February 27th, 2017

Today was a much earned rest day! Usually rest days make me feel a little uneasy. like I’m not doing enough to improve my fitness (even though I know rest days are very necessary). But I put in some hard work over the weekend, so today I feel really good about taking the day off from running/working out. πŸ™‚

Anyway, I started off this morning the same way I’ve been starting off every morning for around a week now; with breakfast, coffee, and oil pulling my teeth with coconut oil.

While I was in Colorado, my mom gave me some coconut oil. She had gotten it for her dog because she had heard that it was really good for them, but it gave him diarrhea, so she gave it to me. I’ve also heard all sorts of great things about it! That you can use it a moisturizer for your skin, that it’s good for your hair, teeth, and all sorts of other interesting things. I don’t have enough coconut oil to experiment with all of that stuff, so I thought I’d see what it could do for my teeth. Unfortunately I seem to have inherited my dad’s bad teeth. We both seem to get cavities really easily, even when we take really good care of our teeth. Since coconut oil is supposed to be anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, and anti pretty much anything bad, it’s supposed to be really good for your teeth. Several articles I’ve read said that it can help kill the bacteria that causes tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. It’s also supposed to remove all sorts of toxins and whatnot from the mouth, and that apparently makes you an all around healthier person.

I’m not sure about all of that, but my teeth are a lot whiter and they look much more healthy than they have in the past. So I think I’m going to keep up with this oil pulling thing for a while. Basically all you have to do is swish with 1-2 table spoons of coconut oil (or sesame seed oil, or olive oil, but apparently coconut oil is the best) for 20 minutes everyday, then rinse your mouth with warm water when you’re done, so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing and then brushing my teeth like normal afterward, and I’m quite happy with the results so far. πŸ™‚

The rest of my day was just the boring same old, same old. Cleaned the house, walked the dogs, did some yoga. Nothing all that exciting, but that’s ok with me. I like having my own little routine. πŸ™‚  Well, that’s kind of a lie, Luke showed up at the house half an hour early today. I talk about the movie KiKi’s Delivery Service all the time, so he left work 30 minutes early and went to target to get a copy (apparently they only had two, so he wanted to make sure he got there while they still had it). That was a really awesome surprise! He is literally the best!!

 Unfortunately I won’t get to watch it tonight, because wrestling is on and of course Luke has to watch that.πŸ˜‰ That’s ok though, I’ll probably watch it at some point tomorrow. 

I hope you’ve had a great Monday! 



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