Meet Finn! 

Well yesterday was just a whole bunch of unexpected fun!

Around 2 in the afternoon Luke shoved his phone into my hands and asked me “yes or no?”. On the screen was a photo of a cute little border collie puppy, and apparently the second I saw it my eyes lit up (but I puppies are the best, so who wouldn’t get excited about seeing an especially cute one?!?). Apparently Luke has seen an ad on Craigslist for border collie puppies and had been talking to the guy all day. My first thought was absolutely yes! I’ve had crazy puppy fever lately, and since it’s currently puppy season we’ve been seeing a lot of them at the dog park. But I had a few questions that I needed answered before I could make a responsible decision.

First and foremost, I wanted to make sure we could afford to take care of a second dog. Luke is in charge of all of our money and finances because I’m bad at math and numbers give me anxiety (I’m seriously not even kidding, but he likes doing all that kind of stuff so it all works out). He said he had run the numbers, and it’s totally doable! My brother in law is juts going to have to start buying his dog his own dog food (he pitches in for dog food every once in a while, but his dog eats a lot more than ours do so this is something he should have been doing anyway).

Once we were for sure we could afford another dog, there were a few other things I needed to know before I said “yes”. First I needed to know if he’s an AKC dog. Thank goodness he wasn’t! He is an ABCA dog though, but I’m 100% ok with that! That means he comes from a line of working dogs and not a line of show dogs. Then I wanted to know how much he cost, how old he was, and if we could meet the parents. He cost $400. The breeder actually went down on the price because he’s mostly black and probably because he’s 12 weeks old, which is just a little bit older than you’d usually start selling them, and yes we could meet the parents. 🙂 So I finally said “yes, lets do it!”. So Luke told the guy we were coming, we filled up the car, and then we drove an hour and a half to the middle of nowhere Missouri.

The first thing I noticed when we pulled into the breeder’s driveway was the three border collies in the back yard. Well they were kinda hard to miss, as they were barking at our car haha. I liked that though, we want our dogs to guard our house/yard as well (and Lily and Dean already do), so I thought that was a really good sign.

So the breeder came out and we all introduced ourselves. Luke had told him I came from a long line of dog breeders, field trial trainers/judges, and boarding kennel owners, so he was very interested in all of that. Mostly because he wanted to make sure we are capable of handling a border collie and I totally get that. I actually liked how concerned he was about where this dog was going. That’s always a sign of a good, responsible breeder. After we talked for a little bit he took us to the backyard to show us the dogs.

When we walked through the door and onto his porch we were greeted by the little guy from the pictures Luke showed me. He was jumping all over us, weaving in between our legs, and giving lots of kisses. I’m pretty sure at that point it was love at first sight for all three of us, but before anything else happened I wanted to see the parents, and the guy was more than willing to show them to me. The mother was a beautiful girl! She actually looked a lot like Lily! Short and compact, longish fur, pointed ears, but she was tri colored, whereas Lily is just black and white. The father actually had a lot of white on him, he’s bigger and stockier than the mother, had floppy ears, short hair, and a lot of white markings (he’s all black and white though). The mother wanted nothing to do with me (typical border collie. They don’t like strangers.), and was more concerned with what we were doing with her puppy (he was the last out of 9, which is a crazy big litter for a bitch her size). The father came up and said hello though and let me pet him. I also got to see him in action, he was a speedy guy with a really nice gait., not too tall, and very fierce looking.  He looked like he was meant to heard cattle, which apparently he was!

The father’s father (so the puppies grandfather), was a world champion cattle herder from 1989-2005. How freaking awesome is that?!?! The breeder gave us his name and ABCA number so we can look up all that stuff and verify it, which I plan to, but I do trust him, he was a pretty awesome guy and very legit. And it turns out his mother is related to Walt Disney’s dogs. I had no idea that Walt Disney had border collies, but I thought that was pretty neat!

So Luke and I were satisfied with him and his parents, and the breeder seemed satisfied with us, so he handed me the puppy and Luke handed him the $4oo. Then we ended up talking in his garage for like, 30-40 minutes. First he told us what food he’d been feeding the puppies, the treats he’d been giving them, and that he’d just started potty training them. He also warned us that he was the most dominant puppy from the litter and the biggest, and that he currently weighs 11 pounds (yeah my arms are super sore today after holding him for that long haha). He also told us that this little guy was his buddy and to take extra special care of him. We promised that we would and that we’d keep in touch and send pictures every once in a while. Then he ended up telling us all sorts of neat stories and he gave us each a Czech beer, which was really nice of him! Eventually we had to get back onto the road and head home, so we loaded our new puppy into the car and started our hour and a half drive back home.


On our way back home we decided to name our new little guy Finn (I finally have a dog with a traditional border collie name!) and already started the bonding process. He really latched onto us on our journey home. He also did really well in the car, which is good! It’s basically a requirement for all of our dogs to do well in a car, since we do go on long road trips every once in a while. The only problem we has was that he wanted in our laps, and we want our dogs to stay in the back seat. Eventually we got him to stay back there.

When we got home the first thing I did was let Lily and Dean in the backyard so they could meet the new puppy outside. We figured that would be better than trying to just bring a new dog into the house. When Luke brought Finn to the yard a lot of sniffing happened. Poor little Finn was super nervous and very overwhelmed, but he did alright. Dean sniffed him a little bit, but then didn’t really want anything to do with him. That wasn’t surprising though, Dean doesn’t really like puppies. He wasn’t mean or anything though. Lily actually took to him right away! She smelled him for a while and then tried to play with him. He was still a little nervous though, and was hiding in between Luke’s legs.

Eventually he warmed up a little and started running around the yard with everyone. While they were all getting to know each other, Luke texted the breeder Finn’s name and our info, so he could complete the registration for the ABCA, so at some point we’ll be getting his papers in the mail, which is neat! He’s our first registered dog and has the best pedigree out of the three of them (although Lily’s pedigree is really good too, Dean’s is a little bit of a mystery, but it’s not bad.). While he was doing that, I was texting everyone pictured of our new baby. 🙂


Around 8:30 pm we went back inside, got all the dogs fed, and around 9 Finn got put in the crate to go to bed. He wasn’t a fan of that, but he was so exhausted from getting a new home, meeting new dogs, and running around, that he only cried for 20 minutes and then passed out. After that he slept soundly all night and got up with Lily, Dean, and I at 7 this morning.

Today has been a blur of scratches and play bites (I look like I got into a fight with a cat and lost), puppy pee, lots of playing and exploring, and frequent potty breaks. At this point Finn kind of knows his name and he can officially sit on command. We really need to work on his jumping and wanting to be picked up and carried everywhere (he was definitely spoiled at his breeders house. Probably by his granddaughter. Apparently she loved this little guy), but we’ve got plenty of time to worry about that stuff.

It’s almost 1 pm as I type this. I’ve finally got him to calm down and nap for a little bit, so that gave me a chance to type this whole post out. I was supposed to run 8 miles today, but that’s probably not going to happen. Haha oh well, I’ve been having a lot of fun chasing after this little guy and I’m really glad that so far everyone is getting along well. Anyway, while Finn’s napping I’m going to attempt to clean up the house a little bit.


Happy Saturday everyone!



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