31 Day Blog Challenge: Favorite Childhood Book

I’ve actually still got my favorite childhood books! And I’ve also considered re-reading them for the billionth time. It’s been a few years (more like 14-15 years haha). I don’t know, I just think it would be fun to dive back into the Little House world!

Anyway, I’ve always been a series girl, even when I was a kid. I just like sticking with characters and story lines for the long haul. So the Little House series was perfect for my little 3rd grade self! I did countless book reports and reading projects on these books. In 5th grade we even did a project where we had to make a doll of our favorite book project, so of course I chose Laura Ingalls. πŸ™‚

So there you have it, my favorite childhood books. I really wish I had a more exciting story for them, but whatevs.

What’s your favorite childhood book?



1 thought on “31 Day Blog Challenge: Favorite Childhood Book

  1. Tammi Lewis

    My favorite childhood books were all the Nancy Drew books. I read every single one of them in the library. Yep I went to the library back in the day. It was a small one at the bottom of City Hall in the town I lived in; I can still remember the smell. I loved those books they got me through a lot of hard times, George was my favorite character she was always scared and so was I. “Are You There God It’s Me Margaret” was another favorite by Judy Blume. Thank goodness for Judy Blume! She taught me and my friends everything our idiot parents would not. I have never understood the shame parents had about talking about sex with their kids; then those same kids grow and do the same damn thing their own kids. “Forever” was anther Judy Blume favorite. If some parents had their way those books would have been banned from the library but she was just doing what they were too boneheaded to do. I’m forever grateful to her. I still have Are You There God It’s Me Margaret. Can’t tell you how many times I read it. I also read those Nancy Drew books over and over too. Reading was my saving grace still is.

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