The Streak Lives On…But Just Barely

So I’m going to start off this post with a little bit of TMI; PMS has been absolutely kicking my ass since about last Friday.

I haven’t been sleeping well, I’m exhausted, moody, hungry, and I’ve been having the worst cravings ever (which doesn’t help with the moodiness, by the way, especially when you don’t have whatever it is that you’re craving). Ugh, being a person of the female variety really sucks fucking ass sometimes.

I’ve seriously been on the pill for 10 years, so I don’t even know if feeling like this is normal for me or not…but it seriously makes me contemplate going off the pill and getting a non hormonal IUD. Ugh but I’ve read way too many horror stories about IUD’s, and Chance scares me, so yeah…I’m probably going to end up talking to my doctor about it at my next check up.

So that’s been making getting out of bed and getting at least a mile of running done kinda difficult, but hormones and birth control aren’t the intended topic of this post, so moving on.

So looking back at last week’s recap, I’m really not doing as bad as I think I am, it’s just the getting out and doing it that’s getting really tough. Friday’s 2 miler was particularly sucky, but I was experimenting with running without my shoes, so I had that to distract me for the last little bit, Saturday was fun because I got to run in the snow, same with Sunday, although I really didn’t want to go out that day because I was super tired.

Monday was interesting, because all of my preferred winter running gear was stuck in the washing machine and had been since Sunday night (that’s a whole other thing that I’ll get to in a second), so I had to run in what was the absolute worst outfit ever. My sock and shoe situation was the same as usual, thank goodness because if it wasn’t I probably just would have given up on the whole streak thing. I had on a pair of tights that are too big and don’t have a drawstring (pants without drawstrings are literally the bane of my existence. Along with clothing that lacks pockets), those were under a pair of old, stained, stretched out, and way to big sweat pants. At the very least those have a drawstring, but it doesn’t do much good, I mean, you can only pull it so tight. On top I had a Victory Secret sports bra, not my favorite for running, those tend to chafe me under my arms after a while but since I wasn’t going far it didn’t matter. On top of that I had a too tight pull over that has sleeves that are too long and also super tight, so range of motion in my shoulders/arms was severely lacking, and getting to my Garmin was difficult. Over that I wore Luke’s Under Armour hoodie that I always steal. It comes down to almost my knees, so it’s huge on me, which is normally comfy, but not while running. So while doing my mile I simultaneously felt like I was being squeezed to death, while all of my clothes fell off. Oh and to top it all off, the tip of the thumb on my right glove had a hole in it, which wouldn’t have been an issue if it didn’t feel like -10 outside. By the time I finished I couldn’t feel my thumb and I’m kinda surprised that I didn’t get frost bite.

Processed with Rookie Cam

Alright now that that’s all out of the way, I can tell the washing machine story. So for the last 2 and 1/2 ish weeks our front loading washing machine hasn’t been working properly. Near the end of the cycle it would get an error code and the door wouldn’t unlock and you couldn’t run it anymore on any cycle. So after looking up the error code we learned that it was a draining issue. Alright, after fiddling with the drain hose and unplugging and plugging the machine back in, we were able to get the door unlocked, run a drain and spin cycle (because everything would be sopping wet after a normal cycle), and that would be that. While super annoying, that worked for a while.

Both Luke and I kept saying we were going to find the warranty and call someone to come look at it, but we kept putting it off. I guess neither of us were too fond of that idea. Well on Sunday it stopped near the end of the cycle so I unplugged it and then completely forgot about it until the next morning. I tried all the usual tricks to get the damn thing to drain and get the door unlocked but at this point nothing was working. So Luke and I both did a bit of research and were texting each other back and forth about what we were finding on the good old interweb. We figured out that there was a filter somewhere in the machine that needed cleaned out. The only thing we couldn’t agree on was how to get to the thing, as we had both read different things, so we just decided we’d figure it out once he got home from work.

So yeah, that’s how my winter running gear got stuck in the washer and why I had to run in the worst assortment of stuff ever.

Once Luke got home from work (around 5:45 pm) we got to work. After doing more reading, and watching a billion videos on YouTube, we learned that we had to take off the top panel, the panel that has all the buttons and electrical stuff on it, the door, and the rest of the front panel.  I’m not even going to bother explaining how we ended up doing all of that because it took forever, and was an absolutely shitty process. Just know that we eventually got it all off and found this stupid filter.

Upon opening said filter, literally 5 gallons of water came rushing out. We knew this was going to happen, but that still didn’t make it a pleasant experience. We ended up using every towel we own, most of our dish/hand towels, and a shop vac, but we still ended up working with a bunch of water on the floor. And because that wasn’t bad enough, Winchester decided this was a opportune moment to use the litter box (which is located in the laundry room) and kick cat litter all over the wet floor. So now we were working in freezing cold cat litter filled water. Fun fun fun.

