Thursday Things

Did my run a little later than I would have liked today. Our washing machine seems to be on the fritz again and I spent a good portion of the morning fighting with it…I finally got out the door around 9:30 though, and got a pretty awesome 5 miler done! Well, not so awesome pace wise, it took me around an hour and six minutes to get it done, but it’s warm and sunny today (ewww) and that tends to slow me down. Especially the first few really warm days of the year. Those always throw me off. It wasn’t very humid though, so that was nice, and I felt pretty darn good during the whole run! 🙂


My leg was giving me a bit of trouble on the hills again though. Luckily there was no pain, but it was starting to feel super tight. And it continued to feel that way through the day, even after some stretching, so I guess I’m still going to have to pain attention to my quad and continue taking things a bit easier until it starts feeling normal again.

After my run I finally got the washing machine working to some extent. At the very least I was able to finish a load of laundry and get into the drier. Good thing too, because a lot of my favorite running gear was in there and I’m going to need that for this weekend! Unfortunately I don’t have a race or anything fun like that planned, but it would appear that I’m going to be spending the weekend in Colorado with my parents, so I’m going to try to find a trail to run on at least once! 😉 Oooh and hopefully we’ll go hiking and do some exploring! That would be fun! Colorado is a beautiful place and I definitely haven’t seen enough of it yet.

So yeah, I spent most of the day getting all of my crap together and getting things in order for me to be gone over the weekend. That means I fed and watered the gecko, made sure Bruce (the ferret) had food and water as well, and then let him spend an extra long amount of time out of his cage today. I just wanted to make sure he’s super tired so Luke won’t have to be running around after him all weekend. Tended to the bunnies, although Luke’s going to have to feed them everyday, along with the dogs and cats, and himself lol. 😉 I also roasted a bunch of snow peas so I’d have something to snack on during the 10 hour car ride. Along with my roasted veggies I’m bringing a whole box of cheerios, because I don’t know how often we’re going to be stopping, or if we’re even going to be stopping at all. I’m going to be riding with two 18 year old boys, so this should be an interesting trip haha!


My brother and his friend are driving from Illinois to my house tonight (they should actually be here very shortly), and then in the morning they’ll be making their way from my house in Kansas to our parents’ apartment in Colorado in the morning, so I kinda decided to tag along with them. So that’s how this whole thing came to be. I always feel bad leaving Luke to tend to all of the house/animal chores along with working his full time job, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen my dad and this seemed like a good opportunity to go see him! Plus Luke has assured me he’ll be fine for a few days, so why not go, right? Haha a few days ago my mom asked me to come with them, but I told her I couldn’t, so they have no idea that I’m coming. My showing up at their apartment should be a fun little surprise for them. Or at least I hope it will be haha. I guess I’ll find out at some point tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll even get a chance to see my sister! She lives on an army base 2 hours south of my mom and dad, and her husband was just recently deployed to Poland, so I imagine she gets kinda lonely there with just her dogs. Plus I haven’t seen her in a very very long time. Well that’s a lie! Around Christmas time she and her husband stopped at our house on their way back to Colorado from Illinois, but that wasn’t a very long visit. They ate a quick dinner with us, let their dogs pee, then continued on their way. I think the last time we spent an extended amount of time together was over the summer for our dad’s 50th birthday…I bet I can convince someone to drive 2 hours though. Who I’m not sure yet. I’ll plan that all out when we get to Colorado tomorrow.

Here’s hoping the 10 hour car ride isn’t too bad…



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