31 Day Blog Challenge: 3 Personality Traits I Am Proud Of

1. I am a sarcastic asshole 

I guess I shouldn’t be proud of that, but I am haha. Hey, I learned from the best! My dad is a total sass master and I definitely take after him. Plus I don’t think Luke and I would get along as well as we do if I wasn’t, as he is also a sarcastic asshole. We have fun together. πŸ˜„

2. I am very determined

Way back in 2013 I decided I wanted to be a runner, so I became one. Last year I decided to run a half marathon, so I did. This year I told my self I was going to run the same half marathon in under 3 hours, I crushed my goal and did it in 2:52:42. Over the holidays I set out to do the Runner’s World winter streak, and I 

Once I set my mind on something I work hard to make it happen, and I think that’s pretty neat! 

3. I am passionate 

Running, Green Day, border collies, dogs in general, family owned farms, growing food; these are all things that are super important to me. I could literally sit here and go on and on for hours about any of these topics. 

I’m lucky to have several very different passions in life, which is super awesome because it’s really hard to get bored when there is so much out there that you care about. I truly believe life’s purposes are found in our passions. 


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