Weekly Recap: August 21st-27th, 2017


  • 1.8 miles

The weather was insane on Monday!! Haha I woke up to a rainbow but no rain (at that point), then a whole bunch of rain while it was still kinda sunny out, then the sun came and it stopped raining, which is when I went out for my run. But a crazy thunderstorm with some pretty intense lighting developed right on top of me so I high tailed it home before I even hit two miles haha. Oh well, my knee/leg still hurt so a super short run was probably a good thing. Oh and lets not forget that the Great American Eclipse happened Monday afternoon. That was pretty awesome. πŸ™‚





  • Intervals
  • 25 minutes of blogilates
  • 20 minutes on my stationary bike
  • 10 minutes of foam rolling

Haha I didn’t really realize how much I did on Tuesday until I typed it all out. Started my day with a mile warm up followed by two miles of interval work. My leg hurt for the first few minutes but it eventually worked itself out for the most part. Haha I probably should have taken it easy, but I really wanted to go a little bit harder. Oh well, for the most part my leg felt alright. After my run I did some blogilates, then in the evening I spent some time on my stationary bike then foam rolled a bit. I really need to make that more of a habit. I don’t do it nearly enough…

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  • rest day

My leg was actually feeling pretty good on Wednesday, but after all the work I put in the day before I didn’t want to push it too far, so I skipped my easy run and walked the dogs did some yoga and iced my knee instead. Haha that was probably a good idea anyway, I was pretty darn tired on Wednesday, so I probably needed the day off from running. πŸ™‚


  • 1 easy mile

Probably maybe should have taken another rest day and given my leg as much rest as possible, but I needed to do something so I did haha.

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  • Intervals

Did a mile warm up followed by 3 miles of intervals. And some of those intervals were pretty hard too! At least until it really warmed up outside haha. I’m a huge wimp in the heat… Anyways, this run was simultaneously one of the most fun/most awful runs I’ve ever experienced. Running is the only thing I’ve ever done where I can experience that kind of feeling. πŸ˜‰

So according to my fancy Fenix 5, I improved both my VO2 max and my anaerobic fitness. I sure hope that’s actually accurate! I suppose we’ll find out at the end of this training cycle though. Oh man after I got done with this run I was crazy tired and got absolutely nothing done for the rest of the day haha.



  • Rest day
  • 10 minutes of stretching/foam rolling

Was supposed to do my log run on Saturday, but I had trouble falling asleep the night before and I knew it just wasn’t gonna happen. So I took a rest day, worked on hydrating, eating well, and I even did a little bit of stretching. πŸ™‚


  • 9 miles

Oh man, I really didn’t think this run was gonna happen today. Yet again I didn’t sleep very well so I woke up late, and I seriously considered skipping my long run. Again…But obviously I came to my senses and got a run done! The plan was to do 10 miles, but I honestly didn’t even think I was going to make it to 5, so I’m still pretty darn proud of what I accomplished even though I was a mile short. πŸ˜‰ My run was fueled by Honey Stinger, punk rock (I listened to a lot of Rancid and Green Day haha), and pure stubbornness. Once I got out there I knew I had more than 5 miles in me and there was no way I could go 3 weeks in a row without a long run. Anyways, I even took an “ice bath” (I didn’t have any ice so it was just a super cold bath, it was still just has miserable though haha) afterwards. My legs always seem to recover faster after an ice bath, so I guess they are really worth the torture. πŸ˜‰ Anyways, at some point I’m gonna stretch and foam roll and hopefully me legs wont feel too bad tomorrow.

Total Weekly Mileage: 18.93

Not bad!!Β After two not so great weeks I feel like I’m finally back into the swing of things! My knee seems to be getting batter! It held up very well on my long run and it seemed to get better the farther I went. πŸ™‚ So hopefully I’ll finally be done with that and that I’ll be able to stay healthy until November haha.

Happy Sunday everyone!





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