February 10th, 2017

First and foremost, two words I’m never ever actually going to learn how to spell; “Wednesday” and “February”. I don’t know why those two words are so difficult for me but I horribly mess them up every time I try to type/write them haha. Oh well, thank goodness for spell check!

Anyway, I’m still super jealous of the parts of the country that got a piss ton of snow yesterday, but I can’t deny that it was an absolutely gorgeous day today. This morning was sunny and warm (close to 50 degrees), but super windy. For once I was kinda happy for all the wind though, it kept me from getting too hot during my run. I did have a sweat drop fall into my eye, that was a fun little surprise in the middle of my workout. It wasn’t that bad though, I was actually able to get in a few miles today though! Yay!!

Processed with Rookie Cam

Poor Dean didn’t get to run with me today. 

My leg is definitely feeling a lot better today! It’s still feeling kinda tight, and I had to walk up the hills because trying to run up them was kinda hurting my quad, but other than that it felt fine! πŸ™‚ Good thing too, because I don’t think I could have handled another super short run this week. I’ve been dying to do a longer workout all week! That probably won’t happen this week though, but right now I’m just happy I was able to do 3 without any issues. Well there was one issue, I didn’t pee beforehand. Big mistake. I thought I would be fine, but it was not fine. Running with a full bladder is absolutely no fun haha. πŸ˜‰

After my run/shower/lunch it was almost 60 degrees outside! Obviously I couldn’t stay inside while it was so nice out! Unfortunately, ALL of my pants were in the washing machine. Yeah, all of them. Except my batman pajama pants that is, and I couldn’t just walk around the neighborhood in those. Well, I guess I could have but I would have felt weird doing it, so I had to wait an hour for my laundry to get done. That was a little bit painful, I’m not a very patient person…

But once I finally had pants to wear I took both dogs on nice long walks, so now everyone is happy. πŸ™‚ I would walk both of them together, but when it’s the two of them and one of me they gang up on me and drag me wherever they want to go! I ain’t about that life, so I just walk them one at a time. At the very least it gets me walking more. That’s never a bad thing. 

Two very happy border collies. 😊

After the dogs had been walked I realized I should have put the rabbits outside this morning. They’ve been cooped up inside all winter and I don’t think they’ve exactly liked that. I mean, we let them run around in the house, but that can’t be as exciting as being outside and being able to graze all day is. So I found them some grass that wasn’t completely dead, put their hutch on top of it, and brought them outside. They seem to be enjoying it. 😊

When Luke got home from work we ran down to the store and got some chicken breasts for him to grill. He also grilled up some sweet potato slices (although I made those πŸ˜‰) and broccoli, so that was a nice dinner. I guess Luke felt the same way I did and wanted to spend some time outside as well. Oh and we also saw the first bee of the season! He actually landed right on Luke’s arm. Haha that was pretty neat. 

So yeah, my Friday’s been pretty awesome and I hope yours has been too! 

~ Ashley


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