Yay Border Collies! 

So there are at least three other people in the town that I live in who also have a border collie (I’m pretty sure Luke and I are the only people with two, but I could be wrong) and so far I’ve talked to two of them, and I know where the other one lives (I swear I’m not a stalker! Just the friendly neighborhood runner/frequent dog walker!).

One evening a few weeks ago Luke and I were out walking our border collies. While we were walking past the Civics Center’s parking lot a lady called out to us from her truck. She told us we had a beautiful dog (talking about Lily of course, she get’s all the complements). She went on to tell us that she sees us walking our dogs all the time, and that she also has a border collie. She pointed out her house that was just down the street, and told us that she was waiting in the parking lot because a realtor was showing her house (and as it just so happens, they moved out and someone else is currently moving in, so I guess there is one less border collie in our town). She went on to tell us that her dog spends most of his time outside running along the fence line with the neighbors dog and that he never gets tired. Luke and I laughed and told her our dogs do the same thing!

Anyway, after she pointed out her house I knew exactly what dog she was talking about! I always thought the dog in her yard looked suspiciously like a border collie, but sometimes it can be hard to tell. Border collies come in quite a few different shapes, sizes, colors, ear types, fur types, etc.

My dogs are actually pretty good examples of that! Lily is your standard black and white border collie, she’s short, stocky, has longer, thicker fur, more white in her fur, and pointed ears. Dean is tri colored (he has some brown on his legs and ears), long, lanky, has shorter fur with a lot less white, and more floppy ears.

Anyway, yesterday while Lily and I were out for a walk we met another lady with a border collie! Her border collie was 11, almost blind, and didn’t seem to want to have anything to do with me (that’s pretty typical of border collies, they don’t usually like strangers). Lily really liked him though and he seemed ok with her (again, he was almost blind and a bit nervous). So the lady and I talked for a little bit. She was surprised to learn that Lily is almost 7. I almost told her border collies tend to age well, as that’s my usual response to people being surprised at how old Lily is. But I figured maybe I shouldn’t since her’s didn’t seem to be in the best of health, but I mean, he was out and about walking and he seemed to be doing just fine with that, he was just blind and a tad bit overweight, so maybe it wouldn’t have been that bad to say. And who knows how Lily will be health wise in 4 years (well, I have a pretty good idea actually, her parents and grandparents never had any major health issues, so she’ll probably continue to age really well).

Another time at the dog park, Luke and I met a guy there with a 5 month old border collie. She was a tiny little thing, super fast, and absolutely enamored with Dean. Haha Dean wasn’t sure what to think of her though, because he has Lily and that’s all he’s ever known or wanted. So we ended up walking around the park with this guy and his dog and we learned that he was also a runner! Neat! Luke kinda got pushed out of the conversation for a little bit because we had gotten on the subject of running with our border collies. Luke said he didn’t mind though, because it’s not often that you run into a random person with that much in common with you.

So this guy was telling me how he was teaching his dog to stop and sit at every cross street. Just in case she ever got off the leash, in hopes that she would just stop and sit and he’d be able to grab her. So I told him how I taught Dean to sit anytime we stop moving, it’s a pretty neat trick and we’ve amused many people doing it, because the second I stop running/walking, Dean plops his but right down. He only does it when he’s on the leash though.

So that guy said he brings his dog to that particular park a lot, but we’ve only seen him that one time, which is a shame. Our dogs ended up having a lot of fun together!

Oh and I almost forgot Sam! Luke’s uncle’s dog! He’s huge (well as far as border collies go), fluffy, and super sweet. He lives in Pennsylvania with Luke’s aunt and uncle, so I’ve only ever met him a few times, but every time we’ve all been in Illinois where a majority of our families live, we make a point to get together. Even though they live pretty far away, I get to see all the fun things Sams up to on Facebook. I swear that dog is more well traveled than most people! He’s been all over the country with Luke’s aunt and uncle and apparently has a blast wherever he goes!

Haha I’ll never forget the first time I met him though, I think it was Easter or something, and he had grabbed something off the table, ate it, then hid behind the couch and wouldn’t come out because he knew he wasn’t supposed to do that. Then he spent the rest of the day sulking because he got scolded. Border collies are funny.

Those are just a few instances of meeting other border collie people, but I’ve met quite a few in the almost 7 years that I’ve owed a border collie. I’ve noticed that border collie people are basically all friends, even if we’ve never met before. Kinda like runners actually, I’ve never met another runner who wasn’t excited to find out that I was also a runner. 😉

One thing that every other border collie owner that I’ve ever met has mentioned, is that after having one, they’d never be able to have another breed of dog. They’re just to smart, weird, fun, loyal, unique, and all around awesome! Which isn’t saying that other dogs aren’t, it’s just that if you are prepared to handle all the extra work it takes to own a border collie, they truly are an incredible breed of dog.

That being said, they are definitely not for everyone. I actually wrote a whole other post about why they aren’t last August. That’s gotten quite a bit of attention lately, so today I just wanted to share some short, fun little stories about meeting other border collie owners, and reiterate that message.

Every dog and every dog breed is different and they all have different needs and require different care. Please remember to do some research and be completely honest with yourself and what you’ll be capable of doing before purchasing/adopting a dog! The stories I shared today are all happy and fun, but I’ve heard some really sad stories of people surrendering their dogs to a shelter, giving them away, or even having them put down because they just weren’t prepared to handle the dog they got, and that’s just totally unfair for those dogs. DO NOT get any kind of dog unless you are 100% sure you’ll be able to give it the care and attention it needs for 15+ years.

6 thoughts on “Yay Border Collies! 

  1. Lee @ Tri*Inspired*Life

    I enjoyed your post. Your fur babies are so pretty!

    We have a Border Collier mix and she is around 13. She is partly blind and deaf and has had some medical problems the last 6 months, but she is hanging in there and continues to amaze us. While we have had other breeds, she is certainly special and fits many of the descriptions you included.

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