A Day In The Life Of Lily and Dean

5:45 am: 

Lily and Dean

Luke wakes up to get ready for work! That means we both get to be in bed and look out the window!!

6:45 am:

Lily and Dean 

Wake up Ashley by barking at the school bus that goes by our house every morning. Stay in bed until 7 am because Ashley doesn’t like getting up before then.

7 am:

Lily and Dean

Yay! Ashley finally got up and let us outside!! Gotta take care of our morning routine by peeing everywhere in the backyard, barking at squirrels, and saying hi to Zaide, the Beagle who lives next door.

7:05 am:


Bark/scratch obnoxiously at the door because I’M THIRSTY AND I WANT TO BE INSIDE AND BE WITH YOU!!!


I guess I want to be inside too! Just kidding, now that I’ve gotten a drink I need to go back outside and bark at Cujo, the German Shepherd that lives in the yard behind ours.

7:30 am:


Keep bringing Ashley the ball to throw, because her breakfast is no fun unless we’re playing fetch. Also stare longingly at her plate while she eats, just so she knows that sharing is caring, and that I definitely need a piece of her toast. After I get my fair share of her breakfast I need to stare out the window and make sure nothing shady goes on in the front yard while Ashley goes about her morning chores.


Sit in the middle of the yard. Make sure the evil squirrel don’t attack and that the menacing rabbits don’t sneak into the yard. ALSO THAT CAT I DON’T KNOW IS BACK IN THE EASEMENT! FUCK YOU, CAT!!!

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9 am:


Bark at the evil mail lady from the window. Ha! That’ll teach her to keep getting into our mailbox!


Bark at the mail lady from the backyard. I don’t know why we’re barking at her, but Lily is doing it so I probably should too.

9:30 am:

Lily and Dean

Playtime with Ashley in the backyard!

9:45 am:


Pout on the couch because I want to go for a walk, but Ashley refuses to take me. Something about being busy, but I don’t know what could possibly be more important than me…Oh, now we’re bringing the bunnies outside and there’s no way she could possibly do that without me!


No small critters are getting into this yard on my watch!! Except for our bunnies that Ashley just brought outside. IT’S MY JOB TO MAKE SURE NOTHING BAD HAPPENS TO THEM!!


10 am: 


Finally got to go for a walk! Stalked some squirrels (Ashley says that the border collie stare isn’t going to work on the neighborhood squirrels, but I figure I’d better try, just to be safe), barked at the evil mail lady again, and sniffed around two parks. Once we got back home I resumed my post at the window. Nothing is getting in the front yard or into the house without me knowing about it!


12 pm:


Napped on the couch while Ashley ate lunch (I got to lick the bowl!!), watched the movie that Luke surprised her with the other day, and typed away on her laptop. I guess she was working on the whole “blog” thing. Whatever, I’m just happy I got to lick her bowl and spend time with her. 🙂


Napped outside because why be inside when you can be outside?!

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1:30 pm:


Ashley just came outside with my leash! THAT MEANS WE’RE GOING ON A WALK! We walked down to the park, but when we got there we saw a bunch of loud cars with flashing lights (police cars, fire trucks, and animal control), and a bunch of people standing around talking in front of a house near the park. All of the excitement was making me really nervous so we turned down a different street and then walked back home.


3  pm:

Lily and Dean

Waiting “patiently” for Luke to get home, even though we both know that he wont be home for another two hours. Also barking at every single dog that walks past, just so they know we’re here, and the school bus that goes by again at 3:40.


5 pm:

Lily and Dean

Luke’s home!! Quick, we must greet him at the door and smother him with love!!

6 pm:

Lily and Dean

Relaxed on the couch with our favorite humans, and got fed pasta off a fork.

9 pm:

Lily and Dean

LISTEN UP EVERYBODY, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! IT’S FOOD TIME! EVERYONE SCATTER!! The cats are running everywhere, and we may or may not be getting under Luke and Ashley’s feet as they try to fill up our food bowls, but we can’t help it! Food time is an exciting time!!

After we eat we get to have our pre-bedtime nap while Luke and Ashley watch TV. Then, at promptly 10:00 pm, without being asked, we go to our designated sleeping areas on the floor in the bedroom, even though we all know Dean will end up in the bed between the humans at some point because they’re both huge pushovers when it comes to the two of us. 🙂

We hope you enjoyed reading about our day! Maybe we’ll take over Ashley’s blog again sometime. 😉

Goodnight everyone!

~Lily and Dean

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4 thoughts on “A Day In The Life Of Lily and Dean

  1. Ralph

    Good on ya guys! Taking over ya Humans blog is brilliant for connecting with fellow canine bloggers like me! And ya Humans hardly suspect a thing… Sounds like ya had a great day to boot!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      Thank you! Haha yup, they do have a lot of energy, and sometimes they are too smart for their own good, but as long as you know it and are willing to deal with it, it’s really not that bad. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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