31 Day Blog Challenge: Timeline Of My Day

Well good thing I’m pretty much back to my normal routine, so you can take a look into my everyday life, I guess. Don’t get too excited though, my day to day life isn’t exactly glamorous or eventful, but it’s mine and I love it. So here’s what I did today;

7 am: Woke up, let the dogs out to pee, started making breakfast and coffee. By the time my coffee was brewing Lily wanted back in for water so I made both dogs come in and get drinks.

7:30-9 am: Worked on a few blog posts. Haha I actually didn’t mean to spend so much time on the computer, but I got really into writing about how we got Lily and Dean.

9-9:30 am: Yelled at the dogs because they were barking at LITERALLY NOTHING outside, chugged a bottle of water, put on my running gear.

9:30-11:40: Did an interval workout then sat on my porch for a little bit, drank a protein shake, then took a nice long shower (I felt like I earned that after my workout), got dressed, then checked my social media accounts.

11:40 am-12:40 pm: Fed the bunnies, watched an episode of Shameless (currently obsessed with that show!) while making/eating lunch and doing a bit of stretching/foam rolling.

12:40-2 pm: Made another cup of coffee (that interval workout kicked my ass!), let Bruce run amok around the house and made sure he had food and water, cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed/mopped the kitchen floor. Put Bruce up. Walked Lily and Dean (and stopped for a quick swing break while walking Lily), then let Bruce back out, started another load of laundry and vacuumed the living room/hallway. (Most of this was done while listening the Runner’s World podcast, which is my all time favorite podcast. πŸ˜„)


2-3:30 pm: Put Bruce up for the day, continued doing laundry, had a “snack” (it was not like a second lunch, I was starving and tortellini just sounded too good to pass up!), and started reading through my 2017 Farmer’s Almanac. I even started taking a few notes! I’m going to be very ready for the upcoming gardening season!

3:30-5 pm: Started my “weekly recap” post, since I haven’t done that yet, spent a little bit too much time on Facebook and Pinterest, then folded and put away all of the laundry. 

5-8 pm: Luke got home and showered while I made dinner, then we both ate when he was done. Then we just kinda sat, talked, and played with the dogs for a while. 

8-9 pm: Went to Walmart for snacks. Tomorrow is Luke’s Friday off so we obviously need snacks for tonight’s escapades. πŸ˜‰ I finally got around to trying the Quest chips. Not bad! The texture is kinda strange, but I’d probably buy them again.

9-11 or 12 (I haven’t decided yet haha): We’ll probably spend some time playing videos games or something. Then it’ll be off to bed! 

So yeah, that’s what my day looked like. Not very exciting, but I’m happy with it. πŸ˜„


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