31 Day Blog Challenge: Dream Job

I think I’ve actually talked a lot about my dream job on here, but I suppose I can give it another quick run down. 😉

I want to be a farmer. Seriously! I want to grow a bunch of organic food, raise chickens, goats, and cows, and probably keep a few sheep around as well because I want to breed border collies. That’s been my dream since I was like 11-12. 

I think that some people think I’m crazy for wanting that. Raising crops and animals is a hard job, but it’s something I know how to do and am pretty good at! I grew up on a farm. I used to have to get up early before school to feed the chickens or dogs in the kennel, my dad taught me almost everything I know about growing things, I’ve helped castrate cows, watched goats give birth and bottle fed a few of the kids that got rejected by their mothers, my sister and I helped field dress a cow because my dad had to kill it in the pasture instead of taking it to the slaughterhouse (it was hurt or something, I don’t remember exactly). Farming is something I know and love and it’s literally my dream to spend the rest of my life putting in the hard work it requires. 🙂


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