Long Run, Shoe Retirement, A Dog Park Adventure, and Other Saturday Stuff

As of right now I’m falling a tad bit behind on my goal of running 1,000 miles this year. Which isn’t all that bad, since it is still so early in the year and I’ve got plenty of time to make up for it. just don’t want to make it a habit. 

I skipped my run yesterday because my mom and brother were here and I didn’t want to just leave them alone at my house, since we don’t exactly get to see each other often. And today I cut my run a tad bit short. 

It wasn’t too bad really, my goal was 8 miles, but I felt really good and I was actually considering doing 9 or 10! But I during my run I had stopped at home to get a quick drink of water. While I was there Luke told me he wanted to go to the dog park. So I ended up running another mile ish after we had talked, which brought me right back to my house. Haha that’s why I called it quites at 7.46 miles. Once I was done with my run I quickly changed, then we went to the dog park. Totally worth it! 

Seriously though, I felt really good on today’s run! Which was a bit of a surprise because I’ve basically been dreading this run since last night haha. I did have a lot of fun though! Initially there were some icy spots on the ground, so the first few miles were slow and cautious, but eventually the ice started melting and I was able to throw a few pick ups at the end. πŸ˜„

Because of the ice I ended up spending quite a bit of time staring down at my shoes, as I really had to watch where I was going.  Around mile 4 I decided this was the last run my Lunar Glides were going on. You could tell just my looking at them that they’re pretty much done up. They are kinda leaning inward which is no good. I’ve also started wearing out a spot on the soles of both shoes, right at the ball of my feet. Haha I tend to do that to shoes and socks. But anyway, I’ve had my Lunar Glides for probably a year an a half, I think? I ran a half marathon in them and they’ve got somewhere around 500 miles on them, so they’ve had a good running life, but they are officially being demoted to everyday walking around shoes. 

I mean, they still look pretty good! But they’re probably no good to run in anymore.

Anyway, the dog park was a much more pleasant experience without my moms dog. This time Lily actually got to go, which was nice. Plus my dogs listen better and I don’t have to worry about either of them hurting another dog. I mean, my mom’s dog never has, but he’s just so big, temperamental, and he doesn’t listen well. But today it was just me, Luke, and our dogs, so I didn’t have to worry about that. Plus the dogs had a lot of fun and burned off some energy, so that’s good. 

Haha so, the gate to get into the park was actually locked today. I guess since we’re supposed to be getting hit with some really bad weather tonight they didn’t want anyone there. That didn’t stop anyone though. There were about 20 cars parked in front of the gate. I guess everyone wanted to get their dogs walk, runs done, and bike rides out of the way before the bad weather hits. I just thought it was funny that so many other people were so dedicated to getting their stuff done, that a locked gate wasn’t about to stop them! 

When we got home from the dog park, I ate a huge bowl of mac and cheese and a slice of peach pie, because I was STARVING haha. And who can pass up home made mac and cheese and pie? πŸ˜‰

After I ate I showered and then Luke and I started a video game marathon. He’s playing his PS4, I’m playing my 3DS, and that’s pretty much all we’ve done and all we plan on doing haha. 

I hope you’ve had a wonderful Saturday!!



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