Weekly Recap February 6th-12th, 2017


  • 20 minutes of yoga

Put in a pretty good amount of work over the weekend and while being sick, so I figured a little bit yoga would do me some good. 😄


  • 1 easy mile
  • 25 minutes of yoga

So apparently at some point over the weekend or on Monday I hurt my right quad and I never noticed until I tried running on Tuesday. I was hoping maybe it was just tight and running would loosen it up a little bit, but that wasn’t the case unfortunately. ☹️


  • 20 easy minutes
  • 10 minutes of stretching

My leg was feeling a little better on Wednesday! I tried to go a little bit longer, but it wasn’t exactly going well, so I called it quits after 20 minutes.


  • Rest Day

Ugh, woke up with a pounding headache on Thursday. That’s always a great way to start the day…Plus my leg still wasn’t feeling to great on Thursday, so I figured a rest day was definitely in order.


  • Easy 3 miles

My leg was finally starting to feel better on Friday! Yay!! Had to walk up some hills because those were making my leg a little unhappy, but other than that it went really well! I’m super glad I was able to finally get in a few miles, all of those super short runs and rest days were starting to drive me crazy!


  • 1 mile

I had originally planned on going a little longer on Saturday, but I started out too fast and it was pretty warm out and I just wasn’t feeling it, so I stopped after a mile. I did help a lady catch her dog who had gotten loose at the end of this run, so at the very least I felt like I accomplished something. 🙂 I talked all about how to catch a dog that’s gotten loose here, if you’re interested.


Well, I didn’t run or do any kind of actual workout today, but I definitely can’t call it a rest day. I took both dogs on nice long walks in morning and later in the afternoon Luke and I took the dogs to the dog park (the “big” one with more exciting hiking trails that we haven’t been too for a long time) and walked around there for a while. Good times!


Total Weekly Mileage: 6.57

Well that’s waaaay off my goal of 21 miles hahaha. But oh well, I got hurt and there’s not much I can do about that. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a little bit better next week.

So walking 10,000 steps in a day isn’t exactly challenging for me anymore. I’m thinking from now on I’m going to start aiming for 15,000. That should shake things up a little bit and at the very least get me moving a little bit more. 🙂


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