff and sore from having to keep my mouth open for so long.


So yeah, yesterday just really sucked. But to make me feel a little bit better Luke went to Barnes and Noble and got me Stephen King’s latest book while I was getting my teeth worked on. He’s the best!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 He also ordered more chicks online and they should be here at some point later this week. Fun fact; did you know the deliver chicks in the mail? That’s how my dad used to get his and how we had to do it this time, since Tractor Supply only sells them in the early spring. And that is great and all, but now we’re all the way back to square one an that really fucking sucks. We were getting so close to ours starting to lay eggs. Now we’ve got to start the whole process all over again.


New reading material from Stephen King did cheer me up a little though. 🙂

Once we got home from my dental appointment Luke started keeping an eye out for Ozzy’s owner so he could go talk to him. He got home a little later than he usually does, but Luke finally caught him and told him what happened. Apparently he was pretty upset and offered to give Luke money for them, but Luke said he didn’t want money, told him he had already bough more chicks, so now he just wants Ozzy to stay where he belongs so that it doesn’t happen again. So now he’s really going to get to work on the fence between our yards that him and his cousin have been working to replace and now he doesn’t want Luke to cover half of the expenses anymore. We’ll still probably help him build it though. But hopefully a new fence will solve the problem. If not our neighbor said he’s also thinking about putting in one of those invisible dog fences just to be on the safe side. But no matter what we still have a few months to get it done, because the new chicks wont be able to be put outside until they’re older anyway.

So at least that’s getting taken care of now. It just really sucks that it took all 5 of our chickens being brutally killed for it to happen. I cannot even begin to express how mad I am about that. When you domesticate an animal like that and keep them locked up so they can’t get away and then end up using things they produce or even killing and eating them it’s your responsibility to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. It’s basically a mutual agreement you make with the animal; I keep you safe from predators. Provide you with comfortable shelter. Food and fresh, clean, water will always be available. If you get sick or injured, I’ll take care of it and give it proper medical attention. And in return, I get to use your products to feed myself and my family. And maybe that means you’ll die, but its my job to make sure you have a good life and everything you need before that happens.

For real, I take that shit really seriously and I couldn’t do it and I’m pissed. I let those poor chickens down and they paid for it by dying a terrifying and probably very painful death. I’m going to do better with the new chicks though. Luke feels the same way, so we’re going to be fortifying that chicken coop until is basically Fort Knox. And my neighbor is going to make sure that Ozzy doesn’t come back in our yard ever again. He also grew up on a farm type situation, so he knows and understands how devastating this loss was. I noticed that today he left Ozzy inside while he was at work, instead of in the back yard like he usually does.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to clean up the aftermath of the party that we had on Memorial Day. Our backyard is pretty trashed and the house is a mess too. But my mouth is currently unhappy and that’s making it difficult for me to want to do much. I can usually handle pain, but mouth pains is just awful. But today I got the Green Day mug and tank top that I had bough online last week in the mail today, and that did make me feel a little bit better. 😉


I suppose that’s all for today.

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day Weekend!







7 thoughts on “Well, Yesterday Was A Shit Day

  1. Casper O' Hane

    That is really awful. So sorry. We’ve had raccoons do the same thing, it truly is sickening.
    There is no excuse for letting one’s dog repeatedly escape like that. It was your neighbor’s responsibility to keep the dog either inside or on a chain until a fence got built. A tie out is not expensive and is perfectly fine as a temporary solution. Or just take the dog out on leash. Your neighbor 100% failed as a dog owner. I would have called the police myself. Maybe I’m just mean, but I think irresponsible dog owners deserve to be fined.
    However, killing the dog would not be fair IMO. It’s not the dog’s fault. Proper management by his owner would have prevented the situation. He’s a dog. Dogs kill small animals. It’s just their nature. It’s not a matter of training them not to. It’s a matter of either keeping the dog on a leash, behind a secure fence, or rehoming him somewhere that there are no animals to kill. We have dogs that would absolutely kill our rabbits if given the chance. So we keep them away from the rabbits. That’s what responsible owners do. What your neighbor should have done.

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    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Yeah, it really sucks…
      And I totally agree! That dog should have never been in our yard. Especially after both Luke and I had told our neighbor that he kept coming over and bothering the chickens. The problem with calling the police is technically we aren’t supposed to have chickens in city limits. Haha there are a bunch of people in my town who do anyway, but still. Coming from the point of view of someone who grew up with a family who’s livelihood (or at least part of it anyway haha) came from raising livestock, that’s just what you do. When a dog starts killing the animals you keep it’s a hard habit to break. When a dog kills livestock it costs a lot of time and money that you cannot get back, and in most situations a dog isn’t worth that. And it is they’re nature to kill small animals, but you absolutely can train them not to do it. 100%. If it wasn’t possible then my dogs would have killed my rabbits, ferrets, and chickens a looong time ago. Or people wouldn’t train dogs to herd their livestock (I’m sure you’ve seen videos of border collies herding ducks). Or literally have dogs (think Great Pyrenees) that live among their livestock and protect them from predators. My dogs can be left unattended with all of my small animals running out and I know without a shadow of a doubt they wouldn’t touch them. They’ve been raised with them and trained not to. One of my dogs took it upon himself to start guarding the chickens and rabbits when he’s outside. He’ll lay out by they’re coop/hutch and bark at anything he thinks is a threat. My grandpa raised German Short Hair Pointers. They’re literally bred to hunt birds, but they never touched one of his chickens. Growing up in rural Illinois I’ve known and raised countless numbers of dogs who lived on farms among all different kinds of animals and never once harmed one. If dogs couldn’t be trained to not kill livestock of any kind then farm dogs wouldn’t be a thing. That being said, this particular dog is being mishandled and his owner is at fault. But he’s a nuisance and animals like that don’t live long where I come from because more likely than not they’ll just continue to be a problem.

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      1. Casper O' Hane

        Well, I guess I should say it depends on the dog. Farm dog breeds are of course not hardwired to kill livestock. Dogs with a really strong prey drive that have gotten into the habit, well I’m sure they can be trained but like you said it would would take a lot of involvement on the part of the owner, and it just doesn’t seem worth it to me, I mean isn’t that part of the reason why fences and leashes exist, to keep misbehaving dogs out of trouble? We had a chicken killing dog once. We didn’t get rid of him, we just kept him away from them. If the dog’s behind a fence or on a leash then that basically solves the problem. But of course if it’s someone else’s dog and they won’t manage it then I don’t know what you’d do. I absolutely don’t judge you for having chickens, and even though we are allowed to have chickens I kind of doubt we are allowed to have as many as we have, and I have no idea if the turkeys are allowed at all.

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