February Miles

Between a sore quad one week, and a weekend in Colorado the next, I’m falling a bit behind on my goal of running 1,000 miles this year. Luckily It’s still early enough in the year, so I have plenty of time to make up for it. šŸ™‚


Plus, almost 60 miles in a short month still isn’t bad! I’m actually quite happy with how this month of running went. Especially since my little quad strain didn’t have the chance to develop into a full blown injury. That would have really put a damper on my goal. At least now I’m not injured and I still have some time to do some catching up. šŸ™‚

How did your month go?Ā 

Are you sticking to your New Year’s resolutions/goals?Ā 


3 thoughts on “February Miles

  1. statomattic

    Going pretty well. But I am having to seriously kick my mileage into gear because a few weeks ago I got a surprise entry into the Boston Marathon on April 17. So, I’ve been spending almost every lunch break on the treadmill and am running long each Saturday morning. And you’re right, 57.26 in 4 weeks is still nothing to sneeze at. That’s close to 15 miles per week.

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