Weekly Recap: May 22nd-28th, 2017

As you may know, last weekend I went to Illinois to help my mom and dad start cleaning out their house so that they can sell it. I ended up staying longer than I had planned, so this week ended up being all over the place, but we got a lot done and I definitely got some great cross training in in the form of hard, manual labor. And honestly, I think that’s the most fun kind of “cross training” there is! 😉


  • 3.05 miles

This run happened kind of spontaneously in the middle of the afternoon. My dad was napping while my brother went to pick up a part they had order for the truck they were working on. I didn’t really have anything to do at that point, so I figured hey, why not go for a run! Yeah, trying to run during the hottest part of the day, with basically no shade was not one of my better ideas. My mom had to bring me a Gatorade about half way through, but I actually ended up going farther than I thought I did. That was a nice surprise!

Also did a little bit of work around the house/yard on Monday. I mostly just picked up and burned a bunch of trash.

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Did a lot more work around my mom and dad’s house. Yet again I mostly just burned trash, but a lot of the stuff on Tuesday was heavy and I also did a lot of running up and down stairs so I totally got a workout it haha! In the evening my mom and dad went to dinner with my dads boss, so instead of working I ended up taking a long walk down the back country roads. Once I got bored with that I did a little bit of trespassing on what was my grandma’s farm. Obviously I shouldn’t have been doing that, but it was soooo weird to be right there and see the land, but to not be able to go on it. I just couldn’t help myself haha.


More work around the house. I pulled/lifted/carried A LOT of heavy stuff while working. Wednesday was also the day I finally went back home. My brother and I helped my dad with cleaning out a trailer that they were going to haul to Colorado, and then my brother drove me home.


  • 2 miles

Just got out there for an easy 2 miles on Thursday. I was super sore, tired, and slightly dehydrated from working all day outside in the sun and heat and probably not drinking enough while at my parents house. Still felt pretty good, all things considered though. 🙂

Also made it home just in time for all of my lilies to be in bloom! Unfortunately they don’t really last long, so I’m glad I was able to enjoy them.

Processed with Rookie Cam


  • Rest Day

My mom, dad, and brother all stopped at my house on they’re way to Colorado on Friday. Since they had their dog with them I had to put all of mine in a separate room (they don’t get along). While doing that I ran into a framed poster that was hanging in our hallway and it fell on my foot. It bruised/swelled almost immediately, so I wasn’t able to run on Friday or do much of anything after that…Being a klutz really sucks.



  • Rest Day

Spent most of Saturday sitting and icing my foot. Luckily it was starting to feel better, but walking on it too much was still making it hurt a little bit. So I kept that to a minimum and binge watched Avatar The Last Air Bender all day haha.


  • Rest Day

My foot is still about the same as it was yesterday, so I’m still resting it. Haha I’m just glad it got hurt now and not in the middle of half marathon training, like it did last year. But anyway, I’m thinking in the next few days it will probably be ok to do a short, easy run on. 🙂



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