Florida Vacation: Day 4

So, trying to run in Florida is hard haha. Between staying up late, all of the junk food we’ve been eating, and the terrible heat/humidity, running just doesn’t sound like fun. So I didn’t this morning, even though I had planned to haha, oh well. 

Anyway, today was a golf day (or at least morning) for Luke, his brother, nephew, and mom’s boyfriend. So all of us girls got to hang out together for a little bit. 

The guys had to get up around 7 this morning (finally we got an early start to a day!) and Luke’s mom and I dropped them off at the golf course, went back to the house, and started getting everyone up and moving so that we could all do something while they were golfing. But before we could go anywhere, we had to wait for a maintenance guy to come look at the pool because we’ve been having some issues with some of the lights, and it pumping out hot water, and stuff like that. 

After that was all taken care of we loaded up into the bus and made our way to go feed some gators! That was a fun adventure, especially for the two little kids in our group. After we had our fill of that we went to Steak ‘n Shake for lunch. 

After lunch we stopped at the Nike clearance store to do some shopping! Haha unfortunately I had a strict $40 budget (that was all the money I had on me haha), so I couldn’t go too crazy like I would have liked to. But that’s probably a good thing. 😉 I did end up getting a pretty spiffy pair of tights  that are usually $40 for $20 though, so I’m quite excited about that. 😄 Haha getting a nice pair of tights half off doesn’t quite make up for the fact that I ruined my $300 Garmin, but it does take the sting out a little bit. 

This is a super shitty picture, but you get the point. 😄

After the Nike store we went to pick up the boys, drove back to the house, then Luke and I took a nap before dinner. After dinner we played in the pool for a while and then we finally got to go to Old Town.

So I’m not entirely sure what everyone else did, but Luke and I got drunk on some kinda strawberry lemonade thing than contained a lot of rum and vodka. It was great haha. So we walked around and shopped and had a lot of fun. 😄

Now we’re back home and drinking beer and playing pool. Haha I have a feeling running isn’t going to happen tomorrow either. Oh well. 😂



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