Things I’ve Thought While Running: Fall Fun Edition

Ah fall,  my favorite season! Well until winter rolls around, then winter is my favorite season. 😉 But that’s besides the point! 

Fall running is a lot of fun!! The cooler weather, beautiful scenery, and getting to look at Halloween decorations, and it’s just great! It also brings about a little bit of nervousness, because for the last 3 years in a row October is when my half marathon training starts winding down and the pre race anxiety kinda starts. So I’m not gonna lie, a lot of the thoughts I’ve had on the run as of late have revolved around how terrified I am for my upcoming half, because I missed out on a lot of training thanks to an injury…

“Oh my gosh Pennywise is visiting Kansas!”

Ok, but is this not the best Halloween decoration ever?!?

“Ooooooooh gotta rum through that pile of leaves!!” 

“The lack of crunch in the leaf I went out of my way to step on was very disappointing…”

“I wonder if the cemetery’s open? I need to run there at least once because ‘it’s the season!”

“Foggy mornings are perfect in the fall!”

“Oh shit the Longview Half is in ___ days!” (The number changes every day because I’ve literally thought this every day that I’ve run this month 😂)

“Does my knee actually hurt or am I imagining that?”

“I think I’m gonna die during this half marathon…”

“I know I’m going to be able to finish this half, but it’s probably not going to be a fun experience.”

“I’m so glad I don’t have to wake up at 5 in the morning anymore.”

“I wore too many layers.”

“I didn’t wear enough layers.”

“That’s a pretty tree!!”

“I’m never training for a half marathon ever again.” 

“Just kidding I’m totally doing this again next year!”


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