The Tinman Challenge Day 6

This is the first full week of of the challengeville Tinman challenge that I’m participating in this month, and so far, so good I think. 🙂

Yesterday I accidentally slept through my alarm, so I got up and out on the road a little later than I would have liked. It was warming up fast, the sun was out and the pavement was reflecting the light/heat right back at me, and the humidity was at 99%. Talk about a tough run…I got it done though! The daily run plan for the Tinman challenge calls for a 5k on Monday, so that’s exactly what I did even though there were plenty of times that I wanted to call it quits, cut this workout short, and walk home.

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Monday’s run was hot, sticky, slow, and absolutely no fun…but I got it done!

Anyway, this morning and day 6 of the challenge went a little bit better. At the very least I got up with my alarm this morning haha. I kinda spent the night tossing and turning though. My bedroom gets super hot with me, Luke, 3 dogs, and a cat that had to be on my pillow all night, and I don’t really sleep well when I’m hot. I kept waking up all sweaty and gross, trying to find a more comfortable position to fall back asleep in. It was no fun and obviously it really made me dread my 5 am alarm.


Once that alarm when off though, I was up and moving. 🙂

So, have you ever woken up so hungry that your stomach hurt? And you know that the smoothie that you prepared the night before is just going to make it worse unless you eat something to soothe your stomach first? Because that’s exactly what happened to me this morning. I woke up with my stomach growling and gurgling so much that it was kinda painful, and the smoothie I had made last night had orange juice in it, so I knew that wasn’t going to help unless I ate something else first. Thank goodness for my stash of Honey Stinger waffles! One of those was easy enough to grab and eat quickly enough for me to not really lose any time, but still settle my stomach enough that I could drink my smoothie afterwards. Plus yesterday I realized just how well they pair with coffee (bonus points if you had the coffee maker ready the night before and just needed to press one button to get it going, like I did 😉 )! Seriously though, dip your Honey Stinger waffles in coffee. It’s great! 🙂


Anyway, on the bright side, it was much less humid this morning than it was yesterday and since I got out just as the sun was starting to come up it didn’t feel as hot and gross out. That made this run a lot more pleasant than yesterday’s. Some cloud cover would have made it even better, but beggar’s can’t be choosers, I suppose. I’m just glad I didn’t feel like I was drowning in my own sweat like I did yesterday haha.


For the most part I got 4.5 miles done without too many issues. I think I may have been a little dehydrated because my throat was super dry and I felt incredibly thirsty for almost the entire workout and near the end my legs were feeling a little heavy, but other than that my legs felt surprisingly fresh (probably because I actually foam rolled last night haha) and I had a decent amount of fun. Well, as much fun as I can have in the summer anyway. I’m already ready for the colder months haha.

Processed with Rookie Cam

After I got my run done I spent around 40 minutes working in my garden. Mostly just watering my plants, weeding, and hoeing. Fun times. But it would seem all of my hard work is paying off! My plants are getting huge!!

Anyway, I’ve showered, eaten a quick snack, and am currently considering napping. And it’s not quite 9 am yet! Hahah that’s one of the benefits of summer running; I tend to get A LOT done before 9 am.

Now then, about that nap… 😉



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