31 Day Blog Challenge: 20 Facts About Me 

I’ve been debating whether or not I wanted to go into a lot of detail with these “facts”, or if I wanted to keep them short, simple, and to the point. Eventually I decided 20 things was kind of a lot to go into detail about, so I’m going to keep these short and super random. 😄

  1. I’m 5’7″ tall
  2. I have a slight “country” accent (apparently it’s a southern Illinois thing)
  3. Speaking of southern Illinois, I spent the first 20 years of my life there 
  4. I’m 25 years old
  5. I currently live in Kansas 
  6. I worked at a Walgreens for 2 years before I got married and moved here
  7. I have a green thumb and very much enjoy growing my own food
  8. My biggest dream in life is to be a farmer (I’m not kidding)
  9. I want to raise goats, cows, rabbits, chickens, and border collies
  10. I had an “old fashioned” appendectomy when I was 13 because my appendix ruptured, and still have a gross scar from that
  11. I’m extremely ticklish 
  12. I have a very German heritage (although I’ve also got some Irish and Native American in my bloodline)
  13. I have 2 sisters (they’re twins) and a brother. They’re all younger than me
  14. My husband and I met in 8th grade, started dating our sophomore year of high school, and got married when he was 21 and I was 20
  15. I’m a cold weather person. I don’t do well in the heat
  16. I have 2 tattoos (for now) and 10 piercings 
  17. I have a very high pain tolerance. It literally almost killed me once (see #10)
  18. I have super thick hair but my fingernails are super thin and break easily
  19. I learned how to drive tractors, riding lawnmowers, and four wheelers when I was like, 6 years old
  20. I’m a runner and I want to continue running for the rest of my life (or as long as I’m physically able to)

As promised, these were super duper random! If you have any questions feel free to ask! I mean, who doesn’t like talking about themselves? 😉


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