Once the water was drained and partially cleaned up, we finally got the filter out and promptly learned that yup, that was definitely the problem. It was full of almost 2 years worth of dog hair (most of which belonged to my brother in laws dog, I might add, because he absolutely refuses to brush the damn thing or clean up so his hair gets everywhere because he’s part lab /husky so he sheds a new freaking dogs worth of hair every. Single. Day. But I’m not bitter about it or anything, she said sarcastically), and gunk, and just complete nastiness. So we pulled all of that shit out of the filter, rinsed it off, and put it back in.

Yup, fixing the problem was that freaking easy. It was getting to it that was the hard part. Go figure. Probably because they want you to call a service technician to come and do it for you, but we ain’t about that life. Oh, and did I mention this is supposed to be done every month? So once a month they want you to call someone to come do this for you. Yeah, not gonna happen.

Anyway, so getting everything put back together didn’t take as long as taking it apart did, but it still took a while. We finally got it done though, plugged the washing machine back in, turned it on and the door was unlocked. That was a good sign. So we added a few wet towels to my now unstuck running gear, poured some detergent into the slot, turned it on the normal cycle, hit start and…IT DIDN’T FUCKING WORK!!!!!!!!!!

Luke and I just looked at each other with absolute defeat smeared across our faces. By then it was almost 9 pm, neither of us had eaten since lunch, we were cold, wet, dirty, and so done with this damn washing machine. After a few deep breaths Luke said that maybe he plugged the power to the door in upside down, and he thought maybe he could get to it without taking the whole thing apart again. After some fiddling and lots of yelling, he got it unplugged and then plugged back in what he hoped was the right way. So we started her up again and thank the lord baby Jesus hallelujah, we got it started! Then 45 minutes later, the cycle finished and I swear to God I’ve never heard a more beautiful sound than the little chime that the washing machine does when a cycle is done. I’m pretty sure it moved me so much that I teared up a little bit (ok, now I’m just being over dramatic).

So I put everything into the dryer (which has been working just fine, knock on wood) and then we went to bed and passed the fuck out. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my washing machine story.

After all of that hard work and drama, you’d thing that I’d finally end up getting a goodnight’s sleep, right? Well that’s where you’d be wrong! I tossed and turned all night, kept alternating between being freezing cold and ridiculously hot, apparently woke Luke up a few times (yeah, he wasn’t too happy with me this morning), and to top it all off, I woke up a little after 4:45 with a terrible headache and couldn’t get back to sleep. Oh man, that was awful, I’m a morning person, but not that much of a morning person, ya dig?


Anyway, I tried going back to sleep, but after a few minutes I knew that just wasn’t going to happen, so I got up, made coffee, took some ibuprofen, started a load of laundry (we fixed it, might as well use it), and started writing this post.

Around 7:30 it was finally pretty light out, so I decided I needed to go run. Ugh I really really really didn’t want to run. I did though. I finally got my ass out the door around 7:45 and did what was basically an unstructured hill workout. I ran to “the big hill”, ran up it, ran down a “little hill” then ran back up that, ran back down the “big hill” , then ran home. That got me to 2 miles and I am a-ok with that. In my weekly recap I mentioned that I’m working my way back up to 20 miles a week, but I feel like I’m going to be lucky if I hit 16 again this week. Oh well, at this point my only goal for this week is keeping my streak going. I mean, I’ve come too far to quit now, I’ve only got 12 more days to go!


American Idiot is the only playlist appropriate for days like today.

Upon returning home, I found the lucky cat my great grandma gave me when I was like 5, broken on the floor. I thought I heard something crash and break before I got out of bed this morning. I’m pretty sure one of that cats was trying to get on my bookshelf and knocked it off, so that’s awesome. I’m pretty sure it can be fixed with a little super glue, but I’m still not happy about it. 😦


Yeah, I changed right back into my pajamas when I got home. 

After my run I had second breakfast (because what’s even the point of being a runner if you don’t get 2 breakfasts), started another load of laundry, showered, cleaned the rabbits’ cage (which in retrospect I realized I probably should have done before I showered, but whatevs), finished cleaning up our mess from last night in the laundry room, and now here we are! 

I’m thinking I’m going to do a little yoga, eat some lunch, take a quick nap, and then see where the day takes me after that. 

I hope your day is going a little better than mine has been. 


7 thoughts on “The Streak Lives On…But Just Barely

  1. TrekkieLianne

    WOW! That is one HORRIBLE washing machine saga! You are really determined to keep the streak alive if you ran after all that. I would have retired to my boudoir with two fistfuls of chocolate and said “F that”. You rock!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ashley Dailey Post author

      lol right?! I think it may make the top 10 least pleasant experiences I’ve ever had, if I actually kept track of that kinda thing that is lol. Dude, I really am! I tried doing it last year but I had to quit due to an injury, so now I’m just like “I gotta finish, gotta finish, gotta finish” and I’m almost there! Haha thank you!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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