Florida Vacation: Day 1

Well, I guess you could count yesterday as day one but this is our first full day here, so I’m going with that. 😉

Anyway, I went to bed with every intention of running this morning, but Luke and I didn’t get up until 8 am and by then it was crazy hot and humid. Plus I was super dehydrated from the margaritas we had last night, and I was just worn out in general. It’s all good though, I’ll get a run in at some pint. Hopefully. 

That ended up working out pretty well though. After we got up we had coffee with Luke’s step sisters and then Luke and I walked 2 miles to a gas station. It was hot as balls, but after spending 20 hours in a cramped bus, yesterday it was nice to move around and stretch our legs a bit. Our original plan was to go to DunkinDonuts for breakfast, but by the time we got there we were hot and tired, so we just go Gatorade and bananas at the gas station next store. 

After that we used an Uber for the first time! Haha that was kinda fun. Uber is definitely a very convenient thing! Anyway, next on our agenda was to find a tattoo artist to talk to, so that’s where we had our Uber driver take us. 

We talked to the guy who was there for a little bit. He gave us his best guess at price estimates and what not, but we want to get them done on Friday (so that we can actually swim and go to the beach and what not) and the guy we were talking to is off on Friday’s, so we had to wait for the guy who owns the shop to get there. So we just hung out and talked to the first guy for around half an hour until the other guy got there.

So we explained what we wanted, how much it wold cost, how long it would take, and all of that good stuff. We put down a $100 deposit (which will be taken off of our total price), and then went on our merry little way. 😄 So between the 2 tattoos Luke’s getting and the 2 I’m getting we’re spending around $700 haha. I’m not gonna tell you what we’re getting, you’re just going have to wait and see. But Luke’s are actually the expensive ones. Both of mine together are only going to be $100. Haha but either way, we’re both very excited! 

Once that adventure was done, we Ubered our way home and then hung out in the pool with everyone else. It was starting to get really hot outside though, and for some reason the pool water was really hot, so Luke, his brother, and nephew went inside to play pool. Haha I’m terrible at pool, so I just watched. 

And that’s currently what we’re still doing! Nobody really wanted to do too much today. We’re all still recovering from that long ass car ride and we all just wanted to chill at the house. But that’s all that’s going on right now! 

Happy Sunday! ☀️🐠😄


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