10 Miles and Thursday Things

Decided to switch things up a little bit, and do my long run today instead of doing it during the weekend like I usually do.

I don’t know what it is about long run day, but every morning that I plan on running long, I can never seem to eat very much. I could eat anything and everything before a shorter run or even speed work, but my stomach never wants to cooperate when it knows we’re running long…This morning I managed to force down a container of yogurt with a tbs on chia seeds mixed in (great combo, by the way!) and a cup of coffee, which is actually more than I usually eat.

Anyway, about 40 minutes after I ate; around 8:20 am, I made my way out the door and set out to run 10 miles. What I didn’t take into account was the weather. I definitely should have gotten up and out the door much earlier. It was almost 60 degrees and sunny when I set out, and about 65 when I finished. That was absolutely no fun. I already dislike warm weather, and the transition from cold weather running to warm weather running is always super tough for me.


I’m not exactly a fan of sunny weather.

I got it done though! Parts of it were slightly miserable. It ended up taking me about 2 hours and 22  minutes to do it, and at one point I ended up sitting on my porch for a few minutes while eating a banana and feeling sorry for myself. But I still covered 10 miles on my own two feet. πŸ™‚ This is actually the longest run I’ve done since the Longview Half back in November. I’ve set out to do 10 milers a few times since then, but the longest I’ve managed was 8, until today. I think because I fueled pretty well today.

Processed with Rookie Cam

All of the trees in my neighborhood are starting to bloom! πŸ™‚

The yogurt and coffee I had for breakfast actually sat really well in my stomach. I was a little worried about that, since dairy and warm weather don’t tend to mix well for me, so that was a pleasant surprise! I stopped at my house around every two miles for a quick drink of water. That’s the nice part about running long around my neighborhood, I don’t have to carry water or food with me which is really nice. It almost makes up for the fact that it can get boring running up and down the same streets over and over again. Anyway, around mile 4 I ate half a pack of Honey Stinger energy chews, finished the pack at around 6.5 miles, then had my little pity party and banana at around mile 8. That seemed to work really well for me! I kinda wish I had a gatorade though. I sweat super salty so I always feel 8 million times better when I drink sports drinks while on the run. Oh well, I’ll just have to remember to stock up on some next time I go to the store.


Anyway, after my run I sat with my legs up on the wall for 5 minutes, showered, ate lunch, and then a whole lot of nothing for a while. I’m feeling kinda drained from those 10 miles. Surprisingly enough though, my legs actually feel pretty darn good! My butt and hamstrings are kinda sore from running up hills, but for once my quads aren’t sore at all! They don’t even feel tight, which is pretty much a miracle n and of itself, because my quads are always tight. It’s really nice though! My legs have never felt so good after a long run before!

While I was eating lunch a thunderstorm kinda popped up out of nowhere. I had checked the weather several times throughout the day, and we weren’t supposed to get any rain at all. Luckily I saw a flash of lighting before it actually hit, so I had enough time to run outside and brought the rabbits before it started pouring. At first I was kinda wishing that this little storm would have popped up earlier while I was running. I very much enjoy running in the rain. But then it started hailing. Luckily the hail stopped after a few minutes, but that definitely wouldn’t have been pleasant to run in! So I guess I’m glad I ran when I did.

Around 3 pm I finally got my shit together and decided it would be a good idea to move around and stretch a little bit. So I ate a bowl of honey bunches of oats, did 30 minutes of yin yoga (I’ve been really enjoying yin yoga, but I couldn’t make it through the whole video I was doing today), picked up my running gear which was still scattered around the house, then started making dinner; pasta with veggies (zucchini for me, broccoli for  Luke), chicken, and garlic/tomato/basil s sauce. Yum! 

Once Luke got home we ate, and then I abandoned any pretenses of actually getting anything else done today haha. He’s playing video games, I’m reading a book, and that’s probably what we’ll be doing for the rest of the night. 

Happy Thursday! 



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