Florida Vacation: Day 5

Today is Luke’s birthday! Yay!!

Today was also a hang out at the house and play in the pool day. Which is exactly what we did haha. From about 11 am- 2:30 pm we did nothing but swim. It was pretty fun though. 😄

Nobody really felt like going anywhere or doing anything, I guess. Especially not this morning. Some of us were recovering from our slightly drunken escapades in Old Town. Plus Luke’s grandma had to leave for the airport at 2 today, because she was heading home today. Haha everyone is jealous of her because the plane ride is only an hour and a half. We have another 20 hour bus ride to look forward to…

Anyway, after we got out of the pool we ended up doing a lot of waiting. Waiting for Luke’s mom to get back from dropping his grandma off at the airport. Waiting for her boyfriend to finish cooking steak (that wasn’t very good). And then waiting for him to finish eating so his mom could take us back to Old Town because we’re all super tired of sitting around at the house doing nothing.

Once we got to Old Town we walked around, drank some beer, looked in some shops, and then played in an arcade for a little bit. That was fun, but all in all everyone agrees that today was kinda boring…oh well. Tomorrow we get our tattoos!! 



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