A Short Mile-By-Mile Summary Of This Morning’s Run

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Mile 0: Maybe I should give GU another shot. I mean, I did get one in my StrideBox so I guess there’s no reason to waste it. *eats half of it* Yeah, it’s just as gross as I remembered it being. Actually, I think this flavor might be even more gross.


Mile 1: I did put on moisture wicking socks today, right?! *Glances at feet* Yeah, I did. It’s just so humid out that no amount of moisture wicking material is going to save me from drowning in my own sweat.

Mile 2: Shit my legs are sore. Why did I thing running 6 miles today was a good idea?*Stops at home for a sip of water and to put on compression socks* Well, at least the compression socks seemed to help my legs a little bit.

Mile 3:  hate running in the summer.

Mile 4: *Stops at home for another sip of water and to finish my GU* Yup. I’m never eating another GU in my life. EVER.

Mile 5: Dude! Sweet car!! Also, this hill is a bitch.


Mile 6: I’m so done with summer running. I hate the hot. I hate the humidity. I want to die! Can a person hibernate in the summer? Like, I’m just gonna spend the rest of the summer hiding in the air conditioning, eating, reading, and napping. That sounds much more pleasant than attempting to continue running.

Post Snack/Shower/Nap: Well, I guess that wasn’t too bad and I’m definitely going to keep running. But I’m still very much ready for fall to get here! Also, I need another snack. 😉




3 thoughts on “A Short Mile-By-Mile Summary Of This Morning’s Run

    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Me either! lol sounds like a good plan to me! My sisters live in Colorado Springs and my parents live in Longmont, so maybe I should just alternate living with them throughout the summer lol. 😂

      Liked by 1 person


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