Colorado Here I Come…Again!

Hahaha I’ve been there a couple of times now ever since my mom, dad, and siblings moved to Colorado (my sisters actually live in a different part of a Colorado than my mom, dad, and brother, so they don’t all live together). So I guess it’s a little less exciting now. Especially considering the 10 hour drive it takes to get there…I mean, driving into the prettier parts of Colorado is fun, but western Kansas and eastern Colorado is SUPER boring.

Pretty sunrise, boring landscape in western Kansas in the photo below. I took that last time my dad and I went to Colorado together.

But anyway, my dad was in the St. Louis area (where we’re all originally from) taking care of some work and personal stuff, and since my house is kinda in between Colorado and Illinois (the actual state we’re from haha) everyone always stops here on their travels back and forth, so obviously he did did as well. 😊 We were all hanging last night and my dad asked me if I was gonna go back to Colorado with him. So I packed my bad and asked him when someone would be able to bring me home haha.

So yeah, I’m gonna be in Colorado for the next week! Stay tuned for all of my adventures there! πŸ˜‰ First we gotta get there though…We haven’t left just yet and I’m not exactly looking forward to the drive (I’ll be posting a bunch on my instagram stories of you want to follow along there. πŸ˜‰).

Yet another photo from the last time my dad and I went to Colorado together. πŸ˜‰

Happy Saturday, everyone!



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