It’s Good To Be Home!

I had a lot of fun in Colorado with my mom, dad, sister, and brother (you can read about and see photos from our Colorado adventures here, here, and here 🙂 ), but oh man am I glad to be back at my own house! Even if it is super messy right now haha.

So my brother, his friend, my mom, and myself, all set out for Kansas last night around 11:30 pm Colorado time. I’m not sure why my mom and brother decided that that’s when they wanted to leave, but that’s when we did. So that 10 ish hour car ride really sucked. My brother drove the whole way to my house again, and by the time we got there he’d been awake for over 24 hours. I was exhausted from walking around the zoo yesterday, so I tried to sleep in the car, but I only managed a few hours of super light, broken up segments of sleep. So that really sucked. I think my mom did manage to get some sleep in the car though. Lucky her…

Anyway, they had originally planned on staying at my house for a few hours before continuing on to Illinois, but I guess they changed they’re minds because they left about half an hour after we got to my house. Oh well, that just meant I was able to go nap in my own bed a little earlier than I had planned! 

It was a great nap. I slept soundly for two whole hours. I definitely would have slept a lot longer if I hadn’t have set an alarm, but I didn’t want to sleep for too long, or else I probably wouldn’t have been able to sleep tonight. 

Anyway, after I woke up Luke and I spent the rest of the day watching Netflix. I’m still exhausted and kinda feel gross after not drinking enough water for going on 4 days now, and from eating a bunch of crap. Luke is also pretty tired himself, because he spent the weekend staying up way too late, hanging out with the neighbors, and painting our shed (and it looks really good too!). So neither of us really felt like doing anything today. 

I know I have a bunch of comments on several of my posts, but I haven’t exactly had a chance to answer then yet, and I’ve just been too tired/lazy to get to then today. I swear I’ll respond to all of them in the next few days though! And I’ll also probably be writing a more detailed post about my Colorado adventures. 🙂

Happy Monday! 



